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No one does wellness like Los Angeles. West Hollywood is the mecca for advanced wellness and anti-aging treatments, so it makes sense that the City of Angels is on the cutting edge of NAD+ therapy. Get your dose of NAD+ therapy at Next Health to help boost your energy levels, promote anti-aging, and support your overall wellness.

Next Health’s NAD+ IV drip therapy is rapidly becoming one of the most popular rejuvenating wellness therapies in town. Next Health West Hollywood in the Greater Los Angeles Area now offers NAD+ IV therapy for all patients in our clean, comfortable IV lounge.

Not sure what NAD+ is or if IV drip therapy is right for you? Let’s break down what you can expect from an NAD+ IV therapy appointment at Next Health.


NAD Explained


Let’s break down what exactly NAD+ is in the first place.

In short, NAD is an acronym for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. NAD+ is a type of coenzyme and amino acid that your body uses for a number of key processes, including energy production. While NAD+ isn’t an energy molecule by itself, it is necessary for your cells to produce energy, specifically through the mitochondria.

The mitochondria, which are dedicated organelles your cells use to make energy for their functions, naturally produce plenty of NAD+ while you are young. As you get older, your cells make fewer NAD+. Many scientists believe that this contributes to many aging symptoms or side effects, including wrinkled skin, lack of mobility, lower mental focus, and generally lower energy levels.

However, there are ways to replace the NAD+ your body no longer makes, especially through safe, comfortable intravenous drip therapy. The more NAD+ your body has, the more energized you’ll feel and the less likely you’ll experience the side effects or symptoms of aging as you get older.


NAD’s Proven Benefits


Since NAD+ is a coenzyme found in all cells in your body, scientists know a lot about what exactly it does and what having more of it can do for your wellness. NAD+ specifically is a coenzyme for enzymes that fuel “reduction-oxidation reactions,” which basically means they carry electrons from one chemical reaction to others.

NAD+ plays a key role in energy production and management. If you have enough NAD+, you’ll experience more physical energy and mental acuity. In addition, your body may be more successful at growing new tissue and repairing damaged tissue.

After all, more NAD+ essentially means your cells have more energy and can organize or direct themselves more efficiently. In contrast, not having enough NAD+ means your cells aren’t working at their maximum capacity.


Next Health’s NAD+ IV Therapy Services – What Do They Include?


Should you decide to check out Next Health West Hollywood in Los Angeles, you can choose an NAD+ IV drip therapy appointment. Let’s break down what exactly you can expect and how the process works.

Simply show up to your chosen appointment date and time. Once you arrive at our L.A. clinic, a registered nurse and a team of wellness professionals will guide you to our lounge. Each Next Health West Hollywood IV lounge is built for patient comfort, and you’ll be seated in a spacious lounge chair with easy access to TV screens.

Most people choose to get the standard NAD+ drip therapy option. This includes 750 mg or 300 mg of NAD+, in addition to a hydration IV with electrolytes. You'll also have the opportunity to add an NAD+ Push shot to any vitamin IV drip, which provides 100 mg of NAD+ for even more beneficial results.


How Long Does an NAD+ Therapy Session Take?


No matter which NAD+ therapy option you choose, you’ll be hooked up to your IV drip and be offered a beverage and a healthy snack.

As opposed to our other IV drip therapy appointments, NAD+ IVs require between three or four hours to be fully absorbed by your bloodstream. We recommend bringing your smartphone or a book so you can remain relaxed and entertained for the duration of your appointment.

All the while, our Los Angeles based wellness professionals will keep an eye on you and be right there in case you need anything to make your experience better. As this is an intravenous therapy, your bloodstream will absorb the NAD+ amino acids quickly.

Once your appointment is complete, you’ll be free to enjoy the rest of your day. But you’ll probably feel much better and more energized than you did before – after all, your cells will now have much more NAD+ to work with than they did previously.


Book an NAD+ IV Therapy Appointment at Next Health West Hollywood Today!


Why wait? Give your body the boost it needs to thrive in L.A. and sign up for an NAD+ IV drip therapy session at Next Health West Hollywood in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Try NAD+ once, and you’ll be amazed at the results you feel. Contact us today, and we’ll work with you to find the perfect date and time for your busy schedule.



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