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BPC-157 Peptide




BPC-157 in its injectable form is a peptide isolated from gastric juice that has been shown to heal tissues, specifically skin wounds, ligament and tendon injuries. It has been shown to also help with analgesia of these wounded areas. Studies have shown that when injected into the local subcutaneous tissues around injuries such as a ruptured Achilles tendon or MCL, the healing is accelerated. BPC 157 can be useful in sporting injuries (disclaimer: competitive athletes need to verify if peptide injections would disqualify them from competition), muscle sprains, or repetitive use injury. Since it also has been shown to accelerate tendon to bone connection repair, it is useful as a post-surgical adjunct after certain orthopedic procedures. Certain types of T cells also fight cancer, and thymosin is being researched for its anti-cancer properties. Thymosin Alpha 1 may also slow aging by slowing immune senescence, the process by which the immune system deteriorates with age.

SIDE EFFECTS: Although large scale human studies are yet to be done, Thymosin alpha 1 is well tolerated and has minimal side effects in our experience. Local injection area complications (bleeding, infection, irritation) may occur if not injected properly.

DOSE:  BPC 157 comes in a 5ml vial with 2000mcg/ml. Inject .15cc per day daily for 30 days