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Ever felt intensely sore after a big workout or a major sports game? Or have you felt recently unbalanced, like your mood just can’t stabilize due to a lack of sleep or other factors? In these cases and more, cryotherapy may be the therapy solution you need to get your body back on track for success.

Luckily, there's a modern and effective cryotherapy treatment now available at Next Health West Hollywood in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Let’s break down what you can expect from cryotherapy from Next Health and explore the benefits you might see from just a single session.


Cryotherapy Explained


In a nutshell, cryotherapy is an intense therapeutic technique that involves rapidly cooling down the body to extreme temperatures. In most cases, cryotherapy means stepping into a chamber and exposing the body to cold gasses at temperatures of less than -150°F.

By intensely chilling the body, your tissues undergo several physiological effects. Your blood vessels dilate, your heart rate increases, and your immune system jump-starts to produce more white blood cells. As your endocrine system jolts into activity, your body releases endorphins: key hormones that feel great and that are associated with other activities like regular exercise and sex.

With cryotherapy, your body will benefit from several positive physiological adjustments at once. Best of all, Next Health offers cryotherapy at our West Hollywood and Greater Los Angeles Area location and other locations. That means you can get cryotherapy as often as you like without having to draw yourself an ice bath! Next Health brings you the latest and greatest cryotherapy in the United States.


The Wonders of Cryotherapy


It can be tough to deal with the modern world's constant barrage of stressors, whether you work at a high-intensity career or have a stressful family life. Just going through the daily motions can drag us down and make us feel like we aren't ourselves. It's natural to look for a way to restore your energy and vitality.

Cryotherapy isn’t a fad – it’s a science-backed therapy solution used by athletes around the world. You may have heard of whole-body cryotherapy (WBC), which includes cryo exposure, vitamin injections, and Myers's IV push drip.  

While cryotherapy is traditionally just a cold bath or applying an ice pack to sore muscles, modern cryotherapy sessions go above and beyond and provide numerous physiological advantages, including:

  • Boosted athletic performance. Cryotherapy can dilate the blood vessels in your body, funneling nutrient-rich blood to the muscles and extremities far more than it would flow normally.
  • Faster exercise recovery. Sore muscles and joints are the banes of gym enthusiasts and athletes around the world.

Cryotherapy, whether it's an ice pack or a whole body cryotherapy experience like we offer at Next Health can numb the nerves and reduce pain and discomfort, accelerating the healing process and getting you back onto the field in no time. Forget about muscle soreness post-workout and look forward to a faster recovery after a cryo session.

  • Improved REM sleep by stimulating the release of certain hormones and exercising your cardiovascular system. You’ll feel pleasantly fatigued when you lay down the night after your cryotherapy session.
  • Mood stabilization and disorder treatment. By releasing feel-good hormones like endorphins, cryotherapy can reduce stress and anxious feelings. After just a single cryotherapy session, you’ll likely feel so good you’ll want to sign up for another one right away.
  • Boosted immune system response. By chilling your body rapidly, your endocrine system will support more white blood cells, shoring up your body’s chemical defenses against invaders and viral attacks. Overall, it'll boost your immunity, support your vital organs, and support healthy energy levels.
  • It helps enhance your overall appearance. You'll see a decreased appearance of pore size, wrinkles, and fine lines, improved blood flow, and brighten dark spots.
  • The cold temperatures (subzero temperatures) in these sessions can also help relieve headaches and migraines.


In short, cryotherapy provides so many physical benefits that everyone, including guests like athletes and celebrities, decided to try it at our West Hollywood and Greater Los Angeles Area location.


What’s Involved in a Next Health Cryotherapy Experience?


Most cryotherapy experiences rely on supercooled nitrogen gas. But Next Health is different.

We’ve produced a next-generation cryotherapy experience that doesn't use nitrogen gas. Furthermore, your entire body is chilled rather than just your torso and legs. Our whole body cryotherapy chamber only requires three minutes in order to take your mental and physical health to the next level.

Once you step into the whole body cryotherapy chamber, one of our wellness specialists will begin the process and monitor your progress. Should it ever become a little too intense for you, you’ll be able to step out and cut the therapy short.

After the complete three-minute session, our registered nurses and wellness specialists will also provide you with warm towels, drinks, and other accessories to accelerate your recovery and ensure you feel great all the while.

If you have any questions at any part of the process, we’ll be happy to answer them and provide a tour of the chamber to quell any doubts.


Try Cryotherapy at Next Health West Hollywood


Ultimately, cryotherapy is a one-of-a-kind experience that can’t be replicated just by soaking in cold water. For the full range of physiological benefits and true improvements, whole-body cryotherapy from Next Health is a necessity.

Fortunately, we’re currently accepting cryotherapy appointments at Next Health West Hollywood location in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Our locations have been redesigned to account for masks and COVID-safe procedures, allowing everyone to get the reinvigorating therapy they need without compromising their health or safety.

Furthermore, each appointment is administered by a trained cryotherapy specialist who will work with you throughout the entire process. At Next Health, we prioritize your health and wellness above all else while offering the highest-quality services and expertise.

Want to know more or to sign up for an appointment at our Next Health West Hollywood location? Contact us today and see the benefits of cryotherapy for yourself!



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