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In today’s episode, Dr. Shah speaks with Morgan Freney, a virologist working at the University of Queensland in a lab that creates vaccines. She’s also pursuing a PhD in molecular virology. If you’re ready to take a deep dive into Coronavirus and what makes it a particularly stupefying threat, then Morgan is your go-to woman.

She’s shaking up the world at just 25 years of age, making a significant dent in the education of others, and the development of virus-disabling medicine.
“I don’t feel like I’m taking a risk studying pathogenic disease. I’m fascinated, and I want to take on that fight.” – Morgan Freney, virologist


Morgan started working on the Ebola vaccine when women and children were dying in Africa. She also worked on a vaccine for West Nile and Zika. Most recently she’s been attempting to crack a multi-virus vaccine that would crack Corona and other similar viruses – up to 15 at one time!

Morgan has a special way of describing the life-cycle of a virus and what it does to your body so you can understand Corona, and other pathogens more fully. This podcast is an incredibly educational way to get a clear picture of Covid-19.

  • Understand what an RNA virus is and how it differs from those transmitted by mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Learn what it’s like to work in a full containment facility so viruses and deadly pathogens don’t spread while you’re studying them.
  • Discover why heroines like Morgan don’t feel they’re taking a risk, even though they’re working toward a disease-free world.
  • Realize why some viruses are so damaging, even though they’re just a protein coat around a tiny piece of RNA.
  • Learn why a viral infection is different than a bacterial infection.
  • Get a low-down on cellular functioning and what a virus does to healthy cells.
  • Determine if a virus is alive or dead.
  • Understand why viruses are a little like parasites.
  • Learn why viruses damage your cells.
  • Learn why Corona causes an inflammatory response in the lungs, which can be damaging.
  • Learn why 5% of our entire genome is infected with viruses that manage to stay there.
  • Discover the shocking reason why viruses may have an evolutionary benefit.
  • Realize what you can do to protect yourself from viral pathogens.


You can learn more about Morgan Freney by clicking

on the button below and visiting her Instagram.

"We believe health is not the absence of disease.
Health is the abundance of vitality".