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Knowledge is power, and the more you know about your physical health and wellness, the better you can tackle your wellness goals and enjoy optimal health for months and years to come. When you want the best information, a standard physical won’t cut it.

That’s why Next Health Studio City offers an Executive Physical. This in-depth, comprehensive physical includes comprehensive tests, a detailed review with knowledgeable staff members, and recommendations for health optimization services or wellness practices. It’s the ideal solution for those wanting to take charge of their health and know everything they can about their bodies in detail.


What Is the Next Health Executive Physical?

The Next Health Executive Physical goes beyond a standard physical exam. We don’t just check your baseline vitals or overview your standard health metrics.

Instead, the Next Health Executive Physical includes a thorough rundown of all your core biometrics. It also includes a deep look at your individual biological characteristics, ranging from genetics to MRI scan results.

At its core, the Next Health Executive Physical is intended to be a holistic and comprehensive analysis of your health. Once you have this information, you can then improve your health decisions by utilizing our diagnostic tools, our health optimization services, and much more.


What the Executive Physical Includes

The Executive Physical includes a wide range of tests, screens, and services. It is comprised of three core stages.


Data Collection and Analysis

First, our Studio City staff members will perform an in-depth Executive Testing suite. We’ll run several screens and diagnostic tests to measure your biometrics and identify key biomarkers. By the end, our experts will have a full picture of your health overall.

These tests include:

  • The Total Wellness Package, a bloodwork panel that analyzes over 500 biomarkers: Total Baseline, Food Sensitivity Test, Genetic Test, Wheat Zoomer (Gut Health Test)
  • TrueAge Epigenetic Test
  • The CT Calcium Score, a preventative risk assessment that analyzes the potential for a heart attack.
  • The Grail Cancer Test, which is an early cancer detection screen. It can detect more than 50 unique cancer types overall.
  • A full-body MRI and chest CT. These scans can detect early signs of cancer, detect abnormalities within your bodily systems, and screen you for common diseases.
  • A complete medical and physical wellness plan, which includes a physical exam and InBody Scan to understand your wellness status and biometrics better.

These tests are non or minimally invasive, and you will be comfortable throughout your experience at Next Health Studio City. With the Executive Physical, no stone will be left unturned, and you’ll feel confident analyzing the results with one of our staff members.


Functional Medicine Review with You

The next phase of the Executive Physical is an in-depth review of those results with one of our specialists. We’ll go over your test results as they come in — some test results may require a separate appointment a few days or weeks in the future.

Regardless, our specialists can help you understand where you can make the most positive and effective changes in your lifestyle or wellness efforts. Furthermore, our wellness staff can point out any positive diagnoses for diseases or health conditions.

Should a disease or health condition be detected, we’ll assist you in finding the right expert physician in your area for your needs. We can make referrals so you can get treatment immediately.


Health Routine Recommendations

After the comprehensive review comes our official recommendations. Next Health Studio City’s staff members will break down an individualized and unique health plan so you can reach your wellness benchmarks and take all the discovered information into account.

We may also recommend our advanced health optimization services depending on your needs. At Next Health Studio City, you can find cryotherapy, IV drip therapy, and a variety of other services that can maximize your wellness, help you lose weight, assist with building muscle, and much more.


Get Your Executive Physical Today

Next Health’s Executive Physical is the best way to master your health needs and achieve your goal. Fortunately, signing up for an Executive Physical is easier than ever. Contact Next Health Studio City to sign up for your Executive Physical or ask us more questions.



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