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Sometimes, a traditional steam sauna just doesn’t cut it. Sure, it might make you sweat, but it doesn’t induce the same regenerative or therapeutic effects as you hoped it would. For many people, infrared LED therapy may be a more effective variation of the same therapy.

That’s because infrared LED therapy is a more advanced therapeutic technique that uses penetrating, warming infrared light to stimulate cells, induce a detoxifying sweat, and help you feel better all at the same time.

Good news – Next Health’s NYC location, found in the heart of Manhattan, now offers infrared LED therapy for both sauna soakers and clients who might prefer an infrared LED light bed instead. Let’s explore the kinds of LED infrared therapy you can expect at Next Health NYC.


Infrared Therapy Explained


Infrared light therapy is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. Unlike traditional steam saunas or UV tanning beds, infrared light may be much more effective, healing, and safe.

As an invisible type of light on the electromagnetic spectrum, you don't see infrared light – but you definitely feel it when you step into an infrared sauna or lie down on an infrared light bed. Infrared light can penetrate the skin and reach deeper tissues in your body like your muscles, stimulating cells, releasing endorphins, and improving joint and muscle soreness recovery.

Infrared light therapy, whether you prefer an infrared sauna session or some time on an infrared LED bed at Next Health New York City, may be able to induce several major wellness benefits, including:

  • Boosted mental clarity
  • Boosted athletic performance and reduced recovery time
  • Faster muscle recovery after a workout
  • Improved REM sleep
  • Relief from chronic discomfort
  • Endorphin releases, which could improve your mood
  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced immune system

While infrared saunas and light beds can be found around the city, Next Health NYC has Manhattan’s only luxury infrared LED therapy facility.


Types of Infrared Therapy at Next Health NYC


At Next Health NYC, we offer two types of infrared LED therapy:

  • Infrared Light Bed Therapy. This unique therapy is available at our NYC location. Each appointment includes a session in an infrared light bed with over 13,000 high-intensity LEDs; each of these is positioned close to your skin to improve its effectiveness.
    Once your session begins, the LED infrared light may cause greater ATP activation (improving energy levels), white blood stimulation to boost your immune system, and repair damaged tissues. An infrared LED light bed therapy session at Next Health may also help to provide relief for chronic discomfort.
  • Infrared Sauna Therapy. Next Health’s infrared sauna therapy may help induce a detoxifying sweat, cleansing toxins from your skin and deeper tissues.
    An infrared sauna session may reduce your stress and improve your energy levels. Each infrared sauna capsule at Next Health NYC uses modern infrared LED technology combined with time-tested jade stones and other wellness tools.

Both types of LED therapy may be enjoyable and beneficial – and one of our wellness experts can help you determine which LED infrared therapy is right for your needs!


What To Expect From Your Infrared Therapy Appointment


Every infrared therapy at Next Health NYC begins when you step into our comfortable, amenity-rich location at The Parlor: an oasis in the metropolis for wellness and beauty. Once you arrive, you’ll be guided to your chosen infrared LED therapy capsule or light bed.

Our wellness professionals will always be on hand to answer your questions, provide you with a cool drink or towels, and assist you in any way you need.

At Next Health NYC, your comfort and wellness are our top priorities. Above all else, we’re here to help you escape the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple and give your body what it needs to recharge, recuperate, and revitalize before the next big challenge.


Try Infrared Therapy at Next Health NYC Today!


No matter your age or your experience level, infrared LED therapy could be your ticket toward a more relaxed day at work, a more energized outlook, and more. Whether you still have questions or want to sign up for an infrared LED appointment today, we got you covered.

We can’t wait for you to arrive and try out an infrared LED sauna session or spend some time soaking in LED light using one of our infrared beds.



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