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In today’s episode, you get access to a special podcast from Ben Greenfield’s Boundless launch hosted by Next Health at Century City in LA.

​If you haven’t already read Ben’s latest masterpiece, you can get the Cliff’s Notes via this podcast. You’ll still want to read Boundless in full because as Dr. Shah describes it, the book is like a download of Ben’s spectacularly insightful brain. It’s a well-honed collection of Ben’s vast experience in bio-hacking and living life to optimized levels in every regard.
In this podcast, Ben touches on everything from physiological tricks, to gadget-induced health hacks to spiritual and relationship insights to offer you a magnum opus on real living. You won’t want to miss this quintessentially brilliant man talk about living a health-inspired life.

Speaking of Blue Zones, the hundred-and-nine year-old, or however old she is, like John Claremont, I think she recently passed away, but there are others, like John Coleman. They are gin chugging, cigarette smoking people. You know, folks who are living well past the age they should be living since they don't have cryotherapy chambers, NAD IVs, and infrared saunas. But they've got strong love and relationships and a robust social life and a belief in a higher power. . . Our whole family is gratitude-journaling together in the morning. I'm taking my kids through a meditation and prayer. At night we revisit gratitude. It's just this magical, magical way to live. I think more important than any chapter on fat loss or muscle gain or biohacking the brain or anything like that. – Ben Greenfield​


  • Grasp why Ben spends so much time naked - it’s not just to spice up his love life, it’s for his health.
  • Learn about the unspoken secret of the Blue Zones – spiritual health.
  • Use Ben’s sleep tricks to optimize your sleep, the foundation of all good health including a wearable that sends sound waves through your body to create a balanced Circadian rhythm.
  • Realize novel sleep hygiene hacks like wearing socks while completely naked to sleep at night.
  • Understand how to trigger a parasympathetic response in your body for better rest.
  • Learn why some people should eat meat, and others shouldn’t. (Everyone’s body is different, with different needs.)
  • Deduce the “best” diet for you. (It’s usually ancestral.)
  • Introduce yourself to the FTO gene, and glean why it may impact your ability to harness sunlight and Vitamin D.
  • Learn why, with a $100 genetic test and nutrient-density panel, you can customize your diet and nutrients.
  • Discover how heart rate variability dictates a lot of your health, and how to measure and change it.


You can learn more about Ben Greenfield by clicking

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"We believe health is not the absence of disease.
Health is the abundance of vitality".