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The Total Tox Burden Package includes these three tests: Environmental Toxins, Mycotoxins (mold) panel, and Heavy Metals.

As a comprehensive analysis of 90 biomarkers, the Total Tox Burden Package empowers you to understand your level of toxin burden and take an informed plan of action to optimize your detoxification. By eliminating harmful substances you can restore your sense of health and alleviate symptoms such as brain fog, bloating, joint pain, skin problems, lack of energy, and so much more.

  1. The Environmental Toxins Panel is a thorough panel of 39 of the most inflammatory environmental toxins detected in urine, including plasticizers, pesticides, and more.
  2. Mycotoxins (mold) panel covers 31 markers measured to the most toxic molds and mycotoxins. Individuals who may be most exposed to mycotoxins include those who live or work in older buildings, those who have known exposure to water-damaged buildings, and those with impaired immune responses or higher levels of oxidative stress.
  3. The Heavy Metals Test is a metabolic panel and heavy metal toxin screen reveal any kidney or liver strain that may hinder healthy detoxification. Toxin accumulation can lead to inflammation, cardiovascular disease, hormone imbalances, and Alzheimer's disease. The Heavy Metals Panel is a urine-based assay for the 20 most common heavy metal elements.

This package is shipped directly to your home as a urine collection test.