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IV Therapy Drips and Vitamin Shots in Studio City

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When your body needs vitamins or nutrients ASAP, IV drip therapy is the ideal solution. 

This efficient and effective means of nourishing and hydrating your body is now available at Next Health Studio City: our new location nestled in the heart of The Shops at The Sportsman’s Lodge.


What Is IV Therapy? 

IV drip therapy is a popular and scientifically backed wellness therapy. It involves intravenous nutrient absorption. When you take a supplement or drink a vitamin beverage, any nutrients have to pass through your body’s digestive tract first. This has a few notable downsides:

  • Some of the nutrients are lost thanks to the stomach acid and just from passing through the digestive tract.
  • It takes longer for your body to utilize those nutrients since they must be absorbed by the intestines after passing through the stomach.

IV therapy, in contrast, gives your body nutrients directly by infusing them into the bloodstream. Intravenous therapy is often used in medical contexts or at hospitals because:

  • All the nutrients in a given infusion are provided to the body – none are lost due to the digestive process.
  • Nutrients in IV therapy are given to your body more quickly since your body doesn't have to digest them first. Instead, your bloodstream spreads the vitamins and nutrients around almost immediately.

These benefits combined mean that IV therapy is a great way to give your body extra hydration, enjoy nutrient infusions, and much more.


Next Fusion’s IV Therapy and Vitamin Shots

Next Health offers a wide range of IV therapy infusions for a variety of needs. These include but are not limited to:

  • Super Immune IV for boosting your immune system
  • Hangover IV for helping you recover from a hangover ASAP
  • Detox IV, which is perfect for detoxifying the bloodstream and tissues
  • Energy Plus IV, for offsetting fatigue and enjoying increased vitality
  • Gut Health IV, which can bolster the gut microbiome and gut lining 
  • Weight Loss IV, which may help your body burn additional calories

Furthermore, Next Health offers extra vitamin shots in addition to core IV infusions. These vitamin shots are optional add-ons to any of the above IV therapies and can give your body a bonus boost of healthful ingredients when needed.

Regardless, every Next Health IV drip infusion begins with a Myer’s Cocktail Base. This nutritious and hydrating base is comprised of water, electrolytes, and other key vitamins and minerals that everyone can use.

In this way, our clients benefit from IV drip therapy no matter which package they select.


What Are the Benefits of IV Drip Therapy?

IV drip therapy may provide your body with several significant and noticeable benefits depending on the infusion you choose. 

For example, the Gut Health IV contains probiotics and other helpful ingredients to boost the gut microbiome. The microbiome affects your diet, mood, and the overall health of your digestive tract.

Alternatively, you might find headache-alleviating and hydrating benefits with our Hangover IV. The Hangover IV contains extra electrolytes and fluids to help offset the headaches and fatigue common during a hangover.

IV drip therapy is beneficial because:

  • It helps hydrate your body quickly and efficiently – the water and electrolytes contained within each infusion are absorbed almost instantly by your body’s blood and tissues.
  • It includes electrolytes to rebalance your hydration and energy levels.
  • It’s fast and efficient, and much easier than taking several supplementary drinks or pills in a row.

IV Therapy Drips at Next Health Studio City

Next Health’s Studio City location has just opened and includes the diverse range of IV drip infusions our clients expect. This comfortable location includes all of our core IV drip infusion options, plus a range of vitamin shots that can be added to any infusion appointment.

Like our other locations, you can expect an easy appointment process when you sign up today.

On your appointment date, one of our wellness specialists will take you to a comfortable IV drip infusion lounge. This lounge experience has been improved and updated based on Public Health and Safety official guidelines — now guests are kept far enough apart to practice good social distancing.

During your IV drip infusion, one of our trained medical professionals will hook you up to your IV bag and ensure you are comfortable. Depending on the infusion you choose, your appointment could last anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour or more.

During this time, you can kick back and relax, watch TV, read a book, or ask one of our staff members for entertainment options.

Our Studio City location is also situated near various entertainment venues, including shops, restaurants, and other fun places to visit.


IV drip therapy and a host of other popular therapies are now available at Next Health Studio City. These therapeutic services can be recommended or tailored specifically to your health goals when you give us a call or contact us today. Visit our Studio City page to place an appointment ahead of time.



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