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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in Studio City

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The hustle and bustle of everyday life can get to anyone. Mental and physical fatigue, toxins in the environment, and the stress and strain of social and professional challenges can leave you feeling tired or drained 24/7.

That’s why Next Health offers the perfect solution at our new Studio City location: hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This science-backed and easy-to-enjoy therapy offers a range of physiological benefits and is more comfortable than ever.

Let’s take a deep dive into hyperbaric oxygen therapy and break down what you can expect when you make an appointment at our Studio City location.


What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy means breathing in 100% oxygen, plain and simple. Our bodies require plenty of oxygen to carry out normal bodily functions, heal themselves, and more.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is enjoyed in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which is a sealed compartment filled with pressurized air.

The difference? The air within the hyperbaric oxygen chamber has about three times more oxygen compared to the air outside.

By breathing in this oxygen-rich air, you will experience noticeable physiological benefits.


How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Work?

It all starts with a quick call or text to Next Health’s Studio City location. Then, one of our wellness specialists will set up an appointment and time that works for your busy schedule.

On the day of your appointment, all you have to do is arrive a few minutes before your set therapy time. Then you’ll be guided to your hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Each private compartment is cleaned and sterilized beforehand. At every Next Health location, we take COVID-19 precautions and cleanliness very seriously at every Next Health location.

You’ll enter the chamber by yourself — but in the future, we may enable group appointments once again.

Each chamber comes with a pillow and a comfortable resting area. Once you’re comfortable within the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, a staff member will seal you inside and allow you to kick back, relax, and just breathe. Of course, you’ll be able to exit the chamber at any time or contact one of our staff members for assistance or to ask any questions.

Your comfort is more important than anything, so we initially set every hyperbaric oxygen chamber appointment for 15 minutes. Longer appointments or repeat appointments are available after you try the therapy for the first time and see how you like it!


What Are the Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is scientifically backed and is known to provide several benefits. These include:

  • Causing your body to release growth factors. Growth factors are special compounds that may promote healing, reduce inflammation, and lead to other improvements.
  • Boosting how much oxygen your body has to work with. In turn, this may promote tissue repair, enrich mental functions, and more.
  • Relaxing your breathing and alleviating stress. When your body has more than enough oxygen for its functions, you may feel more comfortable and relaxed than before. Bring a music player or book, and you may find the experience downright meditative.

All of these benefits come back to one salient fact: hyperbaric oxygen therapy gives your body more oxygen than it normally receives. The atmosphere outside is usually comprised of about 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen. The air inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is much more oxygen-rich.


New Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber at Studio City

Next Health’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been so successful that we’re offering the treatment at our Studio City location. This beautiful location is newly designed for spacious floorplans, client comfort, and maximum accessibility at The Shops at Sportsmen’s Lodge.

While still under construction, the Shops will offer a variety of retail shopping and eating venues. In this way, you can easily book your hyperbaric oxygen therapy appointment at Next Health. Before or after your appointment, you can tour the Shops and make a few purchases or just enjoy the bright Southern California weather.

Once your appointment rolls around, simply navigate our location at the following address:

12833 Ventura Blvd

Studio City, CA 91604

While the COVID-19 pandemic is winding down, we still practice social distancing and smart safety protocols. For this reason, our staff members may ask you to wear a mask for the duration of your appointment or until you reach your hyperbaric oxygen chamber.



Ultimately, hyperbaric oxygen therapy could be just what your body needs to recharge and regenerate, especially after spending some time in the California sun or the SoCal smog. Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are just the start of what our Studio City location will offer.

Once complete, this location will also offer popular and effective therapies such as IV drip therapy, biomarker testing, aesthetic services, cryotherapy, and much more.

Why wait? Contact Next Health today for more information or to set up your hyperbaric oxygen therapy appointment.



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