Hangover Detox: How To Cure A Hangover With IV Therapy

Combat a hangover with IV therapy effective hangover detox. Learn how IV hydration can alleviate hangover symptoms and rehydrate the body. Read more.

Hangover Detox: How To Cure A Hangover With IV Therapy
Next Health Staff
December 6, 2023

No one likes a hangover.

While alcohol can be a great social lubricant and a way to let loose and enjoy yourself at a party or another social engagement, it can also lead to panging headaches, a dry mouth, and an upset stomach the next morning if you accidentally drink too much. Some of us are even more unfortunate – even if we moderate our drinking, we might still experience terrible hangovers when we wake up the morning after.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to treat hangovers, ranging from eating eggs and peppers to drinking a gallon of water. But what if your stomach can’t handle anything else, but you still want to get rid of your headache or other hangover symptoms?

Enter IV therapy. IV therapy represents a new way to cure a hangover through detoxification and rapid hydration. Let’s break down how you can cure hangovers with IV therapy so you can decide if it’s a good choice for you.

What Is A Hangover And How Long Do They Last?

A hangover is a condition that occurs when you drink too much alcohol. While the specific symptoms and length of a hangover can vary from person-to-person, the more alcohol a person consumes, the more likely they are to have a significant hangover the following day.

Hangovers can last for up to 24 hours and are characterized by a number of unpleasant symptoms:

  • Nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain
  • Poor were decreased sleep
  • Weakness or general fatigue
  • Loss of thirst or dry mouth
  • Headaches and muscle aches
  • Dizziness and shakiness
  • Higher sensitivity to sound and light
  • Lack of ability to concentrate
  • Rapid heartbeat and mood disturbances

Why does drinking alcohol come with the risk for these potential side effects?

In a nutshell, it’s because alcohol contributes to multiple bodily changes or reactions that, when combined, can result in the collective “hangover” experience. For instance, alcohol generally triggers a slight inflammatory response from your immune system, as well as irritates the lining of your stomach.

Furthermore, alcohol can cause your blood sugar to drop, or cause your blood vessels to expand (which can cause the common headache symptoms), and it can dehydrate you as well.

Not everyone experiences hangovers, even when they drink multiple alcoholic beverages in rapid succession. Others are more sensitive and may experience hangover symptoms after imbibing only a single drink.

Regardless, hangovers are never enjoyable. That’s why hangover cures have almost always been sought after throughout history.

IV Therapy Overview

One of the more recent hangover therapies to enter the public consciousness is IV hangover detox. An IV hangover detox uses IVs that are inserted in a patient’s arm vein. Once connected, the patient receives a steady drip of fluids and vitamins, and minerals that can bolster the body’s immune systems and help with filtering out toxins from alcoholic beverages. Additional fluids are included to ensure fast rehydration.

Though these hangover solutions use IV therapy and special bags of nutrient-filled fluid, the overall principle for hangover alleviation remains the same.

How Can IV Therapy Help with Hangovers?

In general, hangover therapy relies on a few key aspects:

  • Rehydrating the body
  • Giving the body food or nutrients for energy
  • Assisting the body in filtering out alcohol and other toxins

These focuses are why many common “hangover cures” usually involve drinking a lot of water and eating certain foods, especially spicy or substantial food items.

However, IV hangover therapy can provide many of the same benefits without requiring someone to eat or drink directly. This is helpful since many people under the effects of hangovers have difficulty keeping food and water down due to stomach irritation and inflammation.

IV therapy involves using an IV drip bag filled with vitamin and nutrient-rich fluid. The fluid is both hydrating and nourishing and provides the body with everything it needs to recover from the effects of a hangover in short order.

No Oral Absorption Required

One of the big benefits of IV hangover recovery is that patients don’t have to eat or drink at all. Since some people have particularly serious hangover symptoms, this can be a big bonus benefit.

While all hangovers will eventually go away on their own, relief can be obtained much faster if one is able to absorb water and other nutrients. If this is impossible through oral methods (i.e. eating and drinking), IV therapy is a good alternative choice.

