Top 5 Methods For Longevity

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Top 5 Methods For Longevity
Next Health Staff
December 6, 2023

The best dietary supplements and therapies out there can support a long, healthy life and graceful aging.

But what if you could turn back the biological clock?

What if you could repair those achy joints, restore the energy you had in your twenties, boost your ability to bounce back from injury or illness, erase wrinkles and age-related skin damage, or even prevent or reverse chronic disease?

Well, with the help of these longevity-boosters, you may be able to do just that with your own form of healthcare.

Based on the latest advancements in longevity science and technology, here are the top 5 anti-aging supplements and therapies to keep your body and mind performing at their peak for years to come.

1. Stem Cells

Stem cells are a unique type of "day zero" cell that have the ability to transform into other specialized cells such as heart, neurons, skin, and more. Stem cells can also divide and multiply to produce more stem cells.

This built-in repair system is essential to longevity. It’s how the body responds to inflammation and restores optimal function of damaged or aging tissues along with the elasticity of your skin.

Unfortunately, as we age, our supply of stem cells drastically diminishes (by as much as 100- to 10,000-fold in some tissues and organs!). Stem cells can also begin to mutate with age, which reduces their quality and thus their ability to repair and regenerate tissues in your body.

Stem cell exhaustion is a hallmark biological process of aging. It happens as a result of accumulated toxins, DNA damage, protein damage, and mitochondrial dysfunction over time.

Cellular health treatments are a way to restore and rejuvenate your stem cell population. This powerful longevity therapy introduces new, healthy stem cells into the cellular environment to reverse age-related degeneration and ensure optimal physiological function.

2. Exosomes

Exosome therapy is a groundbreaking new frontier in longevity science.

It has already showed great promise in reversing chronic conditions, repairing and regenerating damaged tissues, improving overall healthspan, and combating age-related impairments and diseases.

Exosomes are like tiny intercellular messengers bubbles. They are released from cells and carry important genetic material which acts as signals to influence the behavior of other cells. This cell-to-cell communication is essential for maintaining a healthy cellular environment. In fact, altered cellular communication is another key indicator of aging.

Exosomes can help interrupt the aging process and promote a younger, healthier cellular environment. Research shows that when exosomes are introduced to older cells, they can have powerful effects on regulating the regenerative processes in the body.

Exosomes are not cells themselves, nor do they contain DNA. Rather, they are carriers of the information that influences the functions and DNA expression of existing cells in the body. This makes exosome therapy a very safe longevity treatment, with minimal risk of rejection by the body.

3. NAD+

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, or NAD+, is a molecule that plays a key role in boosting mitochondrial activity. Mitochondria are the “energy powerhouses” of your cells and mitochondrial dysfunction is another biological hallmark of aging.

NAD+ works as a signaling molecule to enhance mitochondrial function, thereby turning back the clock on cellular energy decline.

Your body uses NAD+ to protect your cells and repair damaged DNA. DNA repair is essential for health and longevity, but its efficiency declines with age. NAD+ directly regulates protein-protein interactions, which may protect against cancer, radiation, and help as anti-aging.

You can increase NAD+ levels to enhance your cellular energy with NAD+ supplementation or, for maximum bloodstream absorption, NAD+ IV therapy.

4. Vitamin D

Although you will find vitamin D in a multivitamin with other important vitamins such as vitamin K, vitamin A and Vitamin E, still 70% of the United States population has suboptimal vitamin D levels. And studies show that vitamin D deficiency has become a global pandemic.

This essential vitamin and antioxidant works as an anti-inflammatory response, supports calcium metabolism and healthy bone formation, and interacts with over 1,000 different genes.

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased risk of numerous health problems: osteoporosis, cancer, autoimmune diseases or improper immune function, hypertension, infectious diseases, and more.  Suboptimal vitamin D levels in men have even been estimated to account for 29% of deaths from cancer. Drinks that contain caffeine such as green tea can also lead to a lowered amount of vitamin D in the body.

Vitamin D is mainly produced by the body in response to direct UV light exposure. With increased avoidance of the sun, use of sunscreen, and our indoor lifestyles, most of us produce less vitamin D than our bodies need to protect us from chronic disease and other age related health problems.

It may not seem as glamorous as cutting-edge longevity therapies like NAD+ or exosome therapy, but vitamin D supplementation can be one of the most powerful ways to support longevity.

This is compared to vitamin C which also helps fight aging in its own way. A common way that people get the vitamin is through the flowering plant turmeric which used to make curcumin. Much like omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil, this substance helps cardiovascular health, but also helps fend off alzheimer's disease and works as a powerful antioxidant.

5. Cryotherapy

It only takes 3 minutes of exposure to extreme cold in a cryotherapy chamber to jumpstart your body’s natural healing and regeneration processes to help alter specific health conditions.

Cryotherapy is an invigorating, whole-body treatment that induces a multi-system protective and healing response within the body which may have powerful effects on long-term health and vitality.

Most notably, cryotherapy has been shown to significantly decrease both inflammation and cortisol (the “stress hormone”) in the body. Chronic stress and inflammation have been attributed to nearly every age-related illness--from cancer to heart disease to Alzheimer’s.

Exposure to sub-freezing temperatures triggers the release of norepinephrine, a powerful neurotransmitter that regulates mood, memory, sleep, and energy. A norepinephrine boost reduces short-term pain from injuries and also has widespread influence longevity by regulating heart rate, blood pressure, and lowering chronic inflammation.

Regular cryotherapy treatments are one of the best ways you can spend 3 minutes to extend your healthspan and lifespan.  

It's important to note that Next Health's cryo-chamber is the first true, whole-body Cryotherapy treatment that does not use liquid nitrogen or other harmful chemicals in the process. And your first session is complimentary.

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