2024: What's Next in Health

2024: What's Next in Health
Next Health Staff
March 11, 2024

Looking Back at 2023

Exponential Growth & Pioneering Wellness Worldwide

In response to the surging demand for premium wellness services, Next Health embarked on a significant milestone in 2023 by initiating our franchising endeavors. This expansion not only signifies our commitment to meeting growing demands but also highlights our dedication to making cutting-edge and personalized care accessible to a wider spectrum of individuals, striving toward a world where everyone can thrive in their well-being journey. Learn more

Introduction of Revolutionary Longevity Treatment: Therapeutic Plasma Exchange

We unveiled another groundbreaking wellness service, Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE). TPE, a medical procedure leveraging specialized equipment to replace and remove plasma, the liquid component of blood, is currently undergoing research to address various conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease and autoimmune disorders. Now, Next Health offers this service as a pathway to bolster overall health and well-being, presenting a potential revolution in how we age. Learn more

Next Health Maui Continued to Redefine Rejuvenation with Longevity Protocol

Next Health's CEO & Founder, Dr. Darshan Shah, engaged in an enlightening conversation with esteemed biohacker Ben Greenfield, unveiling the groundbreaking Longevity Protocol on the Ben Greenfield Life Podcast. Their conversation unfolded amidst the serene setting of the Four Seasons Resort Maui as they experienced firsthand the efficacy of the cutting-edge Longevity Protocol, a fusion of Ozone Therapy and the Renew Package's three transformative sessions - Stem Cells, Exosomes, NAD+, and the Longevity IV. Learn more here

Orlando Bloom Joined the Next Health Mission

Orlando Bloom, the esteemed actor and a dedicated patron of Next Health, personally witnessed the transformative benefits of our cutting-edge approach to health. His remarkable experience with the Executive Physical, an extensive health assessment employing advanced diagnostic testing to offer a holistic view of an individual's well-being, motivated him to invest in Next Health. Bloom's decision to invest is a testament to Next Health's pioneering technology, poised to revolutionize the health and wellness sector. His endorsement further highlights our commitment to reshaping the industry landscape through innovative solutions. Watch testimonial

Continued to Save and Change Lives

Robby Andrews, a dedicated professional and father of two, chose Next Health's Executive Physical to maintain his health and well-being. Little did he know that this decision would reveal a life-threatening condition that could have gone unnoticed until it was too late.

During the Executive Physical, Next Health's expert medical team made a crucial discovery—a brain tumor. Thanks to the early detection, the tumor was deemed treatable, and the prognosis is promising. Had this condition been left undiscovered, the outcome could have been tragically different.

Robby acknowledges the significance of his journey with Next Health, saying,

"This experience has taught me the importance of being proactive about my health. Without finding this when I did, I could have been facing a completely different reality. I can't thank Next Health enough for their exceptional care and service."

Watch Now

Next Health's Executive Physical isn't just about identifying health risks; it promotes a proactive approach to well-being:

  • Detect disease early on
  • Connect with top practitioners when needed
  • Reverse disease risk factors
  • Optimize your lifespan and quality of life

If you are interested in learning more about this unmatched, comprehensive health assessment, request an Executive Consult below:

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Once you submit your information, a dedicated Wellness Expert will reach out to you shortly to get you started on your journey.

Honoring Our Community: Thank You for Embracing Health & Vision

As we reflect on the milestones achieved and the transformative experiences of 2023, Next Health extends heartfelt gratitude to our vibrant community. None of this would have been possible without you—individuals dedicated to valuing their health and embracing our vision for a world where wellness is paramount.

Our founders,  Dr. Darshan Shah and Kevin Peake share a sentiment that encapsulates our appreciation: "Together, we've made strides in redefining wellness. Your trust and commitment inspire us daily, driving us to innovate and provide unparalleled care. We're profoundly grateful for your support in propelling us forward on this journey."

With your unwavering support and shared commitment to holistic well-being, Next Health continues to push boundaries and reimagine the future of wellness. Thank you for being an integral part of this incredible endeavor, as we endeavor to empower lives, one health journey at a time.

