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Hormone therapy is becoming more popular than ever, and for a good reason. With the right hormone therapy, you’ll experience an increase in energy, reduced signs of aging, restored sex drive, and much more! Next Health can help you improve your quality of life and longevity in no time at all.

But it’s tough to know which hormone therapy is worth your time. Fortunately, Next Health now offers hormone therapy in Century City for all of our clients. Let’s break down what hormone replacement is in more detail, so you know what to expect from a hormone therapy session at Next Health Century City.


What Exactly Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is a revolutionary means of boosting the body’s key hormones like testosterone and estrogen.

As the name suggests, hormone replacement therapy involves replacing hormones that your body stops producing with age using synthetic alternatives. In most cases, hormone replacement therapy requires regular injections of hormones directly into the bloodstream.

However, injecting testosterone directly into your body creates a sharp spike in the hormone level, which can lead to changes in your mood or energy. Due to new advancements in hormone replacement therapy, injection is no longer the only means of receiving the benefits of this treatment. Next Health is at the forefront of hormone replacement techniques.


How Does Next Health’s Hormone Therapy Work?


Next Health offers a variety of options, however, the recommended treatment is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

The bioidentical testosterone we use in our hormone replacement therapy is designed to be chemically identical (on a molecular level) to the testosterone your body produces naturally. Therefore, your body doesn’t treat the new hormones as intrusive and more readily absorbs the testosterone for even greater effects.

Furthermore, you can take our synthetic testosterone in pellet form rather than through an injection. This provides additional benefits by releasing the testosterone into your body more gradually over time. Your body benefits from the hormones more naturally, reducing the chances of any negative side effects.


Who is Next Health’s Hormone Therapy For?


In general, hormone therapy is only recommended for individuals with decreased hormone levels, especially middle-aged or beyond. However, hormone replacement therapy can also be effective if you have decreased hormones for other biological reasons.

Hormone therapy is great for menopausal women because of the decrease in estrogen and progesterone that occur as they age. If you are entering the first stages of menopause, you may be experiencing a hormone imbalance. Some symptoms you may experience entering menopause include the following: night sweats, mood swings, hot flashes, among other symptoms.

As men can experience andropause, with age, there will be a gradual drop in testosterone. Some symptoms men might experience include sleep issues, memory loss, hair loss, male breast development, and muscle loss, among other potential symptoms. Men with low testosterone may benefit from hormone therapy because it can help boost vital hormones like testosterone. 

Not sure whether Next Health’s hormone replacement therapy is right for you? Contact one of our wellness specialists today for a consultation and more information!


What Benefits Can You See from Hormone Therapy?


Our bodies gradually produce less testosterone and other critical hormones as they age. There’s nothing wrong with this, but a dip in testosterone can lead to many side effects and accelerate the signs of aging – particularly in men!

Without as much testosterone, you’ll experience:

  • Decreased libido and energy
  • Greater fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Muscle reduction
  • Decreased cognitive abilities

The reverse is also true from hormone therapy. With Next Health’s bioidentical hormone replacement therapy that uses bioidentical hormones, you may see several positive changes almost immediately. Men, for example, can benefit from:

  • Increased sex drive and overall energy
  • Faster muscle gain or increased lean muscle
  • Improved physical stamina
  • Boosted motivation and vitality
  • A decreased need for sleep
  • Reduced or halted hair loss

Women can also benefit from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy from Next Health, seeing improvements like:

  • More comfortable intercourse
  • Smoother skin
  • Improved hair thickness
  • Mood stabilization
  • Improved libido and vitality
  • Boosted energy and physical capabilities

In short, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is one of the best options if you’re starting to struggle under the effects of aging and feel less like yourself. We welcome anyone interested to contact Next Health for more information or sign up for an appointment ASAP.


Hormone Replacement Therapy Appointments at Next Health Century City


You don’t have to wait for more info – instead, contact Next Health’s Century City location right away. One of our specialists will be happy to answer more questions and inquire about your health and reasons for pursuing the therapy.

If it sounds like a great opportunity, you can head down to the Century City location for your first appointment. Once there, Next Health’s registered nurses and wellness specialists will administer a blood test. The blood test will be used to obtain samples of your body’s testosterone molecules, which we will then use to create bioidentical hormone pellets.

Later, you’ll return to the Century City location and be given your bioidentical hormone replacement pellets. Our specialists will walk you through the process and the dosage instructions. As your therapy progresses, Next Health will be with you every step of the way and will replace your pellets as you consume them.

Best of all, we will monitor your progress and make sure that the therapy is everything you hoped it would be.

If Century City in Los Angeles, CA, is too far from you, we also have a Next Health in West Hollywood.

Bottom line: if you’re interested in staving off the effects of aging, maximizing your wellness, and restoring the youthful vitality you remember, Next Health’s hormone replacement therapy could be the perfect choice for you. Contact our Century City location today for more information and to set up an appointment!


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