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The air outside isn’t always fresh and revitalizing. Indeed, many of us live in areas with very poor air quality. The atmosphere can be clogged by contaminants like heavy metals, toxins, and more.

Even worse, many of us breathe in all those toxins all day, every day, especially if we live in metropolitan areas like Los Angeles. Among the many IV drips with nutrients available at our West Hollywood facility in the Greater Los Angeles area, you can also escape the air toxicity by signing up for a relaxing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy appointment. 

Just like cryotherapy and ice baths, hyperbaric chambers can also help with wellness and recovery. If you've been looking for remedies to detox your social life, Next Health has a solution for you.

Whether you're fighting muscle soreness after workouts, as many athletes deal with, or you are trying to overcome jet lag, we can help.

Next Health West Hollywood offers total body rejuvenation with personalized treatments that can help boost your overall health.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in a Nutshell

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is nothing new – in fact, it’s been used to treat conditions like decompression sickness, infections, air bubbles in blood vessels, and wounds from radiation or diabetes or refuse to heal otherwise.

In a nutshell, hyperbaric oxygen therapy takes place in a specialized, sealed chamber where the air pressure is increased between two and three times higher than normal. Some hyperbaric oxygen chambers also pump extra oxygen into the air, dramatically increasing the proportion of oxygen available to breathe compared to regular air in the environment.

The air you breathe outside is never 100% oxygen; in fact, it’s mostly nitrogen. But it is also often packed with other contaminants and pollutants, including heavy metals, pesticides, and more. Combined with daily stressors and other toxins in the environment, it’s no wonder many people feel constantly drained and fatigued.

Through hyperbaric oxygen therapy, patients are allowed to breathe more pressurized, oxygen-rich air. This allows their lungs to take in more oxygen molecules, which are then absorbed by the bloodstream. 


The Science-Backed Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Why voluntarily undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy? There are multiple physiological benefits to signing up for recurring hyperbaric oxygen therapy appointments, including:

  • Improved immune system performance. As your blood carries extra oxygen throughout your body’s tissues, the immune system becomes better able to fight off bacteria and viruses. 
  • Improved release of restorative cells. As your body takes in more oxygen, these substances are released  at higher rates.. This helps to promote healing and wound regeneration.
  • Detoxification. In filtering toxins out of the air and breathing in highly oxygenated air instead, your body will have the chance to purge heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants that it might absorb all the time because of environmental pollution.
  • Reduced swelling. As your body gains more oxygen, it becomes more capable of protecting itself and repairing the damage. This minimizes the inflammation response and can restore energy levels, reduce soreness or muscle fatigue, and more.
  • Increased blood flow and circulation. 

Simply put, there are lots of reasons why hyperbaric oxygen therapy is so beneficial, and it all stems from giving your body more of the vital oxygen molecules we all need to survive.


What Next Health’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Involves

Many standard hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions are minimally effective. At Next Health, we offer a much more advanced hyperbaric oxygen therapy experience in dedicated chambers.

Once you sign up for a hyperbaric oxygen therapy appointment, you’ll be guided by a wellness specialist to your assigned chamber. Next Health’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber maximizes air pressure and oxygen content, plus has enough room for two people at once.

As the session begins, the chamber’s air pressure will increase, as will local oxygen content. With each breath you take, your lungs will bring in more oxygen that your blood will readily absorb, inducing the physiological benefits described earlier.

Each Next Health hyperbaric oxygen chamber compartment can provide up to three times higher oxygen than you would find in the air outside.

Our hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions aren’t overly long and can be completed in less than an hour. But by the time you’re done, you’ll feel revitalized, reinvigorated, and your chest may feel significantly lighter and less compressed than before.


Sign Up for a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Session at Next Health West Hollywood, Los Angeles!

The only downside to Next Health’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy is that it ends! Fortunately, you can sign up for repeat appointments to benefit from long-term boosts to your physical and mental health. Our West Hollywood, Los Angeles location and each of its hyperbaric oxygen chambers have been designed to facilitate client safety and social distancing to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines.

If you're looking for that extra step towards self-care, give yourself a rest day with a social wellness club like Next Health. IV treatment and hyperbaric oxygen therapy are available to our guests. With little prep, you'll be receiving a luxury treatment in the comfort of our lounge. 

Why wait? Give your lungs the break they deserve and sign up for hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Next Health West Hollywood in the Greater Los Angeles Area today!


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