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Medical Weight Loss in West Hollywood Los Angeles

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Most people have learned the hard way that it can be very difficult to lose weight and keep it off consistently.

Even worse, not every diet or exercise regimen works for every person. Most people need a unique, custom-tailored weight loss plan that works for them, not everyone else.

That’s why Next Health West Hollywood now offers a medical weight loss program just for you. This revolutionary approach to weight loss could help you lose between 15 and 30 pounds and keep it off for years to come.


What is the Medical Weight Loss Program?

Next Health’s medical weight loss program is a revolutionary approach to individualized weight loss solutions. We understand that there is no 100% effective weight loss program for everyone. That’s why we’ve developed a unique way to analyze your weight loss needs and set you on a path to success for long-term weight loss results.

In a nutshell, the medical weight loss program offers strategies ranging from exercise to dietary guidance, all tailored specifically for your health and individual biometrics. When you follow the medical weight loss program, you’ll enjoy one-on-one support from our professional staff throughout your weight loss journey.

Our medical weight loss program is intended for individuals who want to lose between 15 and 30 pounds. It’s also sometimes covered by insurance based on your BMI and if you suffer from metabolic syndromes such as prediabetes.


What Are the Key Elements of the Medical Weight Loss Program?

The medical weight loss program at Next Health incorporates several key elements to ensure long-term results and maximum satisfaction.

It all starts with a Baseline Test. This Baseline Test has to be taken within 90 days of beginning the program, and it provides us with important data and biometrics so we can plan the most efficient path toward your healthy weight goals.

The Baseline Test collects over 50 individualized biomarkers. These biomarkers give a comprehensive overview of your health state. This is the starting point of your data-driven approach to weight loss as the information informs your personalized weight loss plan.

Once the Baseline Test is complete, you’ll begin working with one of our professional staff members to establish a unique health routine for long-term wellness and metabolic health.. Depending on what the Baseline Test reveals, various therapies or treatments might be approved for your weight loss journey, such as:

  • Cryotherapy
  • Health coaching and assessment
  • InBody Scanning
  • And more

Because your treatment plan is unique, you don’t need to worry about one or another therapy not working for your weight loss. Throughout the process, you are free to consult with one of our health coaches to ask questions about the program, our advice, or alternative weight loss methods you might pursue.


What Are the Benefits of Medical Weight Loss at Next Health?

Once you begin your weight loss journey at Next Health West Hollywood, you may experience a variety of important health benefits. Previous clients who have tried our medical weight loss program have noted results such as:

  • Overall weight loss and decreased visceral fat. Decreased visceral fat can improve your self-confidence, make you fit into your clothes better than before, and help you gain or regain your physique at the level you’ve always wanted.
  • Increased lean muscle. More lean muscle is important for overall health. But it’s also crucial for ensuring functional strength.
  • Improved metabolic health. Better metabolic health frequently leads to better cardiovascular health, which in turn lowers the likelihood of developing serious cardiovascular diseases or symptoms over time.
  • Improved energy levels. No one likes to feel fatigued and exhausted all the time. Our medical weight loss program can help you recover the energy of your youth and make you feel more empowered than ever to achieve your goals.

All in all, these benefits are not isolated to one or two people. Since our medical weight loss program is tailored specifically to your needs, you might see these benefits after a few weeks as well!


What to Expect at Next Health West Hollywood

Next Health’s West Hollywood location is a rejuvenating and comfortable facility located near Sweetgreen and Equinox in the downtown area. This state-of-the-art facility combines luxury with medical competence and offers a premium customer experience to everyone who walks in the door.

You can find many popular Next Health therapies and services at our West Hollywood location. It’s a great place to meet with your health coach and check out services like cryotherapy, infrared saunas, and more. We also perform COVID-19 testing at our West Hollywood location.

Once you arrive for the medical weight loss program, we'll begin with the Baseline Test. At every following meeting, you'll meet with the same health coach and be guided through your weight loss efforts by professional staff members.


Contact Us Today!

Medical weight loss at Next Health West Hollywood could be the perfect solution for your needs. There’s no need to wait for your Baseline Test. Contact us today and sign up for an appointment, or ask about receiving a Baseline Test kit at home for even more convenience.



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