IV Vitamin Therapy: What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

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IV Vitamin Therapy: What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?
Next Health Staff
December 6, 2023

IV vitamin therapy is a great way to boost your nutrient intake and become a healthier person. But lots of people don’t fully know what IV vitamin therapy really means, what it actually does, or if it’s worthwhile for their long-term health goals.

Let’s break down everything that you need to know about Next Health’s specialized IV vitamin therapy, our state-of-the-art IV therapy lounge, and more!

What Is IV Vitamin Therapy?

IV vitamin therapy involves injecting a mixture of essential vitamins, minerals, and other healthful nutrients intravenously into your body. This allows for fast results since the nutrients injected can be absorbed much more quickly by your bloodstream instead of having to be digested and absorbed through your digestive tract. The therapy is administered at a variety of health clinics, but none are as advanced as Next|Health’s.

Next Health has a wide selection of treatments. For instance, we offer IV pouches that contain vitamins geared towards helping you with weight loss or an IV that can help build your immune system.

While you go through treatment with us, you’ll relax in one of our massage chairs. Everything is currently set up with social distancing in mind, so you don’t have to worry about the coronavirus or other illnesses when receiving your treatment.

Vitamin IV therapy can be used as a treatment for many different conditions. If you are interested, our team can potentially help you discover your body’s health profile to more capably match you with a vitamin IV pouch that meets all of your needs.

The Benefits Of IV Vitamin Therapy

There are many benefits of IV vitamin therapy, although precise benefits necessarily depend on the vitamins contained within a given IV pouch.

Let’s break down some of the benefits that you can expect to find at our locations below.

Immunity Boost

The Next Health Super Immune IV is a good place to start with IV therapy, especially with the coronavirus pandemic apparently resurging in many metropolitan places. Any way to boost your immunity is a great idea right now.

Alongside bolstering your immune system, this IV can also help to support your liver’s detoxification process as it cleans your body from the inside out. Overall, this treatment may be able to provide a fantastic boost to your immunity.

That’s all because of the ingredients in this IV, which includes a large dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C may be the most important ingredient in this IV therapy due to its potential boosts to your immune system: in the era of COVID-19, a strong immune system is more important than ever.

Vitamin C is also crucial for the growth and repair of your body tissues. On top of that, vitamin C is used to form collagen, which is an important part of having healthy skin.


Next Health also offers our popular Detox IV. If you suspect that you have too many toxins in your body, this IV encourages your body to flush them out.

The IV is also designed to replenish the nutrients you may have lost from stress, a poor diet, or a long night out. The ingredients protect your liver and can support liver health.

After the treatment, you will need to drink a lot of water so that the toxins can be washed from your body. But you may feel a lot better and experience a faster recovery than you would have otherwise.

Detoxification has many benefits that are great for the health of your body. Detoxing may be able to help you with weight loss, improve your digestion processes, improve liver function, promote healthier skin, and potentially even reduce inflammation in your body.

In short, detoxifying your body every once and a while can be very good for you. Using IV vitamin therapy makes it even easier to do.

Lose Weight

We also offer a weight loss IV that is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Malnutrition can cause problems for those who are trying to lose weight and it is not exclusive to underweight people. Not having enough vitamins may slow down the weight loss process or make it feel more difficult than it has to be.

This IV is designed to help your body use the fat it has as energy. By doing this, you can boost your metabolism and help your body to lose weight naturally, as long as you eat healthily and commit to exercise.

The benefits of this IV may be just what you need to kickstart a new, healthier lifestyle. The vitamins included were chosen specifically because they can increase your energy, making you feel more motivated to exercise and practice good, healthy habits.

The benefits that come with this form of IV therapy are worth trying it out, especially if you have been struggling with a way to lose weight.

Those are just some of the major benefits that IV drips can offer you. We have many more options available on our website, so we suggest that you check it out if you are interested!

How Does It Work?

IV vitamin drip therapy is a very effective way to get nutrients into your body quickly. This is because the IV deposits the vitamins directly into your bloodstream. They do not have to go through your digestive system. That means that your body can use the nutrients right away.

Additionally, the digestive system is also known to reduce what nutrients you put inside, so not all of them make it to your bloodstream. Overall, IV therapy may be able to bolster your body’s wellness across the board due to these advantages.

More Health Benefits of IV Therapy

Above, we talked about three specific benefits from three of our formulas. However, there are many more general benefits that all of the therapy options out there can cover depending on the therapy you choose and the included ingredients.

For Mental Wellness

Some IV treatments can help improve your mental wellness. If you struggle with feelings of overwhelm and stress, then our drips may be able to provide you with nutrients to help improve your emotional wellbeing. When you have enough nutrients in your body, you might just feel more alert and less anxious.

This is because your brain needs a certain amount of vitamins daily to retain its normal function. Even if you regularly take a multivitamin, you might not absorb everything that is inside it. If you live a busy life, then you also might not realize that you are low on nutrients for your mental health.

For Aesthetics

Vitamins and minerals are important so your body can produce adequate amounts of collagen: a key compound for skin strength and health. They are used for strengthening the health of your nails and nails as well. Overall, you might experience several beauty-related benefits from treatment.

When it comes to topical creams, your skin is not always able to absorb everything that it should. IV therapy gets directly into your system, increasing your collagen production from the inside. This is much more efficient than using topical options or taking a multivitamin.

IV therapy may also help to detoxify your body, which can remove toxins that might be keeping your skin from looking its best. Depending on which IV treatment you choose, you might also get vitamins that are geared toward aesthetic factors.

Hangover Help

Did you know that alcohol is a diuretic? That means that it dehydrates your body. This can cause you to feel sick and have an awful headache. Staying hydrated is one of the most important steps for dealing with a hangover.

However, even if you properly hydrated, you might miss out on vital nutrients after your night out. Hangovers can be very draining, but Next Health’s Hangover IV might be able to help.

By replenishing nutrients that you lost, your hangover may not last as long. If you want a speedy recovery, then IVs could be a potential solution. They can also often help restore some of the fluids that you lost along the way.

To put it in perspective, a bad hangover can last about 24 hours. After getting IV treatment, your hangover may only last about an hour or two at most.


In the end, there are plenty of reasons that you may want to consider adding IV vitamin therapy to your health routine. If you are missing nutrients regularly due to your diet or lifestyle factors, it's a great idea to replace them through this therapy.

If you are not sure of what nutrients you are missing, our team can help. Next|Health offers lab tests that can pinpoint exactly what types of therapy can benefit you the most.

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