How to Detox Your Body

How to Detox Your Body
Next Health Staff
April 1, 2024

Spring's arrival signifies renewal, and what better way to welcome it than by embracing a refreshed approach to well-being? At Next Health, in celebration of the season and in honor of the traditional notion of spring cleaning, we've compiled comprehensive answers to your top detox inquiries:

What Does Detox Mean?

Detoxification, often referred to as detox, represents the body's natural process of eliminating harmful substances or toxins. These toxins originate from environmental pollutants, food, or metabolic byproducts. Understanding this process is crucial for maintaining overall health and well-being. Dive into our blog as we unravel the significance of detox, its impact on the body, and practical tips for supporting your body's natural cleansing mechanisms.

How to Detox the Liver

Detoxifying the liver ranks among the most common queries regarding cleansing practices. The liver holds paramount importance in maintaining overall health by filtering toxins from the body. Interestingly, the steps involved in liver detoxification are akin to those for detoxifying the entire body:

Balanced Diet: Embrace a diet rich in antioxidants, vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins. Foods like garlic, grapefruit, beets, and leafy greens aid in liver detoxification by supporting its enzyme pathways.

Hydration: Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and support liver function. Incorporating herbal teas or lemon-infused water can enhance the cleansing process.

Detox IV Therapy: Detoxify and rejuvenate your body with Next Health's Detox IV therapy. Cleanse your body from toxins and feel refreshed with these revitalizing nutrients.

Increase Glutathione Intake: Elevating glutathione levels supports detoxification by enhancing the body's ability to neutralize and eliminate toxins. As a powerful antioxidant, glutathione binds to harmful substances, aiding in their conversion into water-soluble compounds for easier elimination through urine or bile. You can add Glutathione to your Next Health IV by selecting the “Add-Ons” buttons when choosing your IV drip.

Limit Alcohol and Processed Foods: Reduce alcohol intake and processed foods, which burden the liver. Minimizing refined sugars, artificial additives, and saturated fats eases the liver's workload.

Exercise Regularly: Engage in physical activity to promote blood circulation and assist in the elimination of toxins through sweat. Exercise also aids in weight management, reducing the risk of fatty liver disease.

Adequate Sleep: Quality sleep facilitates the body's repair mechanisms, supporting liver health and overall detoxification.

Ozone Therapy: Ozone therapy assists in eliminating toxins, pollutants, and harmful substances from your body. It works by alleviating the strain on vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, and detoxification pathways, facilitating their ability to remove harmful substances effectively. Reserve your Ozone Therapy session

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange: Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) is an advanced medical procedure designed to refresh the patient's plasma, which is the liquid component of blood. This innovative therapy effectively targets known contributors to diseases and accelerated aging, expedites detoxification by eliminating toxins, and enhances the body's ability to counteract aging. Moreover, TPE supports heart health and offers multifaceted benefits beyond detoxification. Reserve your TPE session here

How to Detox from Sugar

Detoxifying from sugar involves implementing strategic steps to reduce excessive sugar consumption. Here are practical methods to cleanse your body from sugar:

  1. Reduce Added Sugar Intake: Minimize consumption of sugary beverages, processed foods, and sweets to lower overall sugar intake.
  2. Read Labels: Be vigilant about reading food labels to identify hidden sugars in packaged products.
  3. Opt for Whole Foods: Embrace a diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains to reduce sugar intake.
  4. Hydrate and Rehydrate: Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and reduce cravings for sugary beverages.
  5. Incorporate Fiber: Increase fiber intake through fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce sugar cravings.
  6. Mindful Eating: Practice mindful eating by paying attention to portion sizes and savoring each bite, reducing the urge for sugary snacks.
  7. Prioritize Protein: Include protein-rich foods in meals and snacks to promote satiety and reduce cravings.

By adopting these lifestyle changes, you can effectively detox from sugar and promote a healthier, balanced diet.

What Does Detox Tea Do?

Detox teas have gained popularity as a potential aid in cleansing and supporting bodily detoxification. However, it's crucial to approach online fad detox teas with caution. Here are essential insights to consider:

  1. Quality Concerns: Many online detox teas may lack regulation or quality control, leading to variations in ingredients, potency, and potential side effects. Ensure to choose reputable brands with transparent ingredient lists.
  2. Potential Side Effects: Some detox teas may contain laxatives or diuretics, causing digestive issues or electrolyte imbalances when consumed excessively. Always follow recommended dosages and seek medical advice if necessary.
  3. Misleading Claims: Be wary of exaggerated marketing claims promising rapid weight loss or miraculous health benefits. Detox teas are not a cure-all solution and should be part of a holistic approach to health.
  4. Temporary Effects: While detox teas may offer temporary water weight loss or digestive relief due to diuretic effects, these results are often short-lived and may not signify long-term health improvements.
  5. Balanced Approach: Instead of relying solely on detox teas, prioritize a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains, coupled with regular exercise and proper hydration.

