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Weight Loss Program at Next Health Studio City

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It’s harder than ever to reach and stay at a healthy weight. Given the low nutritional value of many modern foods and the stresses of daily life, it’s no wonder millions of people have trouble maintaining their ideal weights, even if they try different diets and exercise regimens.

Next Health Studio City may have a solution if you've struggled to keep the weight off over the long term. Our medical weight loss program combines personalized biometric analysis, exercise and dietary recommendations, and Next Health-specific health optimization therapies for a well-rounded, holistic approach to weight loss overall.

This wellness program is now also available at our Studio City location. Whether you want to lose weight fast or keep weight off in the long term (or both), our medical weight loss program could be right for you.


How Does the Medical Weight Loss Program Work?

Weight loss is very difficult for many people, in large part because no one program is effective for 100% of individuals. That’s why medical weight loss from Next Health is different.

The program works by analyzing your body’s unique biometrics. Then our professional staff members take that information and develop a customized workout, dietary, and health services regimen uniquely tailored to your needs. Whether you need vitamin shots, peptide therapy, or to target specific macronutrients in your diet, we can give you the information you need for your weight loss efforts to succeed.

The medical weight loss program is individualized, thorough, and uses scientifically-backed information so you know what should work for your goals. It's an ideal program if you want to lose a moderate amount of weight, such as between 15 and 30 pounds in total. If you have a certain BMI or if you suffer from a metabolic syndrome, your insurance may also cover it.


What Are the Major Elements of Next Health’s Medical Weight Loss Program?

When you sign up for Next Health Studio City’s medical weight loss program, you’ll take a Baseline Test.

This Baseline Test analyzes over 50 of your body’s unique biometrics, like your metabolic function, hormone levels, and more, so that our staff members can develop a unique and personalized wellness plan for your needs.

Upon receiving the test’s results, they may recommend several different therapies or services to help you lose weight and build muscle. These services may include our scientifically backed peptide therapy, IV drip infusions or weight loss shots, specific exercises, and more.

Even better, the Baseline Test may help you target specific foods or macronutrients in your diet. These elements – the Baseline Test, ongoing meetings with a health coach, and Next Health services – combine to create an effective weight loss journey for almost everyone.


What Are the Key Benefits of Medical Weight Loss?

No two individuals’ weight loss journeys or results are the same. However, you might experience the following benefits after undertaking our medical weight loss program, in addition to losing some pounds:

  • Better metabolic health. Your cardiovascular system may become reenergized as you lose weight, and your metabolic health may also improve simultaneously. This is great for your long-term wellness and lowering your lifetime cardiovascular disease risk.
  • Overall fat loss and decreased visceral fat.Less visceral fat will help your self-confidence and allow you to get the body you’ve always wanted more directly than ever before.
  • Increased lean muscle. Simultaneously, you may find that you gain lean muscle depending on what you eat and your recommended exercise regimen. More lean muscle boosts your functional strength and makes you look better at the same time.
  • More energy levels. Losing weight and feeling better both contribute to a greater feeling of energy and decreased fatigue. Many weight loss program patients find that they have more energy for work, family time, and hobbies after shedding a few spare pounds.

Overall, the medical weight loss program at Next Health Studio City offers unique benefits you can’t get by following other weight loss routines.


What Can I Expect at Next Health Studio City?

Next Health’s Studio City location is a state-of-the-art facility offering quality premium health services, including IV drip therapy, cryotherapy, and our medical weight loss program. No matter what you need, this location has the services necessary to rejuvenate your body and mind and help you take your health goals to the next level.

Once you arrive, you’ll be guided through the medical weight loss program step-by-step by one of our wellness staff members. You can consult with the same health coach every time if you desire.

Regardless, your experience begins with the above-mentioned baseline test. Once your biometrics are obtained, our staff members will help draw up an individualized weight loss plan and recommend other services, such as peptide therapy or vitamin shots. You’re free to ask questions at any part of the process – your comfort is key above all else.


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Why wait? Medical weight loss at Next Health Studio City could be the solution to your weight loss struggles. With our personalized approach to health, we can help you lose pounds and keep them off for good. Contact us today to get more information, order a Baseline Test, or make an appointment!



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