Brazilian Blowouts, Dry Shampoo, & Other Products That May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Discover potential harm from Brazilian blowouts, dry shampoo, and other hair products. Learn safer alternative way for hair care and achieve great hair styles.

Brazilian Blowouts, Dry Shampoo, & Other Products That May Be Doing More Harm Than Good
Next Health Staff
May 2, 2024

A recent study found that women who use chemical hair straighteners, Brazilian Blowouts, are significantly more likely to develop certain types of cancer.

Conducted by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the study showed that women who often use chemical straighteners may be twice as likely to suffer from uterine cancer when compared to those who never participated in this treatment.

This article is just the latest in a slew of findings that suggest hair, cosmetic, and beauty products are doing more harm than good.

In the same week, this Journal of the National Cancer Institute study went viral, several major brands announced they are recalling their dry shampoo products for “cancer-causing chemicals.”

Dove, Nexxus, Suave, TIGI, and TRESemmé aerosol dry shampoos because of the potential presence of benzene, a known carcinogenic chemical.  Benzene is one of the most commonly made chemicals in the U.S., according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and is present in gasoline as well as cigarette smoke.

The Food and Drug Administration announced that the affected products were produced prior to October 2021 and were distributed at retailers nationwide. You can learn more about if your dry shampoo has been recalled here

Why Are More Chemicals Not Banned In The United States?

Unfortunately, this recent news is not “news” to many health and wellness experts as the unregulated use of harmful chemicals in beauty products is a growing concern. In 2009, 595 cosmetics manufacturers reported using 88 chemicals in more than 73,000 products that have been linked to cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm.

Although some of those chemicals have since been banned, the Food and Drug Administration’s regulation of products is still far behind the times. Earlier this year, the European Union banned an ingredient in the popular hair product Olaplex No. 3 called lilial. This chemical has been shown to cause allergies and infertility yet this ingredient has yet to be banned in the United States. It has been nearly 80 years since regulators last revised the federal safety regulations for personal care products.

In addition to a lack of regulation, the lack of truly safe health and beauty also lies in the amount of misinformation shared with consumers. For example, in regard to chemical hair straighteners, we are told they are formaldehyde-free, yet they contain heat-triggered formaldehyde releaser preservatives, like DMDM hydantoin.

The Dirt on Clean Beauty

With the astounding growth of the cosmetic industry, which is currently approximated to be worth $534 billion in 2022, more women than ever are using cosmetic products. In fact, the average woman uses 12 such products containing 168 different chemicals each day.

Many of these products are marketed as “clean” or “organic” products, misleading consumers to believe they do not contain harmful ingredients, however that is far from true.

The clean beauty segment of the cosmetic industry grew by 23% in the past two years and refers to products that favor natural ingredients while also incorporating synthetics deemed safe for people and the planet. Interestingly, the FDA has yet to define what the terms “clean” and “natural” mean. Moreover, the FDA is not required to test or preapprove cosmetics and their ingredients (excluding color additives).

The chemicals in cosmetic products eventually absorb into the bloodstream. The cumulative effect of daily cosmetic use for years has been shown to have long-term harmful health effects: allergic reactions, cancer, developmental issues in infants and children, liver damage, neurotoxicity, reproductive disorders, skin DNA damage, tumor growth, and endocrine, thyroid, hormone problems, and more.

Reliable Resources for Beauty Products

Because what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body, it is advisable to know what is in the products you use on a daily basis.

The Environmental Working Group is a reliable information source on these topics as they have customer guides based on more than 30 years of research, so you can make informed, healthy decisions.

They also offer a data base where you can check how “clean” your products really are and find healthy alternatives that have been carefully vetted.

If you’re interested in measuring your current toxin levels, Next Health offers a Total Tox Burden Package, which is a comprehensive analysis of 90 biomarkers. This package includes our Environmental Toxins Test, Heavy Metals Test, and Mycotoxins (mold) Test, all of which have been found in beauty products on the market.

The Total Tox Burden Package is designed to empower you to understand your level of toxin burden and take an informed plan of action to optimize your detoxification.  By eliminating harmful substances you can not only slow the aging process, but even reverse premature signs of aging such as skin problems, brain fog, bloating, joint pain, skin problems, lack of energy, and so much more.

Beauty from the Inside Out

As a premium one-stop shop of the most advanced health and beauty services, our team understands that how you look and feel are intrinsically tied. Oftentimes, aesthetic concerns we attempt to address with skincare or beauty products can be resolved by prioritizing your health.

With our data-driven approach to regenerative wellness designed to improve the way you look and feel, you can utilize biomarker testing, skin analysis, and more to make calculated, informed decisions about your personalized health and beauty journey.

We empower you to access the best version of yourself, from the inside out.  

Interested in speaking with a Next Health Professional about which services may be best for you in taking how you look and feel to the next level?

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