Dr. Darshan Shah

CEO and Founder
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Darshan Shah, MD is a health and wellness specialist, well-known, board-certified surgeon, published author, tech entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of Beautologie and Next Health. As an expert on all body systems, he has performed over 10,000 surgical procedures, including trauma surgery, general surgery and plastic/reconstructive procedures. As a health and wellness specialist, he has advised thousands of patients on how to optimize their well-being and extend their lifespan, culminating in the creation of Next Health, the first health optimization and longevity center to offer life-extending and enhancing technology and treatments in a beautiful, welcoming environment.


Dr. Shah started his training at an accelerated MD program at the age of 15 at the University of Missouri and earned his medical degree at the age of 21, becoming one of the youngest doctors in the United States. After surgical training in central California, Dr. Shah then continued his training at the Mayo Clinic, one of the most prestigious medical institutes in the country. After earning his board certification, he went on to open medical/surgical centers throughout California, as well starting innovative tech companies, creating patented medical devices, as well as advising dozens of startups in medicine, finance, and tech. Dr. Shah's belief in continual education and self-improvement has earned him alumni status at Harvard Business School, Singularity University and other prestigious institutions: 

  • 6-year MD/BS program at the University of Missouri, Kansas City (earned his medical degree at the age of 21, becoming one of the youngest physicians in the country)
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Harvard Business School
  • Singularity University


  • Board-certified doctor and surgeon


  • Young President’s Organization
  • Founder & CEO of Next Health

Why Dr. Shah Created Next Health

In 2015, Dr. Darshan Shah, the CEO and Founder of Next Health, was widely acclaimed as a distinguished entrepreneur, accomplished author, and skilled surgeon, boasting a remarkable record of over 10,000 surgeries performed and a successful track record in scaling surgery centers across California. Dr. Shah's credentials include being a graduate of Singularity University, Harvard Business School, and Mayo Clinic. Notably, he achieved his medical degree at the remarkable age of 21, becoming one of the youngest physicians in the country. Dr. Shah also serves as a renowned longevity expert, regularly speaking to audiences around the world.

Despite his impressive medical background, Dr. Shah soon faced health issues of his own that went unaddressed by the traditional healthcare system. This experience served as a catalyst for the creation of Next Health as it became Dr. Shah's life mission to pioneer proactive well-being and longevity solutions for all.

In 2016, Dr. Shah, in collaboration with accomplished entrepreneur Kevin Peake, Next Health's Co-Founder and President, introduced the world's very first health optimization and longevity center with Next Health's inaugural West Hollywood location. Their groundbreaking concept not only marked the creation of Next Health, but also revolutionized the entire healthcare landscape. With a personalized and proactive approach, Next Health pioneered the integration of an extensive range of longevity services under one roof, a concept unheard of at the time. This innovative approach immediately captured public attention and set Next Health apart. Its resounding success led to rapid expansion, now including franchise locations in tier one markets. Join the Next Health mission to reimagine healthcare and learn more here