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LA may be the city of dreams, but there’s no denying that it takes a lot of effort to stay active. Being conveniently located in the Westfield Century City Outdoor Mall next to beloved gyms and fitness studios like Bristol Farms, Eataly, Equinox, OrangeTheory Fitness, and Barry's Boot Camp, Next|Health can have you feeling as refreshed as ever after a kick-butt workout sesh.

At Next|Health Century City, we provide a wide range of IV therapy options, including those specifically tailored to improve your immune system, boost your gut health, or even help you recover from a hangover! That’s why IV therapy from Next|Health is an excellent rejuvenating therapy to consider.

Let’s dive deeper into what IV therapy is and what you can expect from an IV therapy appointment at Next|Health Century City.


The Wonders of IV Therapy Available Now!


IV therapy comes from a decades-long movement to improve supplementation and vitamin absorption in the human body.

Typically, oral supplements have a few major problems: they take quite a while for their vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed by your bloodstream, and some of their nutrient content can be dissolved or destroyed by stomach acids and the rest of the digestive process. In other words, most supplements’ bioavailability is lower than you might think.

IV therapy circumvents this limitation and increases the bioavailability of nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. When you stop by Next|Health’s Century City clinic and enjoy an IV therapy appointment, you’ll get a powerful cocktail of vitamins and nutrients specially chosen for your needs.

Those vitamins will then quickly be absorbed by your bloodstream in minutes. As a result, each IV therapy appointment is usually only between 30-40 minutes long.


How IV Therapy Works


Sign up for one of our IV therapy appointments, and you’ll be presented with a robust selection of different IV drips and add-ons for your appointment. We offer dedicated IV drips for a wide variety of health needs or therapeutic purposes, including gut health support, increased lean muscle, jet lag relief, and more. Here are a few of our most popular IV therapies in the City of Angels:

  • Longevity IV: Get the motherload of micronutrients and enhance your optimal health.
  • Muscle IV: Support building and maintaining muscle through the perfect blend of amino acids.
  • Stress IV: Whether you spent all day sitting on the 405 or waiting for a table at Joan’s on Third, life in LA can be stressful. Our Stress IV helps your body withstand today’s chronic stressors, easing your mind and body by replenishing the essentials.
  • Gut Health IV: Your gut is your second brain where your emotions and immunity meet. Support your gut health with our Gut Health IV Therapy.

No matter what you need IV therapy for, Next|Health likely has the perfect drip for you. Even better, you can choose to add an NAD+ Push to your therapy appointment. These additional shots can give you extra physiological benefits.

Regardless, every vitamin IV drip includes a Myers’ cocktail base as its core component. This cocktail base has nourishing fluids, amino acids, and electrolytes to re-energize you and ensure you are ready to face the rest of your day after you visit us.


Where Do IV Therapy Sessions Take Place?


Next|Health’s Century City IV therapy takes place in a state-of-the-art IV lounge. Once you arrive, one of our wellness professionals and registered nurses will guide you to a custom IV lounge chair, suited for relaxation and comfort.

Once you are comfortable, a registered nurse will administer your IV drip. Then, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for the IV drip to do its helpful work. You can keep your phone, work on your laptop, or even read a book while you wait for the appointment to finish.

After your IV session, one of our Nurses will check back with you and make sure you’re feeling great before you head out. From start to finish, Next|Health’s IV therapy is a restorative and one-of-a-kind experience.


IV Therapy’s Therapeutic Benefits


IV therapy is a very beneficial therapeutic process for many people, especially because it’s tough to ensure you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need for well-rounded health in this day and age. Next|Health IV drips are comprehensive formulations targeted to optimize your health and well-being.

Next|Health’s IV therapy appointments are comfortable, high-quality, and effective to maintain optimal micronutrient levels, support your body during stressful times, support your immunity, and support your wellness before and after travel.


Try IV Therapy in Century City Today!


With so many benefits at your fingertips, why wait? Next|Health’s Century City clinic is open and ready for appointments. We've taken plenty of cautions for COVID-19, as well, so anyone vaccinated is welcome to stop by. Contact us today, and let's get you scheduled for an IV therapy session!



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