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This shot is loaded with biotin and folic acid, vitamins for healthier hair, skin, and nails. 

Next Health Vitamin Shots are advanced formulations of essential B vitamins, amino acids, and/ or enzymes designed to enhance and optimize your health.

​Our targeted vitamin blends are a quick and effective way to receive an instant boost of health-enhancing nutrients. Formulated specifically for your health goals, our vitamin blends can help take you from nutrient-deficient to an optimized you.

You can expect: 

Reserve your Vitamin Shot and we will contact you to confirm your appointment.  During business hours, please allow an hour for us to contact you and 24 hours outside of business hours.  

Please make sure we have the best point of contact information to guarantee we can reach you to confirm your appointment. 

The patient intake form is also required, please complete the form at the time of your purchase.

This 5-10 min appointment is for an intramuscular injection that is conducted on-site at one of our Los Angeles or New York locations, or we can send a professional to you if you live within the area. 

*A travel on-demand fee is separate. 

You may select the preferred location for your appointment below.