The Anti-Aging Benefits of Peptides

For as long as humans have aged, people have looked for ways to turn back the biological clock and reverse many of the common sides of aging, like skin wrinkles, reduced mobility and energy, and mo...

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Peptides
Next Health Staff
December 6, 2023

For as long as humans have aged, people have looked for ways to turn back the biological clock and reverse many of the common sides of aging, like skin wrinkles, reduced mobility and energy, and more. While science hasn’t yet yielded the perfect anti-aging solution, peptides have become a worthwhile option in the meantime.

It’s all because of peptides’ molecular structure, their role in the body naturally, and how they affect your skin specifically. This article will break down the anti-aging effects of peptides in detail, as well as explore what you can expect from Next Health’s accessible, at-home peptide therapy.

What Are Peptides?

Peptides are certain types of amino acids. When linked together into chains, they create proteins used by your skin and various other organs.

For example, collagen, one of the essential proteins for the health of your skin, is made of three polypeptide chains. As you may already know, the more collagen you have, the firmer and younger-looking your skin will be.

We make plenty of collagen when we’re young. But as our bodies get older, they make less collagen (and elastin), which helps develop wrinkles or other side effects of aging. So it’s up to us to replace that lost collagen with wellness treatments and other means.

However, peptides are also used for many other things. Most peptides are composed of between 2 and 50 amino acids, and proteins contain dozens of amino acids in many cases.

So why target peptides when trying to treat aging-related skin issues? In short, it’s because peptides are very easy for your body to absorb.

Due to their simple molecular structures and small sizes, peptides are easy for your body to break down into additional components or combined into larger proteins.

In addition, peptides can penetrate the skin and intestines more easily than larger molecules such as collagen. As a result, you may find skin creams with peptides, but you won’t usually find skin creams with collagen; instead, collagen is usually absorbed through supplements via the digestive tract.

Peptides can be found in various natural foods like eggs, milk, meat, fish, beans, soy, oats, and more. When you find peptide supplements, you’ll usually find them described as collagen peptides or creatine peptides.

How Peptides Benefit Your Skin

As noted, peptides are useful for your body since they can be used to create larger proteins or other compounds. But let’s break down how they can benefit your skin specifically.

Boosted Skin Barrier

Firstly, peptides may be able to boost the skin barrier. In short, your skin barrier is the first line of defense against toxins, bacteria, ultraviolet radiation, and more. You can think of your skin barrier as a layer of bacteria and moisture that helps to protect your skin and reduce it from drying out or being damaged over time.

However, your skin barrier can be damaged from exposure to pollutants like cigarette smoke, over-exfoliation, and other factors. When your skin has enough peptides, it may help rebuild the skin barrier more effectively and maintain a stronger barrier over time.

Fewer Wrinkles

Naturally, peptides are used by the body to create collagen and other skin-boosting compounds. Therefore, peptides may also lead to reducing the appearance of wrinkles as you age. Because wrinkles are one of the primary side effects of the aging process.

Collagen can also plump up your lips. Whenever collagen plumps up the lips or skin, skin becomes firmer and smoother. While you might still be at risk of wrinkles, the wrinkles you do develop may be less severe or deep.

Enhanced Skin Elasticity

While most people know about collagen, elastin is another very important molecule for skin health. Elastin is a type of fiber that your skin uses to retain its shape or elasticity. Simply put, the more elastin your skin has, the springier it is and the easier it snaps back into place when being stretched. This all contributes to a youthful look and texture.

Your body can use peptides to make elastin fibers because these fibers are a type of protein. Similar to how collagen helps you age backward, peptides may also help by boosting skin elasticity.

Reduced Discomfort

Lastly, peptides may also provide soothing properties on the skin. Discomfort is a natural bodily response to harm or irritation. Still, too much can lead to the destruction of skin cells or even accelerate certain signs of aging like wrinkles or aging spots.

Due to being the building blocks of protein tissues, peptides may help reduce discomfort as your body rebuilds damage from daily wear and tear or from minor injuries. In this way, peptides may also help to even out skin tone, although the exact link between peptides and skin tone uniformity is not fully understood.

How Next Health’s Peptide Therapy Works

At Next Health, we provide a wide range of wellness services to assist with many different types of bodily health or wellness goals. Next Health’s peptide therapy is intended to help boost the immune system, slow down or reverse the aging process to some extent, or support overall health goals in the long term.

Even better, our peptide therapy doesn’t require the assistance of any medical professional. You can simply order the therapy, have the materials delivered to your home, and administer your own peptide treatments whenever it’s most convenient for your schedule. The process works like this:

  • Order your peptides; you’ll receive a shipment of peptides and injection materials from a medical provider. That provider will call you within a business day to discuss your peptide prescription.
  • Once your peptides arrive, the package will include a tutorial and all the supplies you need to administer peptide therapy.
  • Then you can self-administer your peptides quickly and easily all from the comfort of your home.

As you can see, Next Health’s peptide therapy is one of our most convenient and accessible wellness treatment options available. But if you’re unsure about how it all works, you can, of course, visit one of our safe locations and ask one of our staff members about what peptide therapy is, what it involves and whether you can get assistance.


In the end, no one can fully reverse the biological clock. But wellness therapy like peptide therapy from Next Health may help reduce many of the most common signs of aging, including skin wrinkles, aging spots, and general skin sagginess.

Even better, visiting a Next Health location will let you check out other helpful wellness treatments like IV therapy, cryotherapy, and much more.

Don’t wait; contact us today or check out one of our fully staffed locations near you!


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