Kevin Peake, Co-Founder/President

President, Co-Founder
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Kevin Peake is the Co-Founder & President of Next Health, a trailblazer in the field of health optimization and longevity. Under his leadership, Next Health is revolutionizing healthcare through a data-driven and personalized approach.

Prior to Next Health, Kevin, a lifelong entrepreneur, significantly contributed to various businesses across a range of industries. He directed business development at CDS International Holdings, where he gained multifaceted experience ranging from real estate development to consumer goods. Notably, Kevin built and scaled the Tabanero brand, establishing as a category leader with national distribution. Furthermore, he was part of the pioneering team behind Celsius (NASDAQ: CELH), a renowned fitness beverage company that grew from a start-up to a remarkable $11 billion market cap.

Despite his wide-ranging experiences, it's at Next Health where Kevin's personal and professional passions converge. Together with his business partner, Dr. Darshan Shah, Kevin has cultivated an innovative business model that addresses the growing demand for proactive, personalized healthcare solutions. This commitment is evident in Next Health's mission, vision, and core values, which define health as a state of vitality rather than simply the absence of disease.

Driven by a commitment to make a positive impact, Kevin continues to guide Next Health's mission to empower individuals to take proactive control of their health, thus challenging and redefining the traditional confines of the healthcare industry.