How To Improve Your Gut Health With IV Therapy

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How To Improve Your Gut Health With IV Therapy
Next Health Staff
December 6, 2023

Gut health is a crucial part of holistic bodily wellness. The state of your gut, and your body’s microbiome, can indicate a lot about how your body is faring. It’s no stretch to say that a healthy gut means a healthy you.

But what if you want to improve your gut health without totally reinventing your diet or taking tons of multivitamins and vegetables that may not agree with your gastrointestinal system? Good news – IV therapy could offer a way to improve your gut health by bypassing oral methods altogether.

This page will break down everything you need to know about IV therapy and how it might just help you improve your gut health over time.

Gut Health And You

Your “gut’s” health is actually one of the most important parts of holistic bodily wellness. Remember that your gut isn't just your stomach – it's a catchall term for your gastrointestinal tract as a whole. This includes organs and bodily systems like your esophagus, stomach, and intestines. Together, your gastrointestinal tract allows you to eat and digest food without experiencing discomfort.

Since all food is ultimately broken down in your gut, it’s important to take care of your gut whenever possible and make sure that it’s operating at peak efficiency. But a healthy gut doesn’t do all the work of digestion and excretion alone. In fact, your gut is always assisted by a collection of healthy bacteria called a positive microbiome.

The Importance Of Your Microbiome

What’s a microbiome? It’s a contained, miniaturized ecosystem of bacteria that do a few key things:

  • The helpful bacteria take up space in your gut and prevent negative bacteria from entering and getting a cellular foothold.
  • They sometimes provide digestive benefits. For instance, some types of bacteria can digest certain types of food that our stomach acid would have a harder time with by itself.
  • Your gut affects your immune system, and the health of many other organs and body systems, like your heart health, brain health, and even the quality of your sleep cycles.
  • Even more importantly, your microbiome is partially responsible for what you crave to eat. This is a cyclical relationship. For instance, if you eat lots of fruits and vegetables, you’ll develop a microbiome of helpful bacteria that do just those foods quickly and easily, producing more helpful bacteria. This sends signals to your brain and helps you crave healthy foods. The reverse is also true if you eat a lot of junk food.

What Does It Mean to Have Poor Gut Health?

Since your gut health is so important, it’s also crucial to recognize signs of gut health issues.

For instance, most people experience minor digestive troubles like floating, constipation, vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain. If these symptoms persist for more than a short period, it may be a sign that your microbiome and gut are having a hard time.

If your microbiome doesn’t develop properly or your gut experiences long-term health issues, it could lead to serious symptoms like:

  • An inability to digest your food properly
  • Regular nausea and vomiting
  • Issues or food sensitivities with certain meals or food items
  • Problems sleeping, regulating your mood or with your energy levels since your microbiome affects all of those factors
  • Issues with controlling your cravings for certain foods, which can make following diets and maintaining rigorous exercise routines more difficult

It’s always important to pay attention to your gut health so you can avoid these symptoms.

There are multiple ways to restore gut health and to cultivate a healthy digestive system. These involve eating healthy foods, getting plenty of sleep, and getting proper exercise. However, the nature of gastrointestinal issues can sometimes make eating healthy food or taking oral medication difficult.

It’s in times like these that IV therapy can be quite beneficial.

IV Therapy

IV therapy is a type of therapy that uses IV drips to provide medicine or wellness boosting solutions to patients or customers. It’s primarily used in medical contexts since it’s a fast and reliable way to get patients water and vitamins when they may not be able to take those compounds orally. Furthermore, the body absorbs fluids provided straight to the bloodstream faster than fluids swallowed and passed through your gastrointestinal system.

These days, you can also find IV therapy at qualified wellness clinics like Next Health. At clinics like ours, a wellness professional will hook you up to an IV infusion station. You’ll then be given fluids and vitamins via an IV drip, allowing your body to quickly and efficiently process and absorb those nutrients, water, and other helpful substances.

Next Health, for example, has one of the most comprehensive and comfortable IV infusion lounges in the LA area. We include comfortable chairs, plus a host of amenities and other benefits, so you can relax and receive your IV therapy in comfort.

Lots of people are turning to IV therapy to help with all kinds of things, including whole-body detoxification, hangover therapy, and even gut health.

How IV Therapy Can Help With Gut Health

As mentioned, your gut can be damaged and this can cause several uncomfortable symptoms. Gut health can be compromised by things like:

  • Having a poor diet
  • Becoming injured in the gut
  • Accidentally ingesting too many toxic substances, like drinking too much alcohol

The good news is that IV therapy is a great way to bolster gut health without some of the same roadblocks you’d find when boosting your gut health in other ways.

For example, Next Health’s Gut Health IV treatment involves setting you up with an IV drip that provides you with nutrient-packed fluids for fast absorption by the body. Our Gut Health IV package specifically contains ingredients like glutamine, selenium, and glycine, each of which can either bolster the health of your liver and digestive system or relieve some of the symptoms of poor gut health.

Benefits of Gut Health IV Therapy

Why should you choose gut health IV therapy instead of other methods? Let’s break down the exact benefits.

No Risk of Improper Absorption

For starters, IV therapy doesn't involve the risk of improper absorption or incomplete absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and water. If your gut is already in bad shape, it might have a lot of difficulties drinking a smoothie, taking a multivitamin, or otherwise digesting medicine intended to restore the microbiome back to its original quality.

On the flip side, IV therapy doesn’t require you to rely on your gastrointestinal system at all. IV therapy uses an IV infusion station to provide nutrients and vitamins straight to your bloodstream. Not only does this help you absorb the good stuff quicker, but it prevents you from upsetting your stomach if it’s already feeling queasy.

This also prevents your gastrointestinal system from accidentally passing certain key vitamins and minerals as a result of the normal digestion process.

Faster Absorption

As mentioned, IV therapy usually results in fast absorption for whatever minerals or compounds are included with your IV package. For folks with particularly busy lifestyles, this can be a lifesaver.

You can step into a clinic like Next Health, get your IV infusion treatment over the course of a short session – scheduled ahead of time to fit your lifestyle – and immediately be on your way once it’s complete. Your body can quickly absorb the nutrients provided without having to wait.

Regular Boosts on Your Schedule

With IV therapy, you don't have to only sporadically give your gut a boost to its health. You can set up regular IV infusion sessions and improve your gut health frequently. This may be a good thing if you don't have the time to focus on a healthier diet at the moment but still want to make sure your microbiome is as healthy as possible.

How To Get Gut Health IV Therapy

Fortunately, improving your gut health through IV therapy is quick and easy, especially if you use a clinic like Next Health. Here’s how we do the process at our IV infusion lounge:

  • You’ll set up an appointment at our lounge
  • When the appointment date rolls around, you’ll be greeted by a “health hacker” – one of our wellness experts and professional IV infusion personnel
  • They can set you up at your IV infusion station and ensure you’re relaxed and comfortable in one of our massage chairs
  • Then all you have to do is sit back and relax while our Gut Health IV package gives your body exactly what it needs to boost its microbiome and filter out certain types of toxins

As you can see, boosting your gut health through IV therapy is really easy and is a breeze to schedule.


Want to try out IV therapy to improve your gut health at Next Health? Good news – you can set up an appointment since we're ready and open for business. To accommodate COVID-19 concerns, our IV infusion lounge is also equipped with certain safety features to make sure that germs aren't spread around and you can enjoy your wellness boost without worry.

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