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Hormone Optimization at Next Health Studio City

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Testosterone levels dip with age in both men and women. But this natural process is the culprit behind many negative effects that arise as we get older, including lower energy, decreased libido, and more.

Next Health’s Studio City location offers bioidentical hormone optimization therapy for both men and women.

Bioidentical hormone optimization therapy is safe, effective, and ideal for regaining some of the vitality and energy of youth.


What Is Hormone Optimization?

Hormone optimization seeks to offset a natural side effect of aging: reduced testosterone and other key hormones.

Testosterone is the most commonly replicated and optimized hormone for this therapy type because testosterone plays a key role in biological effects and wellness for both men and women.

As we get older, typically after the age of 30, our bodies produce less testosterone and estrogen. Those lower levels of key hormones can lead to significant side effects, including decreased libido, lower vitality, difficulty concentrating, and much more.

Furthermore, hormonal imbalance may be associated with the development of chronic, age-related diseases. Replacing lost testosterone is therefore vital for ensuring long-term wellness in many individuals.

Hormone optimization involves replacing low levels of testosterone with synthetic alternatives.

When synthetic testosterone replaces missing testosterone, our bodies may experience several benefits. However, most wellness facilities utilize testosterone injections, which are not as effective as the hormone optimization therapy offered by Next Health.


Bio-Identical Pellets

Next Health’s hormone optimization therapy is a one-of-a-kind, special treatment. It all stems from the bioidentical hormone pellets we use.

These bioidentical hormone pellets are synthesized based on medical tests from our patients. When you sign up for hormone optimization therapy, the process begins by taking a sample of your hormones. Our labs then synthesize testosterone that looks identical to the hormones already in your body.

This process assists with absorption and ensures that you won’t experience negative side effects from progressing through the therapy.

Furthermore, our bioidentical hormone therapy commonly uses pellets. Pellet therapy releases hormones into your bloodstream more gradually, thus preventing your body from experiencing side effects related to hormonal spikes and dips.

In this way, clients can avoid the “roller coaster” effects common with other hormone therapy treatments.

Next Health also offers hormone injections for those who want to avoid coming into a storefront every 3-4 months for a pelleting procedure. Injections are typically better suited for those who travel frequently and/or lead active lifestyles as pelleting requires five days of no exercise post-procedure.

Whether you choose pellets or injections, hormone optimization from Next Health is truly the next step in testosterone replacement.


What Does Hormone Optimization Do?

Next Health’s hormone optimization therapy supplements your body’s naturally produced testosterone with synthetically-made, bioidentical testosterone. Our clients frequently experience many major benefits after proceeding through hormone optimization for several weeks, including:

  • Increased vitality
  • Increased libido
  • Increased mental agility and acuity
  • Reduced hair thinning
  • Improved motivation
  • Better sleep
  • Improved physical stamina
  • Improved ability to lose fat and build muscle
  • Reduced joint pain
  • Reduced chance of insomnia

Testosterone plays a huge role in various bodily processes, which is why supplementing low levels of natural testosterone with bioidentical synthetic testosterone is so effective.

Next Health’s bioidentical hormone optimization therapy is effective for men and women.


How Do Hormone Optimization Appointments Work?

Although hormone optimization can be a great therapeutic solution, it’s not for everyone. Hormone optimization starts by taking a quiz on our website.

Clients should then contact Next Health to set up a baseline test and consultation appointment. This consultation appointment determines whether identical hormone optimization is appropriate for your needs.

During your consultation, your provider will take a blood sample to acquire hormone profiles to then personalize your hormone therapy. The baseline test also provides a wealth of health information for our clients. It may be used to understand which services and treatments will empower you to further your wellness goals.

If approved, clients simply visit the nearest Next Health location to meet with a wellness professional for the first time. After this meeting, bioidentical hormone pellets are mailed to clients’ doorsteps for repeated ingestion.

In this way, Next Health’s bioidentical hormone optimization therapy is easy to start and continue for as long as needed.


Where Can You Get Hormone Optimization?

Next Health’s bioidentical hormone optimization therapy is now offered at our new Studio City location, which you can find in the heart of The Shops at The Sportsman’s Lodge.

This newly created facility is safe and conveniently located near a wide range of dining venues, shops, and other entertaining places to visit. Therefore, if you’re waiting for your appointment, you can tour The Shops and find a bite or eat or a shop to browse until your appointment is ready.

Next Health’s Studio City location is designed for safe social distancing measures and client convenience.



Ultimately, hormone optimization is an effective and popular therapy service for adults in middle age or anyone wishing to offset the side effects of low testosterone.

Our Studio City location now offers hormone optimization plus a wide range of other therapeutic services to our clients. You can contact us today by phone or online if you wish to set an appointment or learn more information about our process.



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