Faster Bodily Hydration

Furthermore, IV therapy for hangover recovery comes with the same speed benefits as other IV therapies. By providing water and nutrients directly into a patient’s arm vein, the patient’s body is more easily able to absorb the vitamins and minerals, as well as the water.

This is the same reason why many hospitals use IV treatment by default when treating a patient for almost any medical condition. It’s simply easier and safer to guarantee hydration through IV connections than it is to have a patient drink water orally, which requires a patient to remember to do so and requires the stomach to not be too sensitive.

The last part is particularly applicable to hangovers. It’s hard to hydrate yourself when your stomach is so irritated or sensitive that it can’t even keep regular water down.

Extra Nutrients And Vitamins

Many IV recovery therapies, like the kind offered by Next Health, provide special fluid mixes that can offer potent vitamins and minerals to assist your body.

For example, Next Health’s Hangover IV therapy treatment is chock-full of minerals that can help to protect your liver. In addition to those minerals, other vitamins are included to boost the production of certain hormones and nutrients that can help your stomach return to normal.

Our Hangover IV treatment also includes water and other minerals to eliminate toxins and replenish nutrients that might be lost from a long night out. All in all, it’s a lot more efficient and nutrient-rich than even the best orally-taken hangover cures.

Encourage Removal Of Toxins

IV therapy can help your body filter through toxins a little more quickly, which is crucial for fast hangover recovery. Your liver is already pretty efficient at this job, but drinking a lot can overload the organ and lead to a long hangover experience.

By absorbing certain nutrients through IV therapy, your body might “bounce back” a little more quickly than normal. This may also result in slightly less damage to the liver or stomach, particularly if the hangover is a result of excessive drinking.

Is IV Therapy Safe For Hangover Recovery?

Yes, but only when applied by a trained professional. It’s not recommended to ever undergo IV therapy alone or by yourself unless you have the requisite training. It takes skill to line up a needle with someone’s arm vein, after all.

Next Health and similar health optimization clinics are great places to go for general IV therapy needs, not just hangover recovery and hydration. But when you’re in the care of trained professionals and wellness experts, IV recovery therapy may be especially potent and effective.

Trained professionals can connect patients to IV lines quickly and with a minimum of discomfort, starting the detoxification process almost immediately. In addition, Next Health’s IV therapy clinic provides comfortable chairs and a seating area so you can rest and relax as your body, with the assistance of our Hangover IV package, filters out the alcohol and gets your body back up and running.

Can IV Therapy With Just Water Be Effective For Hangover Detox?

Not really. While water-only IV therapy could be effective for treating the symptoms of a hangover, this will not be the case for everyone. Some hangovers are the result of excessive drinking, so they may need more intense detoxification or toxin filtering before their symptoms start to taper off.

If you only have a slight hangover, regular water may indeed be fine for your needs.

Is IV Therapy A Good Choice For All Hangovers?

It depends. IV Therapy often takes more time than smaller and at-home hangover cures, so it may be a good idea to reserve hangover IV therapy for significant hangovers or those that are difficult to take care of with food and water alone (i.e. your stomach can't take food or water at the moment but you need to recover soon).

Furthermore, hangover IV therapy isn’t intended to be used as a way to escape the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption. Even with hangover IV therapy, your liver and stomach can and will suffer long-term consequences if you drink too much alcohol regularly. This detoxification solution is best used as a sparing but effective fix for serious hangovers that aren’t experienced regularly.

How to Get Rid of a Hangover: A Summary

Ultimately, IV therapy is a useful wellness treatment for a number of needs: it might improve your gut health, help you build muscle, and may even improve your cognition. But it may also be used to help you recover from the symptoms of a serious hangover.

However, be sure to only seek out IV therapy for hangover recovery at a well-staffed and professional wellness optimization clinic like Next Health. Contact us today to set up an appointment or to ask more questions about our Hangover IV service.





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