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Next|Health is your clinic for personalized wellness therapy and restorative technology. With a dazzling array of advanced health technologies at our disposal, as well as proven rejuvenating therapies like IV therapy, Next|Health now offers its wellness services at our new Maui clinic.

We’ve partnered with Four Seasons Maui, and we are currently working to provide a collection of our most popular wellness services, including IV drip therapy and NAD+ therapy.

Not sure whether NAD+ therapy is right for you? Learn more about Next|Health’s patient-focused approach and the health benefits you might receive after signing for one of our NAD+ IV drip therapy sessions in Maui.


What Is NAD?


Not sure what NAD+ IV therapy is? Let’s first start with what NAD+ is itself.

In a nutshell, NAD+ is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, and it’s an important coenzyme in your body. In fact, it’s found in every cell in every tissue in your body! Specifically, NAD+ is found in the mitochondria, which are organelles that serve as the powerhouses for your cells. The mitochondria make 90% of all your daily energy, which means they are crucial for regular organ function and the growth or repair of various tissues.

So, how does this relate to NAD+? NAD+ is a specific type of coenzyme and amino acid that works as an external powerhouse. As a coenzyme, NAD+ is necessary for your body to burn fuel and generate energy. It’s not exactly the same thing as raw energy, however. Instead, your cells need NAD+ to produce energy, reproduce, and more.

Without enough NAD+, you’ll feel lethargic, fatigued, and be unable to work out or exercise to the maximum extent. Therefore, when you add more NAD+ to your body, you’ll benefit from several immediate boosts, including improvements to your energy levels, mental clarity, and more.


NAD+ Services Explained


At Next|Health Maui, we offer an NAD+ IV drip therapy for anyone who needs it! Each drip is mixed into a hydration IV with electrolytes known as a lactated ringer. You can receive a 750mg dose, a 300mg dose, or a 100mg push added into any vitamin IV therapy.

Why IV? Through IV therapy, your body will benefit from the fast absorption of NAD+. Oral supplements have a big problem in that they require your digestive tract to absorb any nutrients or minerals you intake.

Not only does this take longer compared to IV therapy, but it also lowers the bioavailability of NAD+, since it may be destroyed by stomach acid.

In contrast, IV therapy allows NAD+ to quickly be absorbed by your bloodstream without the digestive system getting in the way. As a result, your cells will benefit from the maximum amount of NAD+ possible, improving your muscle gains, energy, and more.


Additional NAD+ Therapy Services


We also provide NAD+ Push, which is another boost of 100 mg of NAD+; you can add both to your regular NAD+ IV therapy or to any other IV therapy we offer. As it directly affects your mitochondria’s health, NAD+ is one of the most vital boosts you can give your body!


What Does an NAD+ Appointment at Next|Health Maui Include?


Next|Health’s Maui clinic is partnered with Four Seasons, and we’ve built a new, state-of-the-art IV therapy lounge at their location. Once you arrive, you’ll be guided to a comfortable seat and attended to by a staff of registered nurses and wellness professionals.

Every member of our team has the expertise and equipment necessary to ensure a safe NAD+ IV drip transfusion. You’ll be hooked up and ready to go in just minutes.


How Long Does an NAD+ Appointment Take?


Unlike our other IV therapy appointments, NAD+ IV therapy is a slow drip variety. This means it may take between three and four hours to complete. Luckily, you can relax in the ocean view IV Lounge or your plush Four Season's hotel room, and you'll be given a variety of entertainment options to pass the time, including magazines, TV access, and more. Of course, you can also keep your smartphone on hand!

We will also provide some snacks and drinks so that you can remain comfortable for the duration of your NAD+ IV therapy appointment. All the while, our registered Nurses and professional wellness staff will oversee your appointment and ensure you remain comfortable and relaxed at all times.

Once your appointment is complete, you’ll be free to go and see everything else Maui has to offer. Odds are, providing your cells with so much extra NAD+ will result in you feeling energized, alert, and ready to enjoy the rest of your vacation!


NAD+ Services at Next|Health Maui!


Ultimately, NAD+ IV drip therapy is the perfect way to complete your Maui vacation and make the most of your time in paradise. What are you waiting for? Contact Next|Health Maui for more information and to book an appointment for NAD+ IV drip therapy!



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