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Four Seasons Resort Maui

In Maui

Why Enjoy Wellness Services While on Vacation? 

Four Seasons Resort Maui and Next Health are revolutionizing how you vacation. Instead of feeling tired from travel and jet lag when you arrive, and feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation when you get home, you can now enjoy your trip from beginning to end with an enhanced sense of well-being. 

Next Health’s Maui location brings you luxury wellness services such as IV Therapy. Prioritize your health in paradise by relaxing in our ocean frontIV Lounge and enjoy our IV Drips that: 

  • Strengthen immunity
  • Improve energy
  • Combat jet lag
  • Enhance your vacation glow
  • And more

Services include: IV Therapy, NAD+ Therapy, Wellness Tests, COVID-19 Tests, & more.

Jet Lag Relief Package

Pair this add-on with your IV Drip to say goodbye to travel burnout and fatigue as you say hello to the beautiful Hawaiian beaches: 

A powerful dose of electrolytes and fluids to keep you hydrated and energized. 

Glutathione Push
Nicknamed the “Master Antioxidant,” glutathione naturally supports your body’s ability to detoxify, combat illness, and reduce oxidative stress. 

NAD+ Push 
As NAD+ recharges your mitochondria, this add-on enhances your energy on a cellular level, so you take on your travel itinerary with newfound vitality. 

~30 Minute Service Time - $300

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Experienced Doctors

IV Therapy Add-Ons

IV add-ons are perfect for those looking to enjoy the most premium IV experience. Pair an add-on with any IV Drip to maximize potential benefits and feel your best in paradise.

High Dose Glutathione Push $189
Detox & More with the "Master Antioxidant”

NAD+ Push $189
Add An Energizing Boost to Your IV

Hydration $69
Replenish Vital Fluids and Electrolytes

Glycine $69
For Restful Sleep and Stress Support

Lysine $69
Helps Build Immunity and Boost Overall Health

Biotin $69
The “Beauty Nutrient” for Optimizing Hair, Skin, & Nail Health

Taurine $69
The Ultimate Heart and Brain Support

Vitamin C $69
Antioxidant Support to Enhance Immunity, Heart Health, & More

Toradol $49
Potent Pain Reliever and Anti-Inflammatory

Zofran $49
Anti-Nausea Medication for Hangovers & Stomach Bugs

~10 Additional Minute To Your Service Time

NAD+ IV Therapy

Nicknamed, “The Fountain of Youth,” NAD+ is one of the most advanced protocols for optimal aging and detoxification methods available today. NAD+ promotes accelerated recovery, improves cellular health, and can even reverse signs of aging. This is because NAD+ recharges your mitochondria and mitochondrial function is known to decline with age.  By improving mitochondrial health, you can experience the mental and physical reboot you need: enhanced energy, improved mental clarity, supported detoxification, boosted athletic performance, elevated mood, and reversed signs of aging.  

~240 Minute Service Time

NAD + Iv

Vitamin Shots & Peptide Shots

The quick boost of health-enhancing nutrients you need to feel energized and ready to explore Hawaiian paradise. ~15 Minute Service Time

Super B Shot - $59
B-Complex + B12

Brain B Shot - $59
L-Carnitine, Glycine, + B12

Beauty B Shot - $59
Biotin + Lysine

Limitless Shot - $59
Biotin + Mic

COQ10 Shot - $59

Immunity Peptide Shot - $69
Thymosin Alpha 1

Inside next health locations
genetic wellness test
micronutrient test
heavy metals test
Food sensitivity test

Ozone Therapy

Ready to stay healthy and boost your immune defense? Ozone Therapy may be the perfect next-level treatment for you. Involving the separation and oxygenation of blood, this process encourages bio-rejuvenation, which may promote whole-body healing, creating feelings of revitalization and readiness to reach new heights.

Studies show other potential benefits may include: 

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving circulation
  • Aiding in detoxification
  • Aging optimally
  • Enhancing overall sense of wellness

Ozone Therapy is administered by a licensed medical professional from the comfort of a private room in our vibrant atmosphere. Cleanse and heal. Your immune system will thank you.

~45 Minute Service Time

Experienced Doctors

3900 Wailea Alanui Dr.

Wailea, HI 96753

Hours of Operation: 

Daily 9am-5pm

Next Health Maui