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 The hustle and bustle of the Big Apple can be a lot to handle, and many of us tax our bodies with work, social obligations, and exercise to stay fit.

That’s why Next Health is bringing our one-of-a-kind ozone therapy to our New York location for the first time. While ozone therapy was previously available in West Hollywood and Century City, now New Yorkers can experience the benefits of ozone therapy for themselves.

Not sure what ozone therapy is or how it works? Let’s break down everything you need to know about ozone therapy and how Next Health’s ozone therapy procedure may be just what you need.

Ozone Therapy Explained

Ozone therapy is a unique therapeutic process in which ozone gas is administered into the body, typically to support overall health. Ozone is technically a form of oxygen; it comprises three atoms of oxygen gas, so it is both odorless and colorless.

Some evidence, like a 2018 study, indicates that ozone can cause chemical reactions that may result in the formation of new red blood cells and additional proteins. Over time, this could boost the oxygen supply in the body.

How Does Ozone Therapy Work?

Ozone therapy might be administered or applied differently depending on the provider. In most cases, ozone therapy works when ozone molecules come into contact with bodily fluids. 

Ozone therapy has historically been administered in the following formats:

  • Application to the skin through patches
  • Ozonated water absorption through consumption or application to the skin
  • Infusing ozone gas into the body 
  • Ozone saunas
  • Mixing ozone into the blood via injection (also called autohemotherapy)

However, ozone can significantly irritate airways in the respiratory system, so ozone therapy will never involve respiration.

Does Ozone Therapy Provide Real Benefits?

Yes! In fact, ozone therapy may induce several significant benefits instead of just one or two.

Improved Blood Cell Production

As touched on above, ozone therapy may stimulate the formation of new blood cells and additional proteins that are vital for bodily wellness. 

In short, providing your body with extra oxygen molecules could be just the ticket if you want your tissues to be rejuvenated and reinvigorated for the weeks and months to come.

Supports the Immune System

In addition, ozone therapy may lead to an improved immune system. For example, medical ozone could help destroy cell walls of certain germs, giving your immune system extra energy to spend on additional tasks, repair itself, and more.

One 2008 study indicated that ozone, when mixed with blood and injected into certain individuals, could reduce viral loads over long periods. While ozone therapy is not an FDA-approved treatment for chronic diseases or immune disorders, it may help support the immune system.

Reduced Discomfort

Ozone therapy could reduce discomfort in the body and throughout your body’s various symptoms. 

Discomfort can occur for many reasons, including health issues, tissue damage, allergy reactions, or even free radical molecules. Free radical molecules are unbalanced molecules that steal electrons from other atoms, leading to cellular damage or degradation.

Ozone is not an antioxidant, yet it may help reduce discomfort by balancing free radical molecules or reducing tissue damage through the stimulation of the immune system. In this way, ozone therapy could bolster or inspire improved wellness throughout your body rather than targeting a specific condition or injury.

Alongside all these benefits, ozone has historically been used for various medical purposes. For example, 2019 research indicates that ozonated water might help disinfect vulnerable tissue and prevent dry sockets after a root canal.   

Ultimately, ozone therapy is rapidly becoming more popular as a wellness treatment, which is why we now offer it at several of our licensed locations.

Are There Side Effects to Ozone Therapy?

By its very nature, ozone gas is a little unstable because it has an odd number of atoms. This leads to a certain amount of unpredictability, but it doesn’t mean that side effects are guaranteed. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

When administered by a licensed provider like Next Health, ozone therapy is safe and effective.

Each ozone therapy session at Next Health is performed only after calculating each patient’s correct amount of ozone. In this way, our patients' bodies are never overloaded with ozone, and the compound can never be absorbed in a risky way.

What To Expect From Next Health’s Ozone Therapy

At Next Health’s fully licensed West Hollywood, New York City, and Century City locations, ozone therapy is a straightforward and comfortable process. When you sign up for an ozone therapy appointment:

  • You’ll experience an ozone infusion very similar to our IV drip therapy. Unlike the IV drip therapy, in which a Myers cocktail base and other ingredients are infused into the bloodstream, ozone therapy involves separating and oxygenating your blood, which is then returned to your body via an IV drip system.
  • You’ll be seated in a comfortable chair and overseen by one of our trained staff members throughout the process. You can watch the media, chat with our staff, or read a good book while ozone therapy does its work.
  • The appointment will take between 45 and 60 minutes from start to finish. This includes the setup time and a brief waiting period after the therapy concludes to make sure that the therapy finishes correctly and that there are no side effects.

No matter your background or experience with ozone therapy, Next Health will strive to ensure your appointment is comfortable, convenient, and excellent. Once you indicate you want to try ozone therapy, one of our locations will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your appointment.

Furthermore, it’s recommended that you eat and drink before your appointment, so you don’t feel malnourished or dehydrated during the therapy.


Ozone therapy is a one-of-a-kind therapeutic treatment that may provide multiple health benefits and leave you feeling better and more energized than ever before. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to try a strange form of ozone therapy or one that may lead to side effects to see just how effective it can be. Next Health’s ozone therapy is safe, comfortable, and available at multiple facility locations.

Want to sign up for ozone therapy yourself, or have additional questions you need answered? Contact us today, and we will be happy to speak with you. 


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