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Weight Loss Program at Next Health in Maui

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Many of us struggle to lose weight and keep it off consistently despite our best efforts. Weight loss is a lifelong journey for many, and it can be frustrating when one diet or exercise regimen after another fails to keep the pounds off no matter what you try.

Medical weight loss at Next Health in Maui is different. This program starts with a personal approach and looks at your wellness and weight loss goals without considering what works for other people. Instead, our staff members can help you lose weight with an individualized regimen through exercise, dieting, and health optimization services like peptide therapy.

Best of all, our medical weight loss program is available at our Maui location right now.


Next Health Medical Weight Loss Program Explained

Next Health’s medical weight loss program is a unique approach to shedding pounds and getting the body you’ve always wanted. In a nutshell, it involves analyzing your unique biometrics and health needs, then coming up with a personalized health regimen, including dieting, exercise, and other Next Health services.

Because it's individualized, you don't have to worry about a specific diet or exercise not working for you. We take your feedback and personal health goals into account, plus use scientifically-backed biometrics to determine what should continue to work for months into the future.

At its core, the medical weight loss program is intended for individuals who want to lose between 15 and 30 pounds. It’s also ideal for people who struggled to lose weight in the past and now want something that works.

Depending on your insurance, Next Health’s medical weight loss program could be covered based on your BMI or if you have a metabolic syndrome such as diabetes.


How Does the Medical Weight Loss Program Work?

Next Health’s medical weight loss program works by first analyzing your biometrics through a baseline wellness test. The Next Health Baseline Test can be taken at our Maui location and is required within 90 days of starting the program.

The Baseline Test collects over 50 individualized biomarkers. These biomarkers give a comprehensive overview of your health state. This is the starting point of your data-driven approach to weight loss as the information informs your personalized weight loss plan.

Upon receiving the test’s results, they may recommend several different therapies or services to help you lose weight and build muscle. These services may include our scientifically backed peptide therapy, IV drip infusions or weight loss shots, specific exercises, and more.


What Are the Benefits of the Medical Weight Loss Program?

For many, the benefits of Next Health’s medical weight loss program are too numerous to count. When you follow this program, you may see the below benefits and much more:

  • Boosted energy levels. As you lose weight, your body requires less energy to move around, and you can dedicate that energy to physical activities, your work, or anything else you may enjoy
  • Increased lean muscle. This is excellent for both practical strength and improving your body’s appearance. Lean muscle contributes heavily to body shape and long-term health.
  • Decreased visceral fat and overall weight loss. As visceral fat deposits around your body fade away, you’ll regain your confidence and will feel better than ever. Plus, lower visceral fat means you’ll find it easier to move around, further improving the higher energy levels mentioned above.
  • Improved metabolic health. Metabolic health is crucial for long-term weight loss and overall health, especially cardiovascular health. Better metabolic health is associated with a lower risk of lifetime cardiovascular disease and similar side effects.

Above all else, medical weight loss program patients find that their unique programs are comfortable and achievable compared to other programs or exercise regimens.


What Can I Expect at Next Health Maui?

Next Health’s medical weight loss program combines health optimization with luxury at our Maui location. This location is partnered with the Four Seasons Resort, which includes many other classic and new Next Health treatments and health services, ranging from IV drip infusions to vitamin shots.

When you arrive for your Baseline Test, one of our wellness professionals will guide you through the medical weight loss program step-by-step. They’ll go over your unique health goals, help gather your biometrics, and make sure you’re comfortable for the duration of your appointment.

You can ask questions, consult with your health coach, and express yourself without fear of judgment at each follow-up appointment. Our medical weight loss program can help you enjoy paradise in Maui even more than before.

On vacation? You can still start your medical weight loss program at Maui, then continue your program with Next Health’s assistance at our other locations.


Sign Up Today!

There’s no reason not to try Next Health’s radical weight loss program at Maui starting today with so many potential benefits. You can contact us for more information, order a Baseline Test, or sign up for an appointment at our Maui location soon.



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