Megan Retterath

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Megan Retterath is the Chief Medical Officer at Next Health, where her focus is on a comprehensive and integrative approach to health. Megan takes great pride in her profession, one that inspires health through education, positive changes and personal growth.

To her, health is not the absence of disease, but rather an abundance of wellness and vitality. After spending more than 8 years in Emergency Medicine, she thoroughly understood the need for an interdisciplinary approach to health and was determined to help bridge the gap that exists between health and disease.

She addresses the whole person using a multi-faceted approach through Biomarker testing, and will address issues of concern through supplementation, bio-identical hormone therapy, IV therapy, detoxification techniques, and longevity programs such as stem cell therapy.

It is her mission to provide education to her patients, to direct their focus on areas of their health that need optimization. Her unique approach in looking at health from an objective standpoint rather than disease focused, is unique in getting patients to feel and live their most abundant life.