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Gluteal Enhancement: Sculptra/ Radiesse

The first 3 clients who book a session get 4 FREE vials or syringes

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Renew Package: FREE NAD+ IV

Redeem your complimentary NAD+ IV with the Next Health Renew Package

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Renew Package: FREE NAD+ IV
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New Lab Packages

With comprehensive testing that measures your health now, you are empowered to make informed decisions about how to experience more energy and vitality in the future: 

Choose From Our Menu Of Best-In-Class Wellness Lab Packages:

New Lab Packages: 

Total Tox Burden Package: Environmental Toxins, Mycotoxins (mold panel), and Heavy Metals.

Zoomer Plus Package: Food Sensitivity Test, Wheat (Gut Microbiome) Zoomer, plus Corn, Lectin, & Dairy Zoomers.

Gut Health Package: Food Sensitvity Test, Micronutrient Test, Wheat Zoomer.

Optimize Package: Baseline Test, Food Sensitivity Test, Micronutrient Test, 3x4 Genetic Test

Total Wellness Package: Total Baseline Test, Food Sensitivity Test, Micronutrient Test, Color Gene Test (Cancer Screening), 3x4 Genetic Test, Wheat Sensitivity (Gut Microbiome) Test

More details below.

Proactive Cancer Testing Package (Galleri + Color Test)

$ 1,998.00 USD

Total Tox Burden Package


Zoomer Plus Package


Gut Health Package

$ 1,447.00 USD

Total Wellness Lab Package


Optimize Lab Package

$ 1,846.00 USD

What Is In
The Kit?

Peptide therapy is a new, cutting-edge treatment that is coming to the forefront in the United States, after years of use in Europe, as a potential adjunct to enhancing our body’s ability to heal itself, as well as maintain an optimal health state.​

Peptides act as messenger signals in the body to elicit enhanced natural biological responses, such as healing bone and muscle, losing weight, enhance growth hormone production, treat insomnia, and weight loss. There are over 7,000 known naturally occurring peptides that are produced in the human body, and they can now be produced at a compounding pharmacy.​
NEXT|HEALTH has researched and vetted the best manufacturers and offers comprehensive peptide treatment protocols.

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Easy As Step
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Order Your Peptides

Upon ordering, our medical provider will contact you within 1 business day to discuss your prescription and how it works.


Receive Your Peptides

Your package will arrive with protected and discreet packaging. Your package will include one vial of Peptides, syringes & medical supplies.

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self administer your peptidesself administer your peptides

Self-administer Your Peptides

Self-administering peptides is a quick and easy process. You can refer to the instructional video located above or instructions tab in your package.