Remember, it's essential to consult healthcare professionals before starting any new detox regimen, especially if you have existing health conditions or are pregnant or breastfeeding. Approach online fad detox teas with caution and prioritize your overall health and well-being.

How Much Apple Cider Vinegar Do You Need to Drink to Detox Your Body?

The amount of apple cider vinegar (ACV) needed to detox the body can vary based on individual preferences and tolerances. While there's no universally recommended quantity, incorporating small doses of ACV into your routine may offer potential detox benefits. Here's how to use ACV for detox purposes:

  1. Start Slowly: Begin with one to two teaspoons of ACV diluted in a large glass of water daily. Gradually increase the amount if well-tolerated.
  2. Optimal Timing: Many people choose to drink ACV in the morning before meals or as part of a detox routine. However, listen to your body's response and adjust timing accordingly.
  3. Quality Matters: Ensure to use raw, unfiltered ACV that contains the 'mother,' which comprises beneficial enzymes and proteins.
  4. Potential Benefits: ACV is believed to aid digestion, support metabolism, and may contribute to a feeling of fullness, potentially reducing overall calorie intake.
  5. Safety Precautions: Excessive ACV intake can lead to digestive discomfort or tooth enamel erosion due to its acidic nature. Avoid consuming undiluted ACV or large amounts without dilution.

How Long Should I Take Milk Thistle to Detox Liver?

Determining the optimal duration for taking milk thistle as part of a liver detox regimen can vary based on individual needs and health goals. Here are some insights into using milk thistle for liver detox:

  1. Recommended Usage: For those seeking liver support, a typical suggested duration for taking milk thistle supplements ranges from several weeks to three months.
  2. Dosage Consideration: The standard dosage of milk thistle supplements usually ranges from 140 mg to 800 mg per day, containing about 70-80% silymarin, the active compound in milk thistle.
  3. Individual Responses: It's important to note that individual responses may differ. Some individuals may experience benefits from shorter-term use, while others may prefer longer durations for sustained liver support.
  4. Consultation is Key: Consulting a healthcare professional or a qualified herbalist is advisable to determine the appropriate dosage and duration based on individual health status, existing medications, or underlying health conditions.
  5. Overall Health Maintenance: While milk thistle may aid in liver health and detoxification, it's essential to complement its use with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and healthy lifestyle practices for comprehensive health maintenance.

Remember, incorporating milk thistle into your routine should be part of a holistic approach to support liver health, and individual responses may vary.

How to Detox Your Body Fast

Detoxing the body rapidly isn't about one miraculous solution but involves adopting a holistic approach. Incorporating simple yet effective practices can aid in the body's detoxification process. Prioritizing hydration by consuming ample water daily supports the body's natural detox mechanisms. Regular exercise helps eliminate toxins through sweat and enhances overall metabolism. Nutrient-rich foods like those high in antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables, aid in neutralizing harmful substances. Adequate sleep and stress reduction techniques further contribute to the body's detoxification journey. Although no instant remedy exists, there are next-level detox solutions available such as Therapeutic Plasma Exchange.

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) for Detox

Therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) is a cutting-edge medical service that refreshes the patient’s plasma (the liquid part of the blood) in order to remove particles that are known contributors to disease and accelerated aging.

After removal, beneficial components are added back into the body for a variety of potential results:

  • Reduce inflammation to counteract aging
  • Feel mentally sharp, enhance memory capability, and more
  • Support heart health and circulation
  • Aid detoxification and elimination of toxins
  • Strengthen immunity to stay healthy and get sick less often
  • Rejuvenate overall health

TPE Packages Available

Multiple sessions of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) offer enhanced benefits compared to single sessions. Through repeated treatments, TPE gradually reduces harmful substances from the bloodstream, providing a more thorough and sustained cleansing effect. This gradual approach allows for a deeper detoxification process, effectively removing toxins, inflammatory molecules, and metabolic waste products that contribute to accelerated aging and disease progression.

Additionally, multiple sessions of TPE enable ongoing monitoring and adjustment of treatment protocols to suit individual needs, ensuring optimal results over time. Moreover, our TPE packages includes the TruAge Complete Test, which measures cellular aging and provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of the treatment in combating age-related changes at a cellular level.

By undergoing a series of TPE sessions, individuals can experience cumulative improvements in their health and well-being, leading to enhanced vitality and longevity.

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