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The Zoomer Plus Package is designed for those who need a detailed assessment of their diet. In addition to the Food Sensitivity & Wheat Zoomer Tests, the Zoomer Plus Package includes a next-level overview of sensitivities to lectin, corn, and dairy. If you have tried a gluten-free diet or another elimination diet with no luck, the Zoomer Plus Package is the perfect addition to your health optimization journey.

  1. ​The Food Sensitivity Test checks your reaction to 96 commonly reactive foods, providing insight into which foods might be contributing to inflammation and suboptimal health and well-being.
  2. The Wheat Zoomer Test is a peptide-level test with the most robust panel available for the detection of intestinal permeability, gluten- and wheat-sensitivity, celiac disease, and gluten-mediated autoimmunity.
  3. The Lectin Zoomer "Sensitivity" Test is used to assess sensitivity to 16 high lectin foods and 7 high aqua porin foods.
  4. The Corn Zoomer "Sensitivity" Test is used to assess sensitivity to multiple peptides in corn, including GMO and non-GMO varieties.
  5. The Dairy Zoomer "Sensitivity" Test is used to assess sensitivity to multiple peptides in cow’s milk dairy.


    This package is to be reserved as an appointment at one of our locations as a 5-10 minute blood draw, simply choose the location you prefer below. 

    OR it can be shipped directly to your home as a finger prick test. If you would like to ship this to your house, please follow the link here.