6 Benefits of NAD Therapy

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6 Benefits of NAD Therapy
Next Health Staff
December 6, 2023

Your body needs a wide range of compounds and vitamins to perform well and stay at peak health. Many of these come from the nutrients you consume, but others are produced normally by the body and fuel cellular reactions.

NAD+ is the latter, but many people find that their bodies stop producing enough of this vital compound as they age. Fortunately, revolutionary therapeutic techniques like the kind offered at Next Health may help clients see the benefits of dedicated NAD+ therapy.

Let’s break down NAD+ therapy in more detail and explore six possible benefits you might experience if you sign up for this therapy treatment.

What Is NAD?

NAD, also called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a key compound in your body and all of its living cells. Specifically, it’s a crucial molecule that plays various important roles in cellular reproduction, respiration, and much more.

Technically, there are two forms of NAD: active and inactive NAD. Active NAD is also called NAD+, which we offer in our NAD+ therapy at Next Health. NAD’s inactive form is also called NADH – while still important, it’s not used in modern NAD+ therapeutic treatments.

In a nutshell, NAD+ is a coenzyme, which means that it binds to other enzymes in your body. In doing this, it activates certain important molecular reactions. Some of the most important biological processes are only possible because of NAD+. These include:

  • DNA protection and repairs
  • Gene expression
  • Mitochondrial repair and functionality
  • Cellular respiration or energy extraction from your nutrients
  • Chromosomal integrity maintenance
  • Modifications of genes
  • Calcium signaling

Put another way, NAD+ is absolutely vital to life. Without enough of this key coenzyme, cellular reproduction wouldn't function properly, and all other biological processes would grind to a halt.

Yet despite its biological importance, our bodies naturally produce less NAD+ as they get older.

Many scientists now believe that the decrease in NAD+ production is part of what causes many of the effects of aging and may lead to an increased risk of age-related diseases as we get older.

Why Do Kids Have So Much Energy?

One of the reasons is because they have higher levels of NAD+ than adults. However, you don’t have to accept your body’s decreased production of NAD+ outright. Indeed, wellness therapy providers like Next Health offer dedicated NAD+ therapy for our clients to alleviate various conditions and maximize wellness across the board.

Possible Benefits of NAD+ Therapy

Because NAD+ is such an important coenzyme and affects various biological processes, it’s no surprise that it may also provide a wide range of potential benefits. Let’s explore these potential benefits one by one.

Boosted Cognition

One of the potential major benefits you might experience from NAD+ therapy is improved cognitive function, specifically memory recall, boosted concentration, and mental clarity.

It’s normal for the mind to slow down and become less agile as it gets older. But this reduction in capability might be due to decreased levels of NAD+ throughout the body. When you replace that lost NAD+ with NAD+ from wellness therapy centers like Next Health, you might see those side effects reversed.

This could be due to how NAD+ reduces discomfort and pain in the body. The fragile cells in mind could be more productive and resistant to damage from free radical oxygen molecules by reducing discomfort.

While NAD+ therapy can’t truly reverse the clock all the way, many people who have tried NAD+ therapy have found significant improvements in their mental acuity and agility shortly after.

Reduced Pain and Discomfort

As touched on above, NAD+ has a major benefit in that it reduces pain and inflammation. The body's inflammatory response is necessary because it prevents further damage and kick-starts the repair process for damaged tissue. That's one reason why you might feel sore or achy after working out intensely at the gym.

But too much inflammation can be counterintuitively damaging to the body as well as uncomfortable. Fortunately, NAD+ can help your body produce antioxidants and capture free radical oxygen molecules, which damage tissues if left unchecked.

Perhaps more importantly, NAD+ may reduce discomfort and alleviate pain at the same time. NAD+ is the key coenzyme that proteins called sirtuins need to function properly. Sirtuins, in turn, regulate the inflammatory response throughout your body.

Improved Energy

ATP or adenosine triphosphate is the source of energy for all the body’s cells. Think of it as the fuel that supports all the various biological processes within your body, like cellular reproduction and respiration or muscle contractions.

NAD+ may be able to assist with the production of new ATP. In doing so, NAD+ therapy could help to boost your energy levels and reduce any feelings of fatigue or exhaustion. For older individuals, NAD+ therapy may help them recapture some of the vigor and vitality of their youth.

But NAD+ therapy could help with improved energy for more than just chronic needs. It can help you recover from jet lag, may help you recover more quickly after a workout, and may even be useful to help you push through a particularly taxing week at work.

Better Athletic Performance

Naturally, all of the above elements combine to indicate that NAD+ may enhance athletic performance to some degree. While NAD+ can’t make your muscles stronger by itself, NAD+ may lend you additional energy that you can bring to your next exercise rep or your next athletic event.

On top of that, NAD+ is a major coenzyme needed for muscle development. Therefore, if you want to build muscle efficiently and effectively, NAD+ could help supercharge your efforts (at least when combined with a solid workout regimen and a good diet).

Weight Management

On the reverse side, NAD+ could help with weight management and even weight loss due to its effect on your metabolism. Your metabolism is essentially how quickly and efficiently your body burns through calories; the higher the metabolism, the easier it is to lose weight since your body burns more calories in the same period.

However, our metabolisms tend to slow down as we get older – it’s just another side effect of the aging process. But NAD+ helps cellular function throughout your body and may also assist with metabolic performance and agility.

In short, NAD+ could help your body become more efficient at burning calories, which may also cause it to lose weight more quickly or efficiently than it would otherwise. If you combine NAD+ therapy at Next Health with a good diet and exercise regimen, you might just see fantastic weight loss results in no time.

Reversed Signs of Aging

Perhaps most importantly, NAD+ therapy like the kind we offer at Next Health may help reverse some of the signs of aging, including the appearance of skin wrinkles and aging spots and difficulty moving or low mobility.

It’s not a miracle cure for aging by any stretch of the imagination, but NAD+ is vitally important for your cells and their overall health. If you provide your cells with this important coenzyme, they will reproduce healthier and more vigorously than before.

This, in turn, could lead to the reduction of aging symptoms, especially those related to appearance or mobility. In a way, NAD+ can help to revitalize or reinvigorate the cells of your body. Though it’s not the same as stopping aging outright, NAD+ therapy could help delay the onset of aging symptoms in this manner.


All in all, NAD+ therapy is a versatile therapeutic experience that may provide a wide range of benefits, including anti-aging effects, improved athletic performance and energy, and more. Fortunately, you can try NAD+ therapy yourself at one of Next Health’s many locations.

Even better, each NAD+ treatment is administered in one of our comfortable lounges under the care of an expert staff member. Once you’re here, you’ll be guided to a cushioned seat where you can kick back, relax, and let the NAD+ drip do its work.

On top of that, you can even sign up for IV therapy from Next Health and get an NAD+ push added to your treatment. NAD+ therapy is as flexible and effective as possible at Next Health. You can contact us today for more information or set up an appointment ASAP!


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