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There’s nothing more important than health. But everyone has different health goals and metrics that impact the right diets, exercise routines, and therapies they should pursue. While standard physicals can provide you with some information, they don’t always yield enough data to help you maximize your wellness plan or exercise regimen.

Next Health New York City offers an Executive Physical to solve just this problem. The Executive Physical goes far and above regular physicals, including comprehensive exams, in-depth analysis of biometric data, and personalized health recommendations to suit your wellness goals. It’s the perfect starting point for a lifelong journey toward health optimization.


Next Health’s Executive Physical: What Is It?

You may have taken a standard physical before. The Executive Physical is much more than that. In short, it includes a full suite of modern biometric scans and tests, including MRI scans and genetic analyses.

It’s more than a simple overview of baseline vitals or standard health metrics. It’s a comprehensive, fully holistic rundown of your health. By the Physical’s conclusion, you’ll be much better equipped to make wise wellness decisions regarding what you eat, how you work out, and more.

In fact, the Executive Physical is the perfect tool to get you started on a long-term path to health optimization.


What Does the Executive Physical Include?

Each Executive Physical appointment at Next Health New York City includes three core stages, covering a comprehensive suite of different tests, data review, and health optimization recommendations.


Data Collection

Your Executive Physical experience begins with Next Health’s Executive Testing suite. This is a wide range of tests and diagnostic screens to help you identify biomarkers and measure different biometrics. These tests include:

  • The Total Wellness Package, a bloodwork panel that analyzes over 500 biomarkers: Total Baseline, Food Sensitivity Test, Genetic Test, Wheat Zoomer (Gut Health Test)
  • TrueAge Epigenetic Test
  • The CT Calcium Score, a preventative risk assessment that analyzes the potential for a heart attack.
  • The Grail Cancer Test, which is an early cancer detection screen. It can detect more than 50 unique cancer types overall.
  • A full-body MRI and chest CT. These scans can detect early signs of cancer, detect abnormalities within your bodily systems, and screen you for common diseases.
  • A complete medical and physical wellness plan, which includes a physical exam and InBody Scan to understand your wellness status and biometrics better.

Of course, your comfort is our top priority throughout your Executive Physical appointment. At Next Health New York City, our staff members will ensure that you never feel uncomfortable throughout each test session.


Review of Findings

The Executive Physical tests can be quite technical, so our knowledgeable wellness staff members will help you break down the results and understand what they say. All test results are reviewed as they come in, so some test results may require additional appointments some days or weeks in the future.

In any case, our specialists will ensure you fully understand the Executive Physical’s results in full. They’ll explore ways in which you can make effective, noticeable changes in your exercise habits, your diet, and other areas. They’ll also go over disease or cancer scans and point out potential signs of health conditions.

Should a health condition be detected, our staff members will help you find an expert physician in the area. They can even make referrals right away so you can get the treatment you need fast.


Recommendations for Your Health

The last phase of the Next Health New York City Executive Physical includes a personalized health plan. Using the information from the tests, our New York City location’s staff members will help you create a fully unique, expertly tailored plan that can help you reach your wellness and health optimization goals over time.

Our staff members may additionally recommend advanced health services or optimization therapies based on your needs. Next Health New York City offers several health optimization services, including IV drip therapy, infrared light therapy, cryotherapy, and more.


Executive Physical

While the Executive Physical is in-depth, its test results are not permanently useful. As your body changes, it may be wise to get repeated testing.

The Executive Physical is an ideal choice for those committed to long-term health optimization. With Next Health, you’ll get started on the road to optimal health in no time.


Get Your Executive Physical Today

Next Health New York City’s Executive Physical is the best way to take charge of your health and learn exactly what steps to take to boost your wellness across the board. Fortunately, you can sign up for your Executive Physical appointment by contacting Next Health New York City today.


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