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Be-YOU-tiful All Year Long!
Next Health Staff
December 6, 2023

Let's talk about how to plan your beauty calendar like a pro.

Botox and fillers and lasers, oh my!

Nowadays, there are so many aesthetic treatments that you can use to prevent, repair, and even reverse the signs of aging. Not to mention all the ones that simply enhance or improve some of your least favorite facial features.

The reality is, a lot of these treatments provide similar results: softer lines and wrinkles, a more even skin tone, and a smoother, fuller, younger-looking appearance overall. However, many of them work in different ways and, therefore, work best when done in combination.

So how do you choose? And where do you start?

Use VISIAⓇ to Anti-Age with Grace

At Next Health, we recommend starting with a VISIAⓇ skin analysis to understand your overall skin health, identify underlying damage, and pinpoint your exact aesthetic needs.

This cutting-edge 3D facial scanning technology provides imaging and data on all aspects of your skin health: texture, pores, superficial sun damage, deep sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, and bacteria. It shows both surface and subsurface skin damage, before it is even visible to the eye.

VISIAⓇ gives you the tools you need to redefine what it means to “age with grace.” It takes the guesswork out of creating a targeted skin repair and enhancement plan.

With your initial VISIAⓇ scan, one of our highly-trained aesthetic nurses can determine your NEXT|BEAUTY skin optimization and anti-aging regimen, based on your unique needs and aesthetic goals. You can use your skin analysis to target and reverse underlying skin damage before it even shows up on your face.

Once you start your NEXT|BEAUTY protocol, you can then use your follow-up VISIAⓇ scans (we recommend 2-3 per year) to track your progress with the advanced skin imaging and data.

With VISIA, you can watch yourself anti-age with grace.

NEXT|BEAUTY Aesthetics

Your NEXT|BEAUTY aesthetics regimen will likely include a combination of regenerative and cosmetic treatments in order to obtain maximum results. Let’s review each of the different treatments so that you know what to expect and how to schedule them in a way that ensures you get the best possible results.

Wrinkle Relaxers

Wrinkle relaxing injections, like BotoxⓇ and DysportⓇ, reduce the appearance of frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. They temporarily soften the muscle movements responsible for these common signs of aging, smoothing out existing wrinkles and preventing them from developing further.

Aesthetic Concern: Prevention, repair

Benefits: Reduce/eliminate frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles

What to Expect: A quick, 15-30 minute appointment. A small needle is used to inject the wrinkle relaxer into facial muscles in areas of concern. A mild numbing agent may be provided for added comfort, but many find the procedure to be tolerable without it.

Results: Begin to appear within a few days, may take up to 2 weeks to take full effect.

Downtime: None. Minor swelling at the injection site usually dissipates within the hour after treatment. Bruising at the injection site occurs on occasion, but is usually mild.

Follow-Up: Every 3-4 months, ongoing

How to Plan: Schedule your treatments 2-6 weeks before important holidays or events to look as fresh and radiant as possible.

Microneedling (with PRP)

Microneedling uses tiny, short needles to create micro-channels in the skin. This stimulates your body’s repair and regeneration process and the production of collagen and elastin, which give the skin volume and elasticity.

Microneedling can be combined with your body’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to further enhance the results, due to the addition of PRP’s naturally-occurring repair and growth factors.

Aesthetic Concern: Repair, regeneration

Benefits: Minimize fine lines and wrinkles, diminish acne scars, treat hyperpigmentation, shrink pores, and reveal skin that appears smoother, firmer, and clearer

What to Expect: A 45-65 min appointment. A topical gel is applied to minimize discomfort and provide lubrication for the microneedling pen to glide across the skin. A quick blood draw will be done, from which the PRP is extracted and then applied to the skin to be absorbed into the micro-channels created by the microneedling pen. Discomfort is mild and patients often describe the procedure as light sandpaper being brushed across the skin.

Results: A visible glow appears immediately following the procedure, with skin improvements continuing to evolve over the following weeks. Collagen production will continue for up to 6 months after treatment.  

Downtime: 3-4 days downtime with visible redness and swelling. Sunscreen (SPF 30+) and minimizing sun exposure is highly recommended.

Follow-Up: An initial sequence of 2-3 treatments (6-8 for profound wrinkles, extreme photo-aging, acne scars or stretch marks) spaced 6-8 weeks apart is recommended for optimal results. After the initial treatments, yearly follow-up sessions can be used to maintain results.

How to Plan: Schedule your initial treatments for a 3-6 month period during which you don’t have a lot of major commitments and events. Maintenance sessions can be done during the summer months (when laser treatments cannot), as long as proper suncare is used.

Volumizing Fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers like JuvedermⓇ and RestylaneⓇ can be injected under the skin to restore or enhance volume in the face. As we get older, our bodies naturally produce less collagen and elastin, which results in visible signs of aging, like deep creases, facial hollows, and sagging skin.

Volumizing fillers are a quick, non-surgical way to take years off in the way of facial aging as well as to provide cosmetic enhancements, like fuller lips, nose shaping, and more definition to jaw and cheek lines.

Aesthetic Concern: Repair, enhancement

Benefits: Soften deep creases or wrinkles, fill under-eye hollows, reduce nasolabial folds (smile lines), restore/enhance cheekbone definition, plump lips and soften lip lines, and more.

What to Expect: 15-30 min appointment. A topical cream is used to numb treatment areas prior to injection to ensure maximum comfort.

Results: Immediate. Results last 6-12 months, up to 18 months in some cases.

Downtime: Little to none. Expect temporary swelling and the possibility of mild bruising, but can otherwise resume regular activity.

Follow-Up: Every 6-18 months, ongoing.

How to Plan: Learn your own follow-up intervals and plan your touch ups in advance for holidays or major life events.

Laser Hair Removal

This cosmetic treatment uses a laser to target and permanently destroy hair follicles, eliminating unwanted hair and the need to shave, wax, or tweeze on a regular basis.

Aesthetic Concern: Enhancement

Benefits: Near-permanent removal of hair in targeted areas: face, under arms, legs, back, bikini, arms, and more.

What to Expect: 10-60 minute appointment, depending on the size of the treatment area(s). Numbing cream can be used prior to treatment of delicate areas, but is not essential. Patients describe treatments as a slight tingling or stinging sensation.

Results: Hairs that were in the active growth phase during the treatment will fall out 10-14 days after the treatment session. Hair density in the treatment area(s) will get gradually thinner with each laser session.

Downtime: None. Slight redness in the treatment area is common and diminishes within a couple hours after treatment. Sunscreen is recommended for exposed treatment areas.

Follow-Up: For optimal results, most people require 4-6 hair removal sessions, spaced one month apart. Maintenance sessions can be performed as needed.

How to Plan: Begin your treatments in the fall if you are treating areas with high sun exposure (like face, arms, etc.)

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing uses advanced laser technology to repair damaged skin and reduce visible signs of aging. It works by exfoliating the outermost layers of the skin to remove damaged layers, while stimulating cellular regeneration and collagen production.

Our NEXT|BEAUTY advanced laser treatments include the MicroLaserPeelⓇ, a targeted laser peel that smooths and tightens skin and improves superficial irregularities, and the Forever Young BBL™, an innovative technology that uses broadband light therapy to rejuvenate the skin and reverse the signs of aging.

The Forever Young BBL™ is the only device that has been shown to change the expression of genes associated with aging and longevity.

Aesthetic Concern: Repair, regeneration

Benefits: Improvement in texture, tone, pore size, and skin elasticity, as well as reduction of sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles.

What to Expect: 30-60 minute appointment, depending on the laser and the size of the treatment area. Prior to treatment, skin is numbed with topical cream to ensure minimal discomfort. The skin usually feels warm and sensitive after treatment, much like a sunburn.

Results: Skin improvements become visible once the healing process is complete (usually after about a week), with full effects becoming apparent within 30 days.

Downtime: 4-8 days with proper skincare regimen to protect the skin and ensure optimal healing. Heavy moisturizers, sunscreen (SPF 30+), and minimizing sun exposure is highly recommended.

Follow-Up: 2-4 initial treatments, spaced 6-8 weeks apart, are usually recommended for optimal results. Follow-up treatments may be done every 6-12 months to maintain desired appearance.

How to Plan: Laser treatments should be planned away from times of heavy sun exposure; October through May is considered “laser season,” while laser resurfacing treatments should be avoided June through September.

Your Be-YOU-ty Calendar

To follow all treatment guidelines and ensure optimal results, it is best to plan your aesthetic calendar according to the "seasons." Of course, if your NEXT|BEAUTY regimen includes a combination of treatments, as most do, you can see how it can become confusing to track what treatments to do, when, and how often.

So we are going to take the confusion out of it.

We’ve put together a handy appointment calendar that covers all your aesthetics bases, plans around holidays, and combines treatments into a single appointment, whenever possible.

Annual Be-YOU-ty Maintenance Calendar


Mar, Apr, May


Jun, Jul, Aug


Sept, Oct, Nov


Dec, Jan, Feb

April 1

Laser Resurfacing

or Microneedling

June 15

VISIA scan

Wrinkle Relaxer

August 1


Avoid all laser resurfacing treatments

October 15

VISIA scan

Wrinkle Relaxer

Volumizing Filler

Begin laser hair removal treatment series

December 1

Laser Resurfacing

February 15

VISIA scan

Wrinkle Relaxer

Begin initial laser resurfacing or microneedling series

+ daily skincare regimen to ensure healthy and preventative cellular turnover

Use this Annual Be-YOU-ty Maintenance Calendar to plan and schedule your your NEXT|BEAUTY aesthetics regimen. Then use your VISIAⓇ facial scans to see how the most advanced regenerative and aesthetic technology can bring out the best version of you and help you anti-age with grace.

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