6 Benefits of IV Therapy

Experience the six amazing benefits of IV therapy. Next Health provides rejuvenating treatments for enhanced well-being. Read this article to learn more today.

6 Benefits of IV Therapy
Next Health Staff
December 6, 2023

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can be taxing for the mind and body, and it can be tough to maintain overall wellness or meet your wellness goals even if you prioritize a well-rounded diet and exercise routine. Additionally, we're all exposed to numerous environmental toxins every day, which can build up in the body and lead to the onset of chronic conditions.

What if there was a way to rejuvenate the body, provide it with key vitamins and nutrients, and hydrate it quickly at the same time? It turns out there is with IV therapy from licensed facilities like Next Health.

Although IV therapy is rapidly becoming more popular, many people still haven’t tried it or don’t know what to expect. Today, let’s explore some of the possible benefits of IV therapy you might experience if you sign up for an appointment at Next Health today.

IV Therapy Explained

IV or intravenous therapy is a treatment that delivers a specialized blend of minerals, vitamins, and micronutrients to your body directly via the bloodstream. Next Health’s IV therapy treatments utilize a “Myers Cocktail Base,” which includes a helpful mixture of micronutrients and vitamins with water. Because of this, every IV therapy appointment is beneficial to the body, no matter your unique needs.

Because IV therapy provides nutrients and vitamins to your body through the bloodstream quickly and efficiently, it’s used to treat a wide range of conditions, rehydrate the body, and more. Furthermore, IV therapy appointments can be customized or uniquely tailored to individual client requirements.

All IV therapy appointments are administered by needle, though providers like Next Health take several necessary steps to ensure the comfort and safety of our clients. For example, Next Health’s IV therapy appointments:

  • Take place at our comfortable IV lounges
  • Are administered by trained medical staff members
  • Include monitoring throughout the appointment to ensure client comfort
  • Include snacks or refreshments
  • Can be scheduled for client needs

When you stop by a Next Health wellness center for IV therapy, you’ll be guided through the process from start to finish, and your comfort will be placed at the forefront of the experience. While you’re waiting for your IV drip to give your body the fuel it needs to succeed, you can read, relax, or even watch TV.

In short, IV therapy at Next Health is a one-of-a-kind and next-generation therapeutic experience that can give your body exactly what it needs to feel and work at its peak.With that in mind, let’s take a look at six specific potential benefits you might see from IV therapy, depending on which treatment you order.

Fast Absorption of Nutrients

For starters, IV therapy allows for super-fast absorption of nutrients by your body. When you take a pill or any other oral supplement, it takes time for your body to digest the supplement and absorb the nutrients or vitamins that may be included.

Intravenous therapy is different. When nutrients are provided directly to the bloodstream, your body can instantly absorb the vitamins and minerals in the IV cocktail.

It allows your body to benefit from much faster absorption of vital nutrients and get the intended effects from your IV therapy ASAP. It’s not uncommon for clients at Next Health to experience positive effects from IV therapy as soon as they walk out the door (or even earlier!).

Therefore, IV therapy is often considered superior to other forms of vitamin therapy, including pills, skin patches, and more.

Maximum Bioavailability

In addition to fast absorption, intravenous therapy ensures maximum bioavailability of any nutrients or vitamins. Bioavailability is essentially how much of a given vitamin or compound that your body can absorb before the remains are passed as waste.

With digested supplements, bioavailability tends to be below. But with IV therapy, bioavailability for any nutrients or vitamins is much higher. In other words, you get more benefits from the same amount of a given vitamin or nutrient from IV therapy than you would if you took a capsule with the same nutrient amount.

Again, this indicates that IV therapy is one of the most effective forms of biotherapy possible. When administered by the trained staff members at a location like Next Health, it’s even more effective.

However, it’s also important to note that bioavailability is largely determined by the specific mineral or chemical properties of specific nutrients. Some nutrients are naturally more bioavailable than others – our wellness experts can break them down when you stop by for an appointment.

Instant Hydration

All the nutrients in IV therapy are administered to the body through water as a medium. Because IV therapy ensures fast absorption of nutrients and vitamins, and because the cocktail of therapeutic compounds is administered straight into the bloodstream, IV therapy also provides instantaneous hydration.

If you are dehydrated, such as after a sports event or a night out, IV therapy may be able to help you feel much better by instantly rehydrating your body. Even if you drink water on an empty stomach, it takes a little bit of time for the water to be absorbed by your bloodstream via the intestines.

With IV therapy, absorption occurs instantaneously. Remember, every IV therapy appointment includes a Myers Cocktail Base, a nutritious and nourishing blend of water, vitamins, and nutrients. So no matter which IV therapy you choose to try at Next Health, you’ll enjoy hydration and nourishment as a baseline beneficial experience.

Customizable Therapy Options

Perhaps most importantly, IV therapy allows an unprecedented range of therapeutic customization and specialization. Many other types of therapy are generalized wellness treatments; they help you feel or perform better in athletic events or help treat certain negative conditions. But many different therapy types aren’t customizable to your unique needs.

IV therapy, especially from providers like Next Health is much more versatile and can suit a wider range of specific needs or requirements. For example, Next Health provides IV therapy appointments for:

  • Jet lag alleviation
  • Boosted energy and stamina
  • Muscle growth and repair support
  • Stress reduction
  • Immune system boosting
  • Enhanced cognition
  • Body detoxification
  • Gut health improvements
  • Hangover symptom alleviation

Each unique blend of IV nutrients and compounds is tailored to help your body overcome or benefit from specific effects. In this way, IV therapy can help you reach your unique and personalized wellness goals in a way that other therapies simply can’t match.

Not sure which IV therapy is perfect for your unique needs? Good news; each Next Health location is staffed with wellness experts that can guide you through the process and help you pick an IV therapy you’re sure to enjoy.

Short Appointment Times and Flexibility

On top of all these benefits, IV therapy appointments are typically quick and very flexible, so they can work around your schedule. For example, IV therapy appointments at Next Health usually don’t take more than an hour from start to finish.

One of our trained staff members will hook you up to your IV drip in a comfortable lounge chair and provide you with other amenities if needed. Then all you have to do is let the IV drip do its work. In less than an hour, you’ll be on your way and back to work or vacation.

These short appointment times allow anyone to benefit from IV therapy, no matter how busy their schedules are or how demanding their lifestyles may be. If other forms of therapy take too much time or commitment, IV therapy could be a good pick due to this flexibility.

Is IV Therapy a Better Choice Than Other Therapy Types?

That depends on your needs and wellness goals.

IV therapy is a great baseline therapy to try out at a wellness clinic like Next Health due to its versatility, customization options, and schedule flexibility. It’s a low commitment and doesn’t take a ton of time out of your day, so it’s easy to try IV therapy once and see if you appreciate the benefits listed above.

Furthermore, many people appreciate how IV therapy can be uniquely tailored to their specific needs or health goals. For many, an IV therapy appointment is a great way to start working toward holistic wellness.

Even better, locations like Next Health don't just offer IV therapy. We also offer services like cryotherapy, hormone treatments, and much more.


Overall, IV therapy has many benefits that are still being discovered and clarified through scientific studies. But even at this early stage, it’s clear that IV therapy can rehydrate the body, can offer fast absorption of vital nutrients and compounds, and may help you reach your wellness goals or overcome negative symptoms easily.

Want to try IV therapy for yourself? In that case, simply contact Next Health today to sign up for an appointment and speak to one of our trained staff members for more information.


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