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Getting tested for COVID-19 regularly is key to staying healthy and protecting at-risk members of your community.. But COVID testing at many public locations is often inconvenient, frustrating, and unsafe due to long wait times.

As a Google-verified COVID-testing facility, Next Health’s Century City location is the perfect place to get tested for COVID whether you’re a college student, a working professional, or visiting family in sunny Southern California.

With several different COVID tests available, we can work around your schedule and personal preferences while ensuring you remain COVID-free as the pandemic winds down.

What COVID Tests Do We Offer at Next Health Century City?

Although immunization rates are increasing every day, Coronavirus is still a major concern. Indeed, Californians have contracted nearly 4.5 million COVID-19 cases. To ensure you can get the preventative testing you need, we offer several different COVID test types at Next Health Century City.

Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Testing

Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Testing is the perfect solution if you need same-day test results to know whether you can attend a conference, resume work at the office, or visit an immunocompromised family member. By checking for antigens of COVID-19, our test provides results with greater than 98 percent accuracy.

Antibody COVID-19 Test

Checking for COVID-19 antibodies allows us to determine with high certainty whether you are currently infected by or had been infected by COVID-19 in the past.

This blood draw test is performed in a clean and safe environment at our Century City location on Santa Monica Blvd.

Each test is performed by appointment only, so you don’t need to worry about waiting in lines or missing your test. With this antibody test, you’ll get results within approximately three days and enjoy a complimentary follow-up health assessment (booked at a later date).

This may be the ideal test if you want to know whether you already had COVID-19 and developed an immunity to the virus.

At-Home and Group Tests for COVID

Our Rapid PCR COVID-19 Test is thorough, accurate, and can provide you with results in 24 hours or less. This EUA-approved test uses a nasal swab to diagnose COVID-19 accurately and detect how much of the virus, if any, is present within your body.

Additionally, this test and others are available for group appointments (more on those below).

Even with immunization becoming more common, you may not feel comfortable getting tested for COVID-19 at our Century City location. If that's the case, we can come to you and administer our Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Test with a one-time travel fee.

The test and its accuracy are the same as they are in any of our locations. This test is administered by a Next Health professional who will do everything to ensure you are comfortable and calm throughout your test.

But that’s not all we offer. Ensuring that everyone in your family or employees at your workplace are COVID-19-free is vital, especially as business picks up once again. Next Health Century City offers group testing both at our location and at your office or home location.

With a one-time travel fee of $250 and test rates as low as $99 per test, this is a great way to guarantee the safety of your employees and your customers.

The Next Health Difference and COVID Testing

Never had a COVID-19 test before, either in general or at Next Health? Not to worry – here's what you can expect from a COVID test at Next Health Century City.

For starters, you’ll sign up for your COVID test at a date and time that works for you and your busy SoCal lifestyle. You don’t need to skip a day of work or stand in line for hours on end just to get tested for this virus.

Once your date and time rolls around, show up at our Century City location, which is conveniently located near Santa Monica College and the Santa Monica Airport.

Our Century City location offers comfortable amenities and a range of helpful wellness therapies; its location is the perfect place to enjoy cryotherapy, IV drips and vitamin shots, infrared LED therapy, and other treatments before or after your test.

As for your COVID-19 test, you’ll be guided through the process by one of our experienced team members, who will administer the test in a clean, secure location. They’ll guide you through the test results either on the same day or after they arrive. From start to finish, your comfort and clarity are key parts of COVID-19 testing at Next Health Century City.

Sign Up for Your COVID Test at Next Health Century City Today

No matter the reason you are looking for preventative COVID-19 testing, Next Health Century City can help. Contact us today and schedule your COVID-19 test, or contact us to schedule a group appointment and get everyone in your workplace cleared for an after-work party to celebrate a great quarter!


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