As we stride into the promising horizon of 2024, Next Health continues its relentless pursuit of innovation and transformative healthcare. Explore the upcoming trends, breakthrough technologies, and our commitment to redefining wellness experiences:

2024: What’s Next in Health

1. Generative AI in Healthcare

Chat GBT made and generative AI made headlines this year for the remarkable ability to create new content across various domains such as text, code, and images. Now, in the healthcare sector, its potential is vast.

In fact, generative AI is predicted to unlock an unrealized $1 trillion of improvement potential present in the healthcare industry. It can do so by automating tedious and error-prone operational work, bringing years of clinical data to a clinician’s fingertips in seconds, and by modernizing health systems infrastructure. Furthermore, an additional study by the Deloitte Global Center for Health Solutions revealed that 80% of healthcare executives believed that generative AI will have a significant impact on their industry in the next five years.

From developing new treatments for traditional medicine to facilitating proactive medical imaging for clinical trials, generative AI is poised to optimize patient care and revolutionize the industry.

2. Personalized Medicine

Next Health’s personalized and data-driven approach to healthcare is becoming mainstream in the treatment of cancer, heart disease, and mental health issues, as well as for genetic testing of inherited diseases.

It is becoming increasingly common for patients to get their DNA sequenced to identify genetic variants that may predispose them to certain diseases. Get your test here

At Next Health, this personalized approach goes beyond DNA sequencing as you can track virtually all markers of longevity with our in-depth testing. Comprehensive options include the Total Wellness Package and the Executive Physical.

It is predicted that such personalization medicine going mainstream will offer improved treatment efficacy, minimized side effects, and cost-effective care.

3. Virtual Healthcare Assistants

Virtual Healthcare Assistants (VHAs) are poised to evolve significantly by 2024. These intelligent programs provide patients with information, support, and personalized recommendations. From symptom checkers to chronic disease management assistants, VHAs offer enhanced access to care, reduced healthcare provider workload, and improved quality of care.

Next Health’s client-centric approach, combined with our state-of-the-art medical services has resulted in innovative digital solutions like NH Connect, a proprietary omni-channel digital platform. NH Connect features a user-friendly and gamified interface that is part of Next Health’s commitment to staying at the forefront of health optimization and providing you with cutting-edge tools for your health.

4. IoT-Powered Virtual Hospitals and Telemedicine 2.0

IoT-enabled virtual hospitals and Telemedicine 2.0 are set to transform the healthcare landscape. Leveraging IoT devices for remote patient monitoring and enhancing telemedicine experiences with VR, AR, and AI, these technologies offer improved access, reduced costs, and immersive care experiences.

With the advent of Amazon Clinic, accessible to customers in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., healthcare is becoming more convenient, affordable, and reliable. Launched last November, this virtual health care marketplace provides swift access to care for over 30 common health concerns such as urinary tract infections, pink eye, and erectile dysfunction. Amazon Clinic exemplifies the seamless integration of advanced telemedicine technologies, delivering quality care directly to individuals' homes, ensuring a hassle-free and expedient healthcare experience.

This addition underscores the significant impact of innovative virtual healthcare platforms like Amazon Clinic in revolutionizing the delivery of primary healthcare services by offering accessible and efficient care to individuals across diverse locations.

5. Preventive Healthcare

With more people prioritizing their health now than ever, millions are aligning themselves with the Next Health mission of taking a proactive approach to health. In fact, in the wake of the pandemic, there's been a marked increase in customers' awareness of key factors influencing their well-being. Research shows that environmental, socioeconomic, and lifestyle elements contribute 80-90% to our health outcomes. This heightened awareness, initially sparked by the pandemic, has grown more pronounced in the wellness landscape. Mirroring this shift, the Global Wellness Institute reports that the wellness economy is poised to reach nearly $6.3 trillion by the end of 2023 and an astounding $8.5 trillion by 2027. By 2027, the Global Wellness Institute projects that the global wellness economy will represent 6.6% of global GDP, as compared to 5.6% in 2022.

Next Health extends heartfelt gratitude to all individuals valuing their health, joining our community, and becoming catalysts for change in forging a healthier world. Your commitment to prioritizing preventive healthcare not only enhances your well-being but contributes significantly to the global wellness landscape. Together, we're spearheading a paradigm shift towards a proactive, health-focused society, ensuring a brighter and healthier future for generations to come. Thank you for being an integral part of this transformative journey towards holistic wellness.

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