Why a VISIA Skin Analysis Scan Can Improve Your Skin Care Routine

Elevate your skin care routine with a Visia skin analysis scan. Next Health explains its significance for healthier, glowing skin. Call us for more information.

Why a VISIA Skin Analysis Scan Can Improve Your Skin Care Routine
Next Health Staff
March 11, 2024

It takes a lot of work to keep your skin looking and feeling young and glowing, especially as you start collecting years. Although there are many “one-size-fits-all” skincare treatments and topical solutions, they don’t work for everyone. Indeed, your skin might have specific problems in need of unique solutions.

But how can you tell what your skin needs to thrive? VISIA skin analysis scans could hold the answer. At Next Health, you can sign up for a comfortable and noninvasive VISIA scan to learn more about your facial skin health.

What Is a VISIA Digital Skin Analysis?

VISIA is a new and highly effective technological innovation available at modern wellness clinics like Next Health. In a nutshell, the VISIA Digital Skin Analysis tool leverages multispectral imaging techniques to analyze patient skin.

More specifically, VISIA can identify problem areas of your skin by identifying large pores, measuring skin complexion/balance, and much more. It’s a diagnostic tool that, when used properly, can help provide your skin with the best care possible depending on its unique needs.

VISIA uses effective photographic technology that uses multidimensional images on specific areas of your facial skin. Multiple in-depth photos are taken in a given VISIA skin analysis session, guaranteeing that each image includes enough detail for thorough analyses.

What Does a VISIA Scan Look For?

VISIA digital scans look for a variety of age-related conditions and complexion effects using automatic science. When you sit down for a VISIA scan, it will check for:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles, which are some of the most common signs of aging and skin issues
  • Hyperpigmentation, like dark spots or aging spots
  • Enlarged pores. Note that these are different from naturally large pores, as enlarged pores could indicate that your skin is irritated or becoming inflamed
  • Skin tone unevenness, such as splotches on the cheeks
  • Evidence of bacteria growing in your skin, like porphyrins
  • UV spots, which may indicate that your skin is suffering from sun damage

Think of a VISIA scan as an in-depth analysis of your skin and its level of health. With a VISIA scan, you can immediately see what’s affecting your skin and what steps you can take to ensure its long-term health and youthful appearance.

What Are the Benefits of a VISIA Digital Scan?

The primary benefit of any VISIA scan session is information. Information is power in skincare and many other aspects of health. The more you know, the better you can take care of your skin!

Therefore, VISIA is primarily used as a method to learn:

  • What steps you should take to improve your skin’s complexion
  • Whether your skin is currently suffering from your lifestyle, environmental toxins, or other aspects
  • Whether your skin is beginning to show signs of aging
  • Whether your skin needs specific topical treatments

However, VISIA digital scans can also be beneficial because they provide key insights into your current skin health. In some cases, it can reveal problems with your skin you never knew existed in the first place.

Since VISIA scans take place at licensed wellness facilities like Next Health, you can immediately sign up for therapeutic solutions like infrared sauna therapy or PRP facial injections. Even better, you’ll have access to our trained and knowledgeable staff who can answer immediate questions about your skin health or chronic conditions you may have.

What Can I Expect From a Next Health VISIA Scan Appointment?

When you sign up for a VISIA scan appointment from Next Health, remember that your comfort and safety are our top priorities. No matter when or where you schedule your appointment, the process will follow the below steps.

Arrive and Prepare

First, we’ll schedule a consultation and evaluation appointment before the skin analysis scan. At this phase, you’ll meet with one of our staff members.

They’ll walk you through the scan, how it will work, and what you can expect regarding sensation. The staff will also take note of your goals; you can tell them what you expect to find and what you want your skin to look like in the future.

You can schedule your VISIA appointment anytime — we can work around your busy schedule!

VISIA Scan Session

Next, you'll be seated at the VISIA digital scanning tool. The scanning tool is noninvasive. You will rest your chin on a small plastic section and wait for it to scan.

The multispectral imaging technology scans your face quickly and easily without lifting a finger. You just have to sit still!

Review and Recommendations

Once a series of 3-D images are taken, your clinic staff member will have you step away from the VISIA technology. They will break down the results of the scans and explain what they found.

For example, if your VISIA scans indicate that your skin is starting to break out in more acne or they see enlarged pores, it could mean you need to focus on de-stressing your skin or using antioxidant creams.

Alternatively, suppose your skin is suffering from a higher-than-average level of wrinkles for your age. In that case, your Next Health staff member might recommend another treatment, such as PRP injections, infrared sauna, or IV therapy.

Are VISIA Scans Uncomfortable?

Not at all! You will sit in front of the multispectral 3-D imaging scanner and wait for the pictures to be taken. You don’t have to do anything at all. Since VISIA digital scans are noninvasive, they’re perfect as a first step toward long-term skin wellness.

How Can I Make the Most of a VISIA Scan?

While VISIA scans can be effective, they’ll only provide long-term benefits if you use their results properly.

  • Ask a lot of questions, especially of our licensed staff members. They are there to help provide you with as much information as possible. If they have a recommendation for a treatment or topical solution, listen to it.
  • Be prepared to take steps to improve your skin health from the get-go. Even if your skin looks outwardly healthy or smooth, an in-depth, three-dimensional VISIA scan could reveal underlying issues or potential problems that could crop up later.
  • Come back for a repeat VISIA scan later, especially after spending a few weeks or months treating your skin. That way, our trained staff members can ensure that your skin-care treatment is proceeding as planned and you’re seeing maximum benefits.

How Often Do You Need a VISIA Scan?

It depends on your individual situation but our medical providers recommend coming in at least once a year for a VISIA scan to track your progress. Your appointment specialist might recommend that you come back for another VISIA scan in a week, a month, or another length of time. It all depends on how healthy your skin is and what steps you plan to take to improve it.

You’ll get a free copy of your VISIA digital skin analysis after your test wraps up, giving you a baseline examination of your skin health. Your scans will also be added to your overall wellness chart.

It’s never too early to get a VISIA scan, even if you are very young and your skin still looks and feels smooth and vibrant. The earlier you get scanned, the faster you can get ahead of any potential chronic skin conditions or wrinkle formation.

Contact Next Health Today

Information is the best tool in your kit to deal with wrinkle formation, acne outbreaks, and other skin conditions. The more you know about your skin and its unique complexion/composition, the better you can take healthy steps to ensure skin health for a long time.

Why wait? You can take the information from your VISIA scan and start using it immediately. Sign up for a VISIA skin appointment at any of our locations, or contact us for more information.


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