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Feeling down recently, or are you experiencing muscle pain from an intense exercise session in your local gym? Cryotherapy is the next big thing and can be beneficial in more ways than one.

What if you’ve never tried cryotherapy before or don’t know how Next Health’s cryotherapy sessions work? We have a wide array of health optimization services that you can choose from, depending on your health needs.

This page will break down what to expect from cryotherapy at Next Health Century City and explore why you should sign up for one of these therapy sessions ASAP.


What Is Cryotherapy?


In short: a mood-enhancing, muscle-soothing, body-boosting therapy that anyone and everyone should try at least once.

Cryotherapy originally comes from a therapeutic technique used to soothe athletes and exercise enthusiasts’ sore muscles and joints. By applying intense cold temperatures to sore muscles, blood vessels constrict, nerves numb, and the body regenerates faster thanks to suppressed discomfort.

Modern cryotherapy, like the kind we offer at Next Health, goes above and beyond and provides whole-body exposure to intensely low temperatures, often as low as -150°F. Through cryotherapy, you’ll experience not only physical benefits but also mental improvements.

However, cryotherapy has to be administered safely and under the guidance of trained specialists to be effective. That’s why we offer an effective, whole-body cryotherapy experience at Next Health Century City for all of our clients. All you have to do is contact us and sign up for an appointment today!


How Does Cryotherapy Work at Next Health?


The majority of typical cryotherapy treatments involve exposing the body to supercooled nitrogen gas. This chills bodily tissues without making the skin wet.

Our revolutionary cryotherapy experience offers a whole-body chamber for you and up to a few other people at the same time.

We use non-nitrogen cooling methods and provide you with gloves to protect your fingers during the session. Upon your arrival for your cryotherapy session, you’ll be briefed on what to expect, and someone will be with you throughout the entire process.

Our whole body cryotherapy chamber is designed to maximize cooling at temperatures of less than -150°F. You'll only have to be in the freezing cold chamber for a full session that lasts for three minutes; even in that short span of time, you’ll experience several positive mental and physiological changes that will improve your wellness after you leave.

Once your cryotherapy session is done, one of our specialists will meet you outside the chamber and provide you with warming towels and a place to relax. From start to finish, your health will be in the most capable hands possible, and there will never be any danger to your body.


How Cryotherapy Can Benefit You


Cryotherapy sounds interesting, but is it worthwhile? Simply put: yes!

In fact, cryotherapy is not only great for athletes. It’s an excellent therapy choice for anyone feeling a little drained or fatigued from their day-to-day grind.

Among other things, cryotherapy can provide benefits like:

  • Significantly improved athletic performance. By constricting blood vessels and reducing discomfort from your joints and muscles, you’ll recover from strenuous exercise or sporting events more quickly. Then you can get back on the field or back to the chest press in no time.
  • Boosted mood and mood stabilization. Cryotherapy causes your body’s endocrine system to release endorphins: feel-good hormones associated with cardiovascular exercise and other healthy physical activities. The endorphins can reduce stress significantly and alleviate some of the symptoms of disorders like depression and anxiety. If you’ve felt “in a funk” recently, cryotherapy could be your ticket back into a more stable mood.
  • Enhancements to your immune system. Your body releases extra white blood cells when it cools rapidly, just like during a cryotherapy session. Your body will be more defensible against viral attacks by releasing more white blood cells, and any illnesses you may be suffering from might be defeated more quickly.
  • Improved beauty. Cryotherapy is known to support a brighter and firmer-looking complexion and support the cellular regeneration rates of skin and muscle cells. All this will help you feel and look younger.

All in all, cryotherapy has the potential to do so many great things for your wellness and energy levels that there’s no reason not to sign up for an appointment today.


Sign Up for Next Health Cryotherapy at Century City Today!


Luckily for you, Next Health offers cryotherapy at our Century City location and others. You can sign up for an appointment on our website or call the Century City location today for more information and speak to a wellness specialist.

If you still have questions, we’d be happy to answer any, and all concerns you might have about the cryotherapy process will give you a tour of the cryotherapy chamber.

If you can't make it into our Century City location, we also have a Next Health location in Los Angeles. Regardless of location, you'll still have an amazing experience.

Next Health is your one stop shop with the latest technologies and luxury equipment, bringing you only the most advanced approach to supporting your overall wellness. In addition to cryotherapy, we also have IV therapy such as IV infusions, COVID-19 tests, lab tests, infrared sauna, vitamin shots, and anti-aging beauty appointments, among an array of other preventative services.

Our Century City wellness professionals will make sure you receive the best care and help you achieve great results in your session.

Why wait? Contact Next Health Century City today for a body-mind boosting cryotherapy appointment and experience all of the above benefits yourself!



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