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Infrared LED Bed at Next Health in Studio City

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The health benefits of infrared light are more appreciated and understood than ever before. When you need to recharge your cells, relax your muscles, and enjoy a soothing endorphin release, there’s no better solution than an infrared LED therapy session at Next Health.

Our Studio City location now offers infrared LED beds for our clients – a calming soak underneath thousands of high-intensity LED infrared lights is just a phone call away.


What Is Infrared LED Therapy?

Infrared LED therapy works because of infrared light’s unique biological effects. In a nutshell, infrared light is invisible to the eye but therapeutically beneficial.

Infrared light can penetrate the skin and reach the deeper tissues of the human body, such as muscle tissue and bones.

When exposed to targeted infrared light, the body’s cells receive several benefits. Meanwhile, the skin is not harmed or burned by exposure.

Next Health’s locations offer infrared LED light bets. These are constructed with over 13,000 high-intensity infrared red and blue LEDs. These are positioned very close to the skin to maximize light transmission and therapeutic effects.

Some Next Health locations also offer infrared sauna therapy. Infrared sauna therapy involves soaking in an infrared sauna capsule, which induces a detoxifying sweat. Infrared light is superior to a traditional sauna because infrared light is approximately 30% more detoxifying and offers a variety of health benefits.


What Are the Benefits of Infrared LED Therapy?

Enjoying a relaxing soak in a Next Health infrared LED light bed may induce many physiological benefits. These are as follows.


Increased Collagen Production

Collagen is a vital protein synthesized by your skin cells. It’s used to help skin cells retain their shape and elasticity. Normally, our skin cells produce plenty of collagen for their needs. But as we get older, collagen production decreases. Increasing collagen production may lead to a lower likelihood of wrinkle formation, smoother skin, and other positive improvements.


ATP Activation

ATP is the base energy unit for your cells. Infrared light could stimulate cellular ATP production and activation, leading to greater cellular energy and vitality. These benefits will be felt in aggregate as more energy throughout your day-to-day activities or stabler energy levels after a long day at work.


White Blood Cell Stimulation

White blood cells are protector cells that form a major part of the immune system. White blood cells neutralize invading cells and help to stimulate damaged tissue repair. As white blood cells are activated, your body may experience faster or more effective tissue repair as well.


Endorphin Release

Also called “feel-good” hormones, endorphins are released after pleasurable or positive activities like exercise, sex, and eating delicious food. When clients enjoy infrared light therapy at a Next Health LED bed, they often experience endorphin release. This helps relieve chronic and acute pain and leads to improvements in mood, energy levels, and more.

Ultimately, infrared LED therapy at Next Health is one of the most relaxing and beneficial therapy options available to our clients.


Infrared LED Therapy at Next Health Studio City

Next Health’s Studio City location includes Next Health light therapy via infrared LED light beds. Our LED beds at Studio City have over 13,000 infrared lights for optimal benefits.

Our Studio City location is conveniently located at The Shops at The Sportsman’s Lodge. This dining and shopping complex is near a historic LA hotel. Clients can browse the shops or restaurant options while waiting for their appointments to start or enjoy one of these spots as a cap to their experience. Alternatively, you can stay at The Sportsman’s Lodge for a one-of-a-kind hotel experience.


What Can I Expect During My Appointment?

Each infrared LED light bed therapy appointment is easy and relaxing from start to finish.

  • Simply make an appointment online or by calling Next Health Studio City.
  • Once your appointment date rolls around, you should arrive at your assigned time. You’ll be greeted by a professional wellness specialist.
  • Our staff member will take you to your designated LED light bed, which is large enough to accommodate most body types.
  • Each infrared LED light bed sessions are typically 30 minutes but can be longer, depending on your needs. Each bed is also cleaned and sterilized before use, so you never have to worry about sanitation during your therapy.
  • Our staff members will be nearby at all times. You can request towels, beverages, and other accessories to enhance your experience.
  • A Next Health staff member will let you know when your appointment is complete and answer any questions you may have.

Next Health’s Studio City location is also designed for maximum safety and social distancing if necessary.



Next Health Studio City offers both infrared LED beds and a wide range of other therapeutic services for our clients.

It’s conveniently located and open for business, so contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment and experience the benefits of infrared LED therapy for yourself.



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