If you’re in need of an extra health boost, Next|Health has collaborated with Four Seasons Maui Wailea to provide wellness therapies to residents and individuals on vacation who want to make the most of their time off.

Even better, the Next|Health Maui clinic provides a full spread of our most popular IV therapy services, including Super Immune IV, Gut Health, Hangover Recovery, and an exclusive Jet Lag Relief Pack.

Not sure how IV therapy works or whether you want to sign up for an appointment? Read on to learn more about how Next|Health’s IV therapy service can make you feel better than ever and how you can book an appointment at our Maui clinic today!


What is IV Therapy?


It’s simple: IV therapy at Next|Health is a great way to replenish, recharge, rehydrate, and give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to perform at its best. We offer a variety of drip therapy appointments for all kinds of needs, including:

  • Hangover recovery
  • Immunity
  • Jet Lag Relief
  • And more

Through IV therapy, you'll benefit from an easy-to-absorb cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and nourishing fluids. Depending on the exact formulation, the drips are targeted to help improve your energy, boost your immune system, and otherwise support your health goals no matter what they might be.

Why does it work? IV therapy is superior to many other types of nutrient absorption methods. Thanks to its intravenous format, all IV therapy cocktails are quickly absorbed by your bloodstream. Therefore, your body gets all the nutrients and hydrating fluids in a Next|Health drips in just minutes. By bypassing the digestive system, no nutrients are lost or dissolved by stomach acids or other parts of the digestive tract.


How Can IV Therapy Help Me Travel?


At Next|Health Maui, IV therapy is available in several dedicated IV blends. Each blend, regardless of focus, includes amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and various hydrating fluids – the remaining concentrated ingredients are chosen and mixed depending on what exactly you need. Some of our most popular choices include Energy IV, Detox IV, and Jet Lag IV.

Below, we’ve suggested the best ways to use our IV therapy to get the most out of your vacation:

  • Jet Lag Relief Pack: This package is exclusive to our Maui location, helping you arrive at your vacation refreshed and ready for fun. The Jet Lag Relief Pack is an IV add-on that you can add to any other IV drip therapy that wards off jet lag with an added dose of hydration and electrolytes, the master antioxidant glutathione, and NAD+. Nothing is getting in the way of you living your best life in paradise. Best of all, it only takes 10 minutes!
  • Energy Plus IV Drip: Try our Energy Plus IV Drip upon arrival to help re-energize your body, combat timezone changes, and overcome the stresses of travel.
  • Detox IV: Use the Detox IV again and again as you encounter new reasons to celebrate, try new foods, and make changes to your daily routine.
  • Hydration IV: Replenish and rehydrate your body throughout the week to recover from increased sun exposure, outdoor adventures, and water loss from the warm, humid tropical climate.
  • NAD+ Recharge: This treatment helps you boost your stamina and your energy so you can get the most out of your vacation.
  • Super Immune: The last thing you want is to get sick during your travels.
    Our Super Immune treatment boosts your body’s immune defenses before flying, so you can arrive home relaxed, refreshed, and healthy.

Many more IV therapies are available at Next|Health Maui to help you experience wellness in paradise. Relax poolside with your IV drip, and discover all the benefits our menu has to offer.


How Does an IV Therapy Appointment Work at Next|Health?


Every IV drips at Next|Health includes a Myers cocktail base, no matter what you choose. This powerful and hydrating blend includes various electrolytes, amino acids, and other nutrients your body will quickly absorb.

Once you’ve chosen your IV therapy, you’ll be guided to our luxury IV lounge. The Maui lounge in particular at Four Seasons provides comfort and serenity in the beautiful Ali'i room, lobby level. This IV Lounge suite has garden and ocean views, is air-conditioned, refreshments, and the registered Nurses are experts in comfort and are very knowledgeable.

In most cases, your IV therapy appointment will only last up to a half-hour or so from start to finish. You can also add an additional NAD+ Push supplement to your drip routine. These extra IV drips contain a powerful coenzyme for your body to benefit from.


Is IV Therapy Right for You?


It could be! The only way to know is to contact one of our wellness specialists.

Whenever you sign up for an IV therapy appointment at Next|Health, you'll be guided through the entire appointment by licensed wellness professionals. Our clinic team is well-educated and well-equipped to take you through the complete IV therapy process, as well as alleviate any concerns you might have or answer your questions.


Try IV Therapy in Maui Today!


There's no better way to enjoy the beauty and splendor of Maui, plus have the energy needed to see all it has to offer than to stop by Next|Health at Four Seasons Resort Maui and sign up for one of our IV drip services.

With the right intravenous infusion, you’ll be energized, nourished, and mentally relaxed: perfect for enjoying Maui’s native attractions and sights. Contact us today to sign up for an appointment and learn more about how we can make IV therapy comfortable for you!



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