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Keeping active and eating right as you get older will help you retain your energy, mental clarity, and ambition. But no matter how healthy you are, as you age, your body will gradually produce fewer key hormones like testosterone.

Low energy isn’t an option for New Yorkers always on the go – especially folks running their own companies or supporting families. After all, you don’t want to stop moving in the prime of your life!

While slowing down is an unavoidable consequence of aging, it’s not necessarily permanent. Modern hormone replacement therapies and treatments are now available at Next|Health NYC and our other locations.

Our revolutionary bioidentical hormone therapy can help rejuvenate your body through the use of synthetic hormones scientifically designed to interact with bodily systems as your natural hormones do.

Not sure how it works or where to get started? Let's explore what you can expect from next-generation hormone therapy at Next Health NYC!


What Is Hormone Therapy?


Hormone therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement, and testosterone therapy all share the same goal: to help you feel younger and more energized than ever before.

As early as 30, our bodies produce fewer key hormones like testosterone and estrogen. Unfortunately, both of those hormones play a crucial role in our energy levels, sex drives, and even how easily we build muscle and stay fit.

With hormone therapy, you can combat such hormonal losses with bioidentical replacements.

While other types of hormone therapy may give your body too much testosterone for optimal results, Next Health is different.

With Next Health’s Hormone Optimization Therapy, the positive changes to your health are gradual yet noticeable. It’s all thanks to our bioidentical hormone replacement pellets that your body digests over time.

The result? Your body may absorb the testosterone more evenly, minimizing the likelihood of side effects and increasing the benefits you’ll experience.


Who Is Hormone Therapy Good For?


Next Health’s bioidentical hormone replacement therapy isn’t just a good choice for men; it may also be an excellent treatment for women. In total, hormone therapy from Next Health may be able to assist with the following symptoms:

  • Hair thinning
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep troubles
  • Lack of sex drive
  • Loss of motivation and vitality
  • Reduced assertiveness
  • Loss of muscle or an inability to lose weight
  • Joint discomfort
  • Declining cognitive abilities

Above all else, anyone feeling the effects of aging may be a great candidate for hormone therapy from Next Health. At Next Health NYC, we can perform a blood test to determine your suitability for our hormone replacement therapy and provide you with additional therapy options.


What To Expect From Hormone Optimization at Next Health NYC


Next Health’s New York City location is in the heart of the bustling Manhattan metropolis. You can find us inside The Parlor, where additional wellness therapies are available. Once you arrive, you’ll find a one-of-a-kind luxury wellness location with modern amenities and a full team of knowledgeable wellness specialists.

When you sign up for hormone optimization from Next Health, we’ll start by taking a sample of your blood to assess your levels of essential hormones and other biomarkers.. We can use this test to develop bioidentical testosterone pellets.

Next Health’s cutting-edge hormone therapy sets itself apart from others on the market with bioidentical testosterone that your body will recognize as its own hormone. This can lead to boosted absorption rates and prevent the onset of hormonal “roller coaster” effects, which might leave you feeling uneasy or hyperactive.

Once your test is done, our specialists will use the data to formulate your personalized bioidentical hormone pellets.

You’ll be able to pick up the pellets or have them shipped to your door, depending on your needs. All told, the set-up appointment only takes a few minutes and can be scheduled whenever is most convenient for your busy lifestyle.


Sign-Up For Hormone Optimization at Next Health NYC


Ultimately, anyone starting to feel the weight of their years,declining physically, or just wants to feel even better, might be a good candidate for bioidentical hormone pellet treatments from Next Health NYC.

At our conveniently located facility, you may discover that our hormone treatment helps you feel your best and recaptures some of the vitality and energy of your younger years.

Want to get started today? Contact Next Health NYC for more information and to sign up for an appointment ASAP.



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