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Start with the next health baseline test

Beginning a weight loss journey can feel overwhelming… Where should you start if you’re interested in improving metabolic health with a medical approach to weight loss? At Next Health, we make it easy with our Baseline Test. As a comprehensive starter panel, the Baseline Test provides insightful measurements on core aspects of your health by analyzing over 50 biomarkers. 

Why is testing the best place to start? We believe in utilizing a data-driven approach to weight loss for optimal health. By evaluating your biometrics with the Next Health Baseline Test, you will be empowered to use revolutionary pharmaceutical intervention and lifestyle changes to achieve improved metabolic health and sustained, healthy weight loss. This program is designed for those who are looking to lose a moderate amount of weight (approximately 15-30 pounds). If you are interested in losing a significant amount of weight, you will need to frequently consult your primary care physician if approved for the program.

Insurance may cover this program if BMI >30 or >27 or if you suffer from pre-diabetes, diabetes, or another metabolic syndrome.A Baseline Blood Test is required within the last 90 days to begin this program.

Decrease Visceral Fat
Improve Metabolic Health
Increased Lean Muscle Mass
Increased Energy Levels

your weight loss and health optimization journey

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to weight loss. Weight care and maintenance is a unique journey for everyone, which is why the Next Health.

Our Weight Loss Program empowers you with support from medical provider and our data-driven approach to long-lasting optimal health.

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Data Collection & Analysis For Your Individualized Plan
We empower you with biomarker testing to help determine the fastest path to your goals.

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Advanced Medical Therapies To Accelerate Your Weight Loss Journey
Medical weight loss prescriptions, which may include: Peptide Therapy, Weight Loss Vitamin Shots, and Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplementation. 

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Establish A Next Health Routine For A Lasting Healthy Lifestyle
For continued improvements in metabolic health and overall wellness, regularly utilize: InBody Scanning, Cryotherapy, Health Coaching & Assessment, and other medical services. 

“Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we struggle with our weight loss goals. Our medically supervised weight loss program gives our patients the help they need, through proven therapeutics, while they institute long-term lifestyle habit changes.”

- Dr. Darshan Shah, Founder & CEO Next Health

Dr. Darshan Shah