Our Top Tips for National Wellness Month

Celebrate National Wellness Month with Next Health's top wellness tips. Explore best holistic approaches to enhance your overall health and well-being.

Our Top Tips for National Wellness Month
Next Health Staff
December 6, 2023

August is National Wellness Month, a time to reflect on all things we do to nurture our health and well-being. But what does it really mean to be "well"?

Wellness is more than just feeling "fine." It's about feeling energized, focused, and in control of your life. When you prioritize your wellness, you're investing in your future and creating a vibrant, energetic life to enjoy.

There are many ways to invest in your wellness, but some of the simplest, yet most valuable, include:

1. Start With The Air You Breathe

The average person is exposed to over 700,00 toxic chemicals every single day, many of which are through the air we breathe. This may seem like an incredibly difficult task to take on, but remember the Pareto principle, where a 20% percent effort can result in an 80% improvement.

Think about where you spend a lot of time in your day. For most, it is your bedroom when you sleep and your office while you work. "Fixing" your air at these two locations alone could result in 16 hours of relief for your lungs, immune system, and detox mechanisms in your body.

Consider investing in an air filter for home and work (Milacares and WYND MAX-portable are two of the best).  If you spend a lot of time in your car, consider getting a mobile system as well. Air filters are rated by their Clean Air Delivery Rate (or CADR), you should look for one that has a CADR of 400 to 450 or more.

Utilizing an air filter, particularly at night, when you expose yourself to 8 hours of filtered air, can lead to better sleep and decrease your risk of risk of lung disease, strokes, heart disease, and even cancer.

Learn more simple detox tips here

2. Manage Your Stress Response

How your body handles stress is practically everything when it comes to your mental and physical health. When you are not relaxing and dealing with stress properly, everything is compromised- immunity, cardiovascular health, cognitive function, and even your life expectancy.

This is because stress can induce inflammation throughout the body. Although the direct link between stress and inflammation is complex and somewhat unclear, a review published in June 2017 in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience concluded that inflammation is a common pathway of stress-related diseases. The opposite is also true: there is extensive evidence that those who apply stress management tips and relaxation techniques experience a decrease in overall inflammation.

Learn about tips to practice mindfulness, relaxation, and self-care here

3. Understand Your Body By Tracking Your Data

Data is like the breadcrumbs on your path to optimal health and longevity. It provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your health. It helps you track your progress over time and identify areas where you need to improve.

With Alzheimer’s disease being detectable 30-50 years before any symptoms set in, inflammatory conditions leading to 50% of deaths annually, and lifestyle factors accelerating the aging process for many, it is clear that without tracking your data, you may be missing out on your path to optimal health.

But with data, you can have a clear path to feeling your best now and in the future.

The Next Health Baseline is a comprehensive starter panel that provides insightful measurements on core aspects of your health. The Baseline Test analyses over 50 biomarkers in order to empower you to gain an accurate picture of your current state of health:

  • Hormone levels
  • Thyroid levels
  • Vitamin levels
  • Inflammation markers
  • Detox markers
  • Immunity markers
  • Cardiac markers
  • And more

Learn more here

4. Use Sleep As Medicine

Sleep is one of the main ways your body restores itself. If you’re battling a cold, trying to balance hormones, feeling burnt out, or dealing with another issue, sleep can help your body repair, restore, and function better.

Sleep thrives with consistency. Pick a bedtime and a wake-up time to support a regular, healthy circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is the principal driver of your sleep routine. It is defined as your body’s internal clock, a 24-hour cycle that maintains the balance between sleep and wakefulness.

The circadian rhythm is greatly influenced by light exposure. When your brain is exposed to light, it sends signals associated with being awake. When light exposure decreases, the brain promotes relaxation and sleep. In fact, research shows that a well-synchronized circadian rhythm can contribute not only to healthy sleep but also to numerous other aspects of health.

This is why it is not only important to sleep in a dark room, but also to expose yourself to light as soon as you wake up (sunlight is preferable).

Remember that humans are creatures of habit and the more regular your sleep and wake hours become, the easier it will be to fall asleep once your head hits the pillow.

5. Find Ways to Make Health Your Favorite Habit

In the same way it is advised to find activities you enjoy to move your body rather than forcing yourself through workouts you dislike, it is important to find ways to make other healthy habits something you look forward to.

Consider making self-care activities social activities such as going for a walk, cooking healthy food, taking yoga classes, visiting a museum, going to a concert, or other methods of self-care something you plan with a friend to hold you accountable.

One way to commit to regular healthy habits is through Next Health Memberships, which are designed with your comfort and experience in mind.

Our modern and vibrant locations make taking care of your health an enjoyable activity rather than a chore. You and your loved ones can join together to dance in the Cryotherapy Chamber together, chit-chat while getting IVs, and enjoy other services together.

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