What Is A Myers Cocktail Infusion?

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What Is A Myers Cocktail Infusion?
Next Health Staff
December 6, 2023

IV treatments are popular wellness therapies both for individuals looking to maximize their bodily health and for folks looking to treat specific conditions, like chronic fatigue, magnesium deficiency, and more. But no matter which IV therapy you get at a clinic like Next Health, your therapy will include a Myers Cocktail Infusion as its base nutrient mix.

Not sure what exactly a Myers Cocktail Infusion is? Or are you wondering why you get one if you didn’t order such an infusion? Let us explain what exactly a Myers Cocktail Infusion is and how it helps your body now.

The Myers Cocktail Infusion

A Myers Cocktail Infusion (also just called a Myers cocktail or Myers infusion) is a type of intravenous or IV micronutrient therapy. It’s named after the late Dr. John Myers, who developed this therapy in the 1960s.

In a nutshell, a Myers Cocktail Infusion contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, and calcium. Giving your body these nutrients intravenously allows your tissues and organs to absorb the nutrients more rapidly than if you took traditional oral supplements.

It essentially increases your blood concentration of key vitamins and minerals that you may be minorly or moderately deficient in. By taking these minerals intravenously, you increase their bioavailability (the ability of your body to absorb those nutrients quickly and efficiently).

Where Did The Cocktail Come From?

Dr. John Myers was looking for a way to treat several of his patients’ symptoms or long-term conditions, like acute asthma attacks, fibromyalgia, seasonal allergies, fatigue, and migraines. Although he tried a variety of therapies at first, he eventually developed the Myers Cocktail Infusion and noticed that his patients responded much more readily to this therapy than the others.

The treatment was so outwardly successful that other doctors, like Alan R Gaby, MD, eventually became major proponents for this treatment. The Myers Cocktail Infusion came to be known as a kind of intravenous multivitamin treatment.

What’s A Myers Cocktail Infusion Used For?

Today, the Myers Cocktail Infusion is used in a variety of IV therapies and drip treatments.

For example, Next Health uses the Myers Cocktail Infusion as the base component in all of our IV therapies. This ensures that every IV drip therapy our patients choose, regardless of exact nutrient concentration, includes several excellent micronutrients that are essential for well-rounded, holistic wellness.

Additionally, many people specifically seek out Myers Cocktail Infusions for dealing with some of the same issues that Dr. Myers developed the cocktail in the first place, including acute asthma attacks and chronic fatigue.

What’s In A Myers Cocktail Infusion?

The exact nutrient concentrations of a given Myers Cocktail Infusion will vary from provider to provider.

However, most Myers cocktails will at least include the following at a minimum:

  • Magnesium & Calcium: Both magnesium and calcium assist with muscle and nerve function. Magnesium and calcium are often given together as magnesium can assist with the bioavailability of calcium. Without magnesium, the calcium you absorb will be much lower regardless of how much you take.
  • Several types of B vitamins: B vitamins are necessary for bodily wellness as they assist with metabolism and help your body convert food and energy or ATP: the key energy molecule needed for cellular respiration.
  • Vitamin C: This is an important antioxidant and can protect against cellular damage from free radical oxygen molecules.

These basic micronutrients are necessary for everyday health, so you never have to worry about over-absorbing them or not meeting the nutrients in a given Myers Cocktail Infusion.

This is especially true as there’s some evidence to suggest that a majority of Americans don’t get enough magnesium or calcium from their diets. Magnesium deficiency can be associated with many symptoms of fibromyalgia like sleep troubles, muscle cramps, and muscle weakness.

Calcium deficiency, on the other hand, is associated with conditions like osteoporosis and a variety of other symptoms.

Therefore, the Myers Cocktail Infusion serves as an excellent base for many intravenous drip therapies, especially when other micronutrients or minerals are added on top of the initial blend.

Are Myers Cocktails Safe?

Yes. Each of the vitamins and minerals included in a given Myers Cocktail Infusion are well known for their nutritional benefits and their low risk for major side effects.

However, as with any IV therapy, those who take a Myers Cocktail Infusion could experience some minor side effects, like a surprise sensation of heat. This is probably due to the presence of magnesium, which also lowers blood pressure and may induce lightheadedness if the cocktail is administered too quickly.

Additionally, any type of IV therapy includes a minor risk for pain or inflammation at the injection site; after all, it requires the use of a needle!

Overall, Myers Cocktail Infusions are incredibly safe through and through, which is a big reason why we use them as the bases for each of our IV drip therapies.

Next Health’s Infusion IV Drips

At Next Health, you can get a wide variety of IV therapies for all sorts of needs or treatments. For example, our Detox IV is a perfect pick for regular detoxification of your body’s tissues.

Many of us are surrounded by environmental hazards and contaminants or may get hormones and other toxins into our bodies because of our diets. The Next Health Detox IV can help cleanse the body of these toxins and leave you feeling better and more refreshed than ever before.

Our Hangover IV, meanwhile, is the perfect cocktail blend to alleviate many of the symptoms associated with hangovers, like headaches, fatigue, and dehydration. Then there’s the Super Immune IV: a popular choice packed with more vitamin C and extra antioxidants to bolster your immune system and ensure that viruses have a harder time taking hold in your body.

Regardless, every IV infusion includes a Myers Cocktail Infusion as its base component. This guarantees that, at a minimum, you’ll experience at least some nutritional benefits and your body will feel a little better after the treatment is complete.

Each session is administered carefully with the assistance of our expert wellness professionals.

We have a professional team of registered nurses that operate under high standards for both cleanliness and care. Even better, you’ll enjoy your therapy in a state-of-the-art IV lounge, including massage chairs and entertainment options while you wait for the IV therapy to do its work.

Are Myers Cocktail Infusions Necessary?

Technically, no. However, we include Myers Cocktail Infusions as the basis for each of our IV drip therapies on purpose. There's no reason not to include these given their low risk of side effects and the benefits that each infusion can provide thanks to its effective ingredients.

Simply put, Myers Cocktail Infusions maximize the efficacy of existing IV therapies. They make our existing therapies even more effective and can help ease your body into the more dramatic effects you may feel depending on the treatment you select.

Who Are Myers Cocktail Infusions Good For?

Almost anyone! While it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor or a wellness specialist at one of our clinics before beginning a new IV treatment, Myers Cocktail Infusions are generally safe and beneficial for everyone.

Ingredients included in any Myers Cocktail Infusion can directly work to support overall health. For example, the magnesium included in a Myers Cocktail Infusion can help with magnesium deficiency far faster and more effectively than even the best oral magnesium supplement.

Your body absorbs the magnesium more quickly and its bioavailability is increased thanks to the presence of calcium and other vitamins.

Furthermore, Myers Cocktail Infusions don’t have to be taken every day like a regular oral supplement. Instead, you can get an infusion at one of our clinics once every month or even once every quarter and see long-term benefits for your wellness.

It's a lot more convenient for people with busy lifestyles to stop by one of our comfortable and vibrant IV lounges from time to time and boost their bodies than it is to remember to take a supplement every day.


Used as a base in Next Health IVs, Myers Cocktail Infusions are key parts of modern IV therapies. Even without additional ingredients, these infusions can provide your body with a wide variety of benefits, such as relief from chronic fatigue, boosts to muscle control and nerve transmission, and antioxidant boosts.

Want to know more about how we use Myers Cocktail Infusions in our IV therapies, or want to browse some of the treatments we offer at a clinic near you?  Check out our online site today or browse our catalog of available treatments to get started!


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