Weight Loss Tailored To Your Health: The Next Health Medical Weight Loss Program

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Weight Loss Tailored To Your Health: The Next Health Medical Weight Loss Program
Next Health Staff
December 6, 2023

Diets fail 95% of the time.

Although this may feel like an incredibly defeating statistic, it actually just goes to show that the $4 billion weight loss industry is not designed for long-term success.

Due to a variety of factors, weight loss becomes increasingly difficult as we age. The metabolism slows, hormones become imbalanced, and cells do not communicate as effectively. As a result, fad diets seemingly set you up for failure as they do not take any of these factors into account (on top of often being based on a lack of evidence).

Intense workout regimes can also leave you feeling at a loss especially for those of us experiencing decreased energy levels, prolonged recovery time, and more frequent aches and pains that hold back your wellness journey.

So how do you get the real results you’ve been looking for?

The Medical Weight Loss Program

Next Health’s Medical Weight Loss Program aims to address the root causes of the inability to lose weight while helping you build your optimized body.

This program is designed to eliminate the guesswork from weight loss with our data-driven approach to healthcare.  

What Does This Program Include?

Our expert medical team utilizes detailed biomarker testing with the Baseline blood test to gain insight on key markers of inflammation levels, immunity, metabolism, and so much more. We also utilize InBody scanning that allows us to determine your fat mass (both visceral and external).

By obtaining your personalized data, we can curate a customized weight loss program that is specific to your goals and wellness journey.  Utilizing proven, well-researched prescription weight loss aids, we can help accelerate your weight loss while you institute long-term habits and routines to keep the weight off permanently.

From there, we empower you with cutting-edge wellness services and expert medical guidance in order for you to look and feel optimized. This program utilizes the best of the cutting-edge technology our members and guests already love and enjoy such as Peptide Therapy and other advanced services that naturally accelerate weight loss.

Your medical provider will help you determine which weight loss medical therapies will work best for you.

Your medically-guided weight loss is then supplemented with support from our certified Health Coaches. It is important to remember that pharmaceutical intervention is used as a temporary bridge while you make permanent lifestyle changes with the help of your Next Health Coach. Our coaches are experts in nutrition, behavior change, exercise, and many other modalities.  They will help you formulate a personalized plan to achieve long-term weight loss.

Potential Benefits

Benefits of the Next Health Medical Weight Loss Program may include:

  • Decreased visceral and abdominal fat: Visceral fat surrounds the organs located in the abdomen. A high percentage of visceral fat has been linked to heart disease, type II diabetes, high cholesterol, and more.  
  • Improved metabolic health: The goal our Weight Loss Program is really to improve your metabolic health, which weight loss can be a byproduct of. Your metabolic health is influential in your risk of developing metabolic diseases in the long run. Metabolic diseases include heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, kidney disease, and liver disease.
  • Increased lean muscle mass: Lean muscle mass has a variety of body-boosting benefits including helping you recover from illness at a faster rate, protecting against insulin resistance (a hormonal imbalance), supporting bone health, and more.  
  • Increased energy levels: As we all know, increased energy has a variety of benefits, especially when it comes to supporting a healthy workout regimen.  
  • Overall fat loss: Overall fat loss has been shown to reduce inflammation, which is linked to all chronic conditions.

Are You A Good Candidate?

One of our nurse practitioners can help determine if this program is right for you and your individual needs.

A Baseline Blood Test is required within the last 90 days in order to gain insight into your health and assess if this program will enhance your wellness journey.

This Medical Weight Loss Program is intended for those looking to lose between 15-30 lbs. If you are still interested in the program, you can speak with one of our nurse practitioners about working with your primary care physician along with this program in order to facilitate weight loss.

Final Thought

Weight loss can be a vulnerable topic to discuss. Next Health is here to make you feel supported and empowered when tackling weight loss. Our medical experts can answer any questions you may have along the way.

We understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution to weight loss, which is why we aim to elevate the standard of personalized care as we find the approach that works best for you and your lifestyle.

To learn more about the Next Health Medical Weight Loss Program,  call or text us at: (310)-295-2075

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