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Weight Loss Program at Next Health in Century City

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The modern world makes it harder than ever to lose weight. It’s difficult to find healthy food, tough to stay active with sedentary lifestyles and jobs, and tricky to carve out enough time to exercise.

Furthermore, every body is unique; you have to find the right diet or exercise routine that works for you, not everyone else.

Fortunately, Next Health Century City can help. Our medical weight loss program is ideal for losing weight and keeping it off for many years in the future.

What Is the Next Health Medical Weight Loss Program?

Next Health’s medical weight loss program is a new and personalized way to help clients meet their weight loss goals. Since no dietary or exercise regimen is ideal for every person, we’ve developed a more unique approach with a weight loss program tailored to individual needs.

The medical weight loss program includes various strategies, like dietary guidance or exercises, recommended based on individual biometrics and health restrictions. It also includes one-on-one support from Next Health wellness staff members.

In total, those who commit to this program can expect to lose between 15 and 30 pounds on average. In many cases, the medical weight loss program may becovered by insurance based on BMI or body mass index and certain health conditions.

Key Parts of the Medical Weight Loss Program

The medical weight loss program at Next Health Century City follows a multistep process to help guarantee good weight loss results.

First, you’ll take a Baseline Test, which is administered within 90 days of starting the program. The Baseline Test gives our wellness professionals biometrics and other important data so they can create a unique weight loss plan and routine. The Baseline Test examines more than 50 unique biomarkers, using them to create a comprehensive summary of your wellness status.

After the Baseline Test, you'll work with our knowledgeable, professional staff members and create an effective, custom-tailored health plan for long-term weight improvements. Our staff members may recommend different health optimization therapies or treatments like:

  • Supplementation
  • Peptide therapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • InBody Scanning
  • One-on-one health coaching and assessments

Remember – each Next Health medical weight loss program is unique and designed just for you. Therefore, you could see more impactful, consistent results with this program than results you might have seen with generalized diets or previous exercise regimens. You can also ask questions of our health coaches throughout the process.

Since your health coach sticks with you during the entire weight loss program, they’ll always know what step you are on and what you need to maximize your results. Your health coach can be thought of as your personal weight loss assistant – they’re the experts you can turn to at each stage for more information or celebrate your victories!

What Are the Benefits of Medical Weight Loss at Next Health?

Pursuing the medical weight loss program at Next Health Century City can be beneficial for your health optimization and wellness efforts. It results in significant benefits for our clients, including:

  • Increased lean muscle. This is crucial for overall health, functional strength, and aesthetic satisfaction.
  • Weight loss of between 15 and 30 pounds and less visceral fat. Reducing visceral fat can significantly improve your health as fat surrounding your organs can be particularly harmful. Bolstered metabolic health, which also leads to better cardiovascular health and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Better energy levels, which may help you feel empowered, youthful, and ready to tackle life’s challenges more energetically than ever before.

Most Next Health clients experience these benefits after following the medical weight loss program. Since each program is tailored to individual needs, you could see these significant benefits in weeks.

What To Expect From Your Medical Weight Loss Program

Getting started with the medical weight loss program at Next Health Century City is easier than ever. This vibrant, modern location offers many different health optimization services, including IV drip therapy and cryotherapy.

Once you arrive for your medical weight loss appointment, you’ll meet your health coach, who will work with you throughout your program’s duration. The first up is the Baseline Test mentioned above. No matter what optimization services you choose, you’ll find that the Century City location is comfortable and enjoyable to visit over the coming weeks.

Contact Next Health Today!

Ultimately, Next Health’s medical weight loss program could be the answer you’ve been seeking to solve your weight loss challenges. It can be difficult to lose weight, but it doesn’t have to be with the right tests, health information, and one-on-one coaching support.

That’s what the medical weight loss program offers, in a nutshell. Given its many advantages and potential benefits, there’s no reason not to try it at the earliest opportunity. Luckily, you can sign up for medical weight loss at Next Health Century City quickly and easily.

Contact our Century City location today to learn more or to sign up for an appointment.


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