Cellular Health: What Is It And Why Is It Important?

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Cellular Health: What Is It And Why Is It Important?
Next Health Staff
February 13, 2024

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Cellular health is something you normally only hear scientists and doctors talk about, and usually in the context of disease or medical treatments. But cellular health is something that everyone should understand and be aware of since it affects everyone’s bodies every day.

Cellular health is so important that we believe you can’t pursue a healthy mind and body without fully grasping this topic and its ramifications. To that end, this page will break down everything you need to know about cellular health and explain why it’s such an important focus that you should prioritize. Let’s get started.

What Is Cellular Health?

There’s no mysterious scientific explanation: cellular health just refers to the health of your cells! A more interesting way to think of cellular health is this way:

  • Each cell’s health and your body contributes to overall, holistic bodily health
  • Therefore, you can think of cellular health as the microscopic version of overall health. The healthier your cells are, the healthier your body should be in aggregate since your cells will be working properly and well with one another

In this way, cellular health is both complex and fairly simple. This also means that cellular health can definitely be affected by the things you do and the health optimization clinics you attend.

But why is cellular health important? Cellular health matters greatly since it directly affects how your body functions, repairs itself, how well it produces new body tissue, and much more. Perhaps even more importantly, cellular health is crucial to understand since it matters for your likelihood of:

  • Obtaining certain genetic diseases
  • Being affected by cancer as you get older
  • A number of other health issues and conditions

Understanding and taking steps to bolster your cellular health across the board is one of the greatest things you can do to potentially improve your overall wellness, daily energy, and long-term health results. So let’s dive in!

What Is Cellular Health Affected By?

Cellular health is affected, broadly speaking, by almost everything that affects your body. Remember, your cells are best thought of as the building blocks that comprise all the tissues that make up your body.

There are skin cells, for instance, and they’re affected by:

  • Exposure to sunlight – too much sunlight can cause skin mutations and cellular damage
  • The vitamins and minerals you consume
  • Your genetic predispositions for certain conditions

In a way, anything that affects your body also affects your cells. But to get more specific, cellular health is broadly affected by these major factors.


Your age also affects your cellular health. Aging in general can be roughly summarized like this:

  • Each cell in your body has telomeres, which are the regions at the end of your chromosomes that contain repetitive nucleotides. Telomeres protect the ends of your chromosomes from deterioration or prevent them from fusing with other chromosomes.
  • However, as you get older, your cells divide more and more. The more your cells divide, the more your telomeres shrink over time.
  • As your telomeres shrink, your chromosomes become more vulnerable to damage from their environment. This causes certain cells to mutate or fail to replicate properly and die.
  • This is essentially aging: your body can’t repair itself as well as it could before, so it starts to deteriorate. This is also the reason why cancer tends to be more common as you get older.

Thus, cellular health is more important to focus on as you age. Undertaking certain cellular rejuvenation therapies and focusing on maintaining a great diet and exercise routine may support you in maintaining cellular health even as you gather years under your belt.


Naturally, nutrition also plays a big role in cellular health. What you put into your body affects cells’ ability to replicate properly and to make the bodily tissues you need in order to repair daily damage, build new muscle, and stave off the effects of aging, like the risk of osteoporosis.

A balanced diet, as well as making sure that you get plenty of vitamins and minerals, is essential for a long life full of health.


Certain diseases can definitely affect your health at a cellular level. For instance, some diseases affect your body’s ability to make new cells, or they may impact cells’ ability to fight off disease. You should always speak to a doctor if you suspect that you have a cell-related disease or condition, as these conditions can be very long-lasting and have wide-ranging health effects.


Your fitness level also impacts cellular health. The more physically fit you are, the better your body will continue to work as you get older, and the healthier your individual cells are likely to be, particularly when it comes to muscle and fat levels.

If you gain weight and remain unhealthy for too long, you’ll cause long-term cellular and structural damage to your body. This, in turn, means that future cells won’t be as healthy as they would have been if you had maintained a healthy body from the get-go.

Thus, staying fit and exercising regularly is key to maintaining cellular health.


Lastly, your genetics can also play a big role in your cellular health throughout your life. Some folks are very genetically fortunate and are born with cells that replicate well even deep into old age. Other people may be hampered by a host of genetic conditions or cellular weaknesses.

The good news is that you can screen for many of these conditions these days and start taking steps to bolster your cellular health.  

How Can You Improve Your Cellular Health?

Improving cellular health is a lifelong effort and it’s something you should certainly focus on if you want to maximize life enjoyment and feel as good as you can for as long as possible. There are a number of things you can do right off the bat:

  • Start exercising if you aren’t already. Maintaining a fit body is one of the best ways to feel full of energy and ensure top-tier cellular health
  • Make sure you speak to a dietitian or a health optimization specialist here at Next Health so you know what to eat to fuel your body and give your cells the building blocks they need for perfect replication and repair

Alongside these efforts, Next|Health also provides a few targeted cellular health therapies that may provide added support for your goals.

NAD+ Infusions

The first of these is called NAD+ Infusion. NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, and it’s a key amino acid that’s found in every cell of your body. More importantly, the cell plays a big role in mitochondrial energy generation.

You might remember from your biology classes in school that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. NAD+ is a special type of coenzyme, which means that it assists regular enzymes in producing the ATP your cells need to carry out all of their functions. Without NAD+, your body likely couldn’t function.

This infusion therapy will give your body additional amino acids through an IV Session. Over 3 to 4 hours, you’ll absorb a host of these key amino acids to potentially help boost your energy and, in some cases, possibly even reverse the effects of aging on your body and mind.

This is a top cellular health therapy choice that could boost your cells so they feel and operate as if they were younger.

Cellular Rejuvenation Therapies

At Next Health, we’re also interested in holistic cellular rejuvenation. That’s why we offer a full-on health optimization and rejuvenation service specifically targeted for bolstering your cells and making you feel a lot younger and more energetic than before.

Our special cellular health rejuvenation package includes IV boosts with various vitamins and key amino acids, as well as a baseline biomarker test. The biomarker test will be chock full of valuable information you can use to focus on certain issues in your body or to come up with a diet and exercise routine uniquely designed for optimal effects.

Or you can try a specialized “renew” package that contains therapies that have the potential to boost cellular health such as exosome therapy. According to the research, this therapy may provide support in speeding up healing and could produce anti aging effects.


Cellular health is, in a way, the single most important part of bodily health overall. You can’t have a healthy body without healthy cells! Fortunately, science and medicine have progressed dramatically and new and robust therapies may just hold the key to guaranteeing long-lasting healthy cells for everyone.

Be sure to contact us about our cellular regeneration therapies if you have questions or want to set up an appointment with our cellular health specialists